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Refugia: Zombies Must Go!

- Mod Advice -
October Sadness Sale: Zombies Must Go!

It has been made known to the Regional Administration that the stellar multiverse of here and now is at risk of a zombie epidemic. As we dispatch a suspicious team of investigators to the Facebook embassy, witness this flawless and radiant Mod Advice:

Uncertain of where infectious hordes of zombies may originate, the travel rune will be deactivated and the region sealed for the duration of the crisis.

All nations are advised to research a cure! The concept of shooting your own citizens may sound appealing, but every civilian that shoots a zombie gets nothing, while every zombie that fells a civilian gets another zombie.

Do not cure nations that are actively curing other nations, this will trigger a cooldown on their own abilities and diminish our efforts. All nations in Refugia are susceptible to the zombie menace, therefore focus nations that are inactive.

Member states that actively spread zombies will be eviscerated by tactical squads of Scottish golf enthusiasts, member states that are resilient to the golf techniques will be relocated to the surface of the sun.

Member state status will be retroactively reinstated for nations that wish to temporarily relocate to other regions in order to burn them down or help the global curing process after Refugia is deemed safe.

Good health and mercy on you who will soon behold such horrors.
Assistance will be available if you need it.

- L