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DRF Chronicle #10

G'day, g'day!

We've been quiet recently, but now we definitely need to keep everyone updated on DRF events because our last edition was 4 weeks ago! so, what's been happening? Well, we've had an election, new arrivals and a fresh cabinet, not forgetting a new WA Delegate! So put your feet up, relax and enjoy!

[b]Breaking News:[/b]
1. [i]General Election occurs and a new PM elected[/i]
On Saturday 19th October, the DRF held its bimonthly general election, and after 6 months of the same PM, a new nation was voted in for the job. [nation]Matroyska[/nation], the DRF's second longest resident won by one vote, beating new nations [nation]Doctor Zoidberg[/nation] and [nation]Five Cities[/nation] and long-standing citizens [nation].[/nation][nation]Abbots[/nation] and [nation]The Excalian-Freedonian Puppet[/nation] The election of [nation]Matroyska[/nation] ended [nation]Zweites Preussen[/nation]'s record breaking term, in which he was PM for 6 months, being elected 3 times. The PM was promising another roleplay and was promising amendments to the constitution to give more power to the people.

2. [i]Cabinet Reshuffle[/i]
Following the election of the new Prime Minister, the cabinet had a few changes made, and looks to be a very interesting and active government. The most prominent change was the position of Home Secretary, which was given to [nation]Five Cities[/nation], a nation that hasn't even been in the DRF for a whole month. This change marks a meteoric rise in the DRF for [nation]Five Cities[/nation], who looks set to become influential in DRF leadership for months to come. Other officers include [nation]The Excalian-Freedonian Puppet[/nation] becoming Foreign Secretary, [nation]Abbots[/nation] and [nation]Zweites Preussen[/nation] becoming Recruitment Secretary.

3. [i]New WA Delegate[/i]
After almost 100 days as the DRF's representative in the WA, the founder [nation]Skundi[/nation] lost the job of WA Delegate, and the position fell to [nation]Paradeavenlisian States[/nation], a very active WA nation. So, what does this change mean? Well, it will mean that the region will be represented differently when it comes to voting, because the new Delegate could vote differently to other previous Delegates. This change, however won't affect the way any nations choose to vote. The delegates job is to vote on behalf of the region, but not [b]for[/b] the region. So this means that you can vote as well, and it's not just the delegate who has their voice heard.

[b]Interregional News:[/b]
1. [i]Balestria leaves TWC,... then merges[/i]
A few days ago, it was announced on [region]The Wolf Clan[/region] RMB, the the region [region]Nation of Balestria[/region] was to be leaving The Wolf Kingdom. This did slightly anger some citizens of TWC, but the Clan didn't overreact. Then it was seen that the region had merged to form [region]The Balestrian States of Shipgod[/region]. In that region it was declared that the region was at war with TWC as shown in [b]this[/b] dispatch.
At time of publication, no further movements have been made.

2. [i]New MPs in TDU[/i]
Last week, in [region]The Democratic Union[/region], elections were held to elect MPs to the parliament. There were 4 seats available and 6 candidates   (including 2 that are currently on trial). The election was held, despite many nations speaking out about the nations on trial being allowed to stand, and the MPs were elected. Head over to TDU to check out the MPs!

3. [i]N-Day![/i]
As Z-Day nears, there is a big question. How will the DRF tackle the situation? There has been no announcement yet, but the region is expecting PM [nation]Matroyska[/nation] to announce how he wants the region to tackle Z-Day.  

[u]So that concludes our news, please remember if I have got any facts wrong, please notify me and I will make the change. Thanks for reading![/u]

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