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Passed World Assembly Resolutions

Security Council Resolution # 395

Liberate Confederacy of Layem

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Repeal

Proposed by: Quebecshire

The Security Council,

Introducing Confederacy of Layem as the successor to the Democratic Union of Assembled States, forced to relocate due to the irreversible collapse of its founder state,

Recognising the nature of the Confederacy of Layem, whose government has long carried out unprovoked antagonism and infiltration against other regions and individuals,

Aware that the Confederacy's leadership alone is at fault for a sustained policy of intolerance that not only renders territory within its borders caustic, but all that with which the region interacts,

Bearing witness to the Confederacy of Layem's founder, Layem having been evaporated from the realm of corporeal existence by supernatural powers for transgressions beyond mortal comprehension, leaving open the path to reformation by force,

Believing the time has come for the international community to pacify this land and those that inhabit it, by establishing measures which reverse the Confederacy of Layem's attempts fortify itself against the inevitable consequences of its actions,

Hereby liberates the Confederacy of Layem.

Co-author: Refuge Isle

For: 15,885 - 93.9%

Passed: Wed May 18 2022

Against: 1,026 - 6.1%

Security Council Resolution # 395

Repeal: “Condemn Reventus Koth”

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#225

Proposed by: Pallaith

The Security Council,

Reaffirming this chamber’s opposition to malefactors that subvert the multiverse’s sovereign governments, its unwavering support for the suffering natives dislodged from their homes, and its condemnation of region-wide destruction at the hands of the world’s worst villains,

Actualizing this conviction by correcting the record as it relates to SC 225, which makes an inconsiderable case attesting Reventus Koth to be one of the worst perpetrators of malicious acts and subterfuge,

Unconvinced by the target resolution's reliance on The Black Hawks's past censure from the Security Council as justification for the nominee's own condemnation, as it neglects to provide any examples of influence or impact the nation had on The Black Hawks’ operation beyond merely holding a title and unspecified wizardry,

Unimpressed by the target resolution highlighting Reventus Koth’s control of The Brotherhood of Malice's founder nation, despite neither mentioning nor demonstrating what specific role the nation had in that military's operations, with the scant details provided referencing only the collective actions carried out by the organization as a whole,

Disregarding SC 225's references to The Black Riders, an organization no longer permitted to occupy the planes of reality, which only pertain to the office and awards that Reventus Koth held in the group, lacking testimony of any feat accomplished outside a vague mention of "their efforts in Operation Typhoon,"

Puzzled by the target's insistence that the nominee's act of regime change in Osiris is somehow worthy of condemnation due to being "influenced by the Brotherhood of Malice", when the nominee’s development efforts laid the groundwork for subsequent leaders to form the modern day Osiris government, which is accepted by the regional community, considered legitimate by the world at large, and operates as would any other regional government,

Asserting that the nominee’s service as Pharaoh of Osiris is similarly not condemnable, as the nominee is recognized as a legitimate part of the region’s community and there is no serious claim among its natives that its service in that role was an aberration or a blight on that region’s history or culture,

Disputing the notion that co-founding Osiris' regional military, the Sekhmet Legion, is condemnable, as the organization lacks the extensive record of vile and destructive deeds that earned other militaries their condemnations by this body, and primarily serves the region of Osiris,

Dismissing the resolution's claim of “incorporating older raider methods into present-day teaching and operations," provided without elaboration, implying the nominee recycled techniques developed by other nations and relied on other nations to carry them out, rather than present acts of malfeasance from the target’s own hands,

Refusing to bestow infamy on any nation on the basis of association with notorious organizations alone, especially when no compelling case has been made for why that particular nation's misdeeds played any significant part in those organizations' condemnable behavior, and

Unwavering in its conviction that only those who truly stain the world with their wickedness ought to be so remembered,

Hereby repeals SC 225 "Condemn Reventus Koth".

Co-authors: Cretox State, Refuge Isle

For: 12,094 - 78.4%

Passed: Wed Apr 27 2022

Against: 3,332 - 21.6%

General Assembly Resolution # 554

Safety and Integrity in Conflict Journalism

A resolution to promote funding and the development of education and the arts.

Category: Education and Creativity

Area of Effect: Free Press

Proposed by: Refuge Isle

The General Assembly,

Observing that, in times of unrest, a scrutinising media provides a safety net for civilians in conflict's path, not only by keeping them apprised of dangers, but by holding leaders accountable for what atrocities might otherwise be concealed,

Recognising that, while operating in close proximity to a conflict zone is perilous, a journalist's actions may be the only mechanism by which news of happenings may be returned to international authorities,

Aware that conflict journalists face dangers beyond battlefield hazards, including being specifically targeted for arrest, kidnapping, and murder by belligerent factions or even their own government,

Resolved that it falls to the World Assembly to establish specific provisions which protect these journalists, safeguard their vital function, and assist in providing reports of non-compliance with international law,

May it be enacted that this chamber:

  1. Defines within this resolution:

    1. a "conflict zone" as a battlefield, combat area, or zone where military-grade equipment is deployed to defeat, rout, or suppress opposing forces.

    2. a "conflict journalist" as a reporter or a reporter's technical assistant, operating independent of any belligerent faction, and employed in providing journalism from an ongoing conflict zone or its immediate surrounding area.

    3. an "act of espionage" as the clandestine gathering, reporting, or delivery of information for the purposes of benefiting one or more belligerent factions, except to uphold international law.

    4. an "act of warfare" to be any of the following:

      1. The capturing or killing of combatants.

      2. The intentional damage or destruction of equipment or vehicles deployed to the conflict.

      3. The transportation of personnel or supplies for a party of the conflict.

  2. Declares that conflict journalists:

    1. are classified as civilian non-combatants of a protected status.

    2. are permitted to carry out any journalism that is not an act of espionage from or near a conflict zone.

    3. are prohibited from carrying, operating, or transporting weaponry in a conflict zone.

    4. are prohibited from hiring or otherwise soliciting the services of armed escorts and mercenaries.

    5. are prohibited from accessing military facilities, except when invited by the owner or controller of the facility.

  3. Prohibits member nations from:

    1. disallowing conflict journalists access to a conflict zone and freedom of movement within it.

    2. undertaking retaliatory action towards conflict journalists in response to unfavourable press coverage, or fear thereof.

    3. detaining conflict journalists solely to limit their access to the conflict zone, or to delay their reporting.

  4. Establishes that the kidnapping, murder, or deliberate use of a conflict journalist as a military target shall be illegal and considered a war crime.

  5. Clarifies that a conflict journalist who commits an act of espionage or proactively engages in an act of warfare will be considered a hostile combatant, exempt from the protections of this resolution, and unable to be considered a civilian in the conflict.

For: 9,234 - 66.9%

Passed: Sun May 23 2021

Against: 4,560 - 33.1%

Security Council Resolution # 326

Condemn Ever-Wandering Souls

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Proposed by: Refuge Isle

The Security Council;

Recalling that Ever-Wandering Souls (Also referred to as Souls) entered into the scene of regional warfare in the beginning of 2014, succumbing to the allure of glory and third-way virtue that was promised during the founding of The Eternal Knights.

Lamenting that, though The Eternal Knights were a shambles of strategic blunders, Souls' monumental work in recruitment, training, and foreign relations was surely all that held the organisation together. Such efforts delayed The Eternal Knights' demise beyond all of the Security Council's hopes.

Distressed by Souls' leadership over the Sicarius assassins as a member of the Dominus Sicarii, overseeing the attacks on over two hundred thirty regions, orchestrated without the aid of advanced technological resources, yet with no discernible handicap in frequency or ferocity. Included among the attacks:

  • The malicious interception of Tofuline's refounding, thereby displacing over one hundred eighty nations from their chosen homeland,

  • Military support of The Black Hawks's invasion of Canada, which ended that government's two-year reign while razing embassies with some of the greatest powers known at the time, and

  • The invasion of Islam, where Westerly winds, under the control of Souls, infiltrated and seized the delegacy, ejecting nations over the span of a month from which the region never recovered.

Loathing Souls' migration to The Black Hawks in November of 2014, thereafter rapidly ascending its ranks to become a full member of their notorious leadership, The Council of Hawks, by July of the following year.

Noting that The Black Hawks, already once condemned, suffered an incredible second condemnation under Souls' leadership in March of 2017, three months after having been raised to the rank of General. As such a rank signifies the embodiment of The Black Hawks' ideals, may it be presumed that such ideals are portrayed by Souls' reprehensible history spearheading their conquests.

  • The North American Union, brutally attacked solely for its association to past defenders,

  • The Nations of Intelligence, assaulted for its acronym's unfortunate ability to suggest an entirely different organisation,

  • Global Federation, invaded to upend the homes of some of the world's most prominent writers and spokespeople at the time, and

  • The United Federation of Planets, clearly designed to demoralise the world's peacekeeping forces through that operation's success, despite its overt and conspicuous tactics.

Iterating that The Black Riders, who twice achieved censure in this chamber for their acts of ultraviolence, became exposed to counterattack when the Black riders commander was disassociated from known reality in early 2015. Although a coalition of disenfranchised natives captured and attempted to reform the region into a peaceful society, such attempts were ultimately undone by Souls' employment of Harenhime, which infiltrated the new government and sabotaged its designs, recapturing the region for raider causes once again, and denying The Black Riders any chance at salvation.

Anguished by the destruction of Heroes Rise, a consequential member of the military alliance ORCA, reduced to an empty wasteland in 2016 by Souls' command over The Black Hawks' own coalition, consisting of eighteen armies across seven realms. ORCA was forever stained by this invasion, as it demonstrated it was unable to protect its own members, leading to its disintegration entirely.

Decrying that in the ruthless pursuit of regional destruction, Souls has purged other lands of their native inhabitants on a scale that far exceeds the intervention capabilities of the Security Council. The arrogance of this nation's government extends even to its long tradition of concocting battlefield reports of such atrocities in blisteringly theatrical styles, as if to captivate victims with the fanciful tales of their own demise.

However disavowing that Souls made a mockery of this esteemed body in March of 2018, as its control over Harenhime drove that nation to try confusing World Assembly members with a circular-logic based condemnation. Even then, that resolution was merely meant to serve as distraction, while Harenhime brutally decimated the native peoples of Iran.

Resolving that so long as Souls operates with impunity, the natives of the world cannot know peace within their own homes, for the actions taken by this nation have left a trail of deceit and destruction, well beyond that which could ever be redeemed.

Hereby condemns Ever-Wandering Souls.

For: 8,800 - 61.6%

Passed: Fri Sep 25 2020

Against: 5,475 - 38.4%

General Assembly Resolution # 505

Repeal: “Wartime Journalism Protection Act”

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#501

Proposed by: Refuge Isle

The General Assembly,

Reaffirming that wartime journalists provide an essential service to society and deserve the legal protections necessary to carry out their functions,

Concerned, however, that the protections provided in GAR#501 contain broad loopholes, which nations that wish to conceal their activities may exploit,

Perceiving that:

  • A nation which seeks to carry out a military operation that would violate international law, such as the offensive use of chemical weaponry on an enemy nation, may repel reporters under the claim that their presence would interrupt an active combat situation.

  • A nation which seeks to carry out a genocide of its newly conquered territories may shield those activities from journalists under the exception that such reporting would jeopardise the goals of its military efforts.

Observing that even in less extreme cases, a nation is able to strip reporters of their legal protection in situations where:

  • A journalist is in possession of any object which the warring nation may identify or attest to be a weapon, for such a term is undefined.

  • A warring nation deems any reporting of its military activity or other wartime information to be an act of espionage.

Believing that journalists who are adherents of a religion that carries ceremonial weaponry should not be forgotten by the World Assembly, or excluded from its protections in order to carry out their jobs,

Assessing that journalists are unable to carry self-defence weaponry into a war zone without losing their legal protections, rendering them vulnerable to the same brutalities the resolution sought to avoid when they may have otherwise defended themselves,

Resolving that the legislation must be repealed to allow for proper protections for journalists, as it blocks more comprehensive legislation which could rectify the present flaws,

Hereby Repeals GAR#501: "Wartime Journalism Protection Act"

For: 10,740 - 71.5%

Passed: Fri Aug 14 2020

Against: 4,272 - 28.5%

General Assembly Resolution # 473

Responsible Land Management

A resolution to increase the quality of the world's environment, at the expense of industry.

Category: Environmental

Industry Affected: Agriculture

Proposed by: Refuge Isle

Understanding, although desertification and erosion have taken place for eons beyond remembrance, where the activities of sapient beings exacerbate those processes or cause the expansion of drylands to take place where they otherwise would not, far reaching negative consequences can result.

Outlining the source of artificially caused desertification to include over-grazing, deforestation, the over-exploitation of soils from farming, and the loss of sufficient moisture in soils to prevent wind erosion after tillage or the removal of vegetation,

Highlighting the effects of artificial desertification to include the destabilisation of the local biosphere, diminished habitability and food production in the affected areas, as well as climate changes in the larger scope of the region when water cannot be dispersed into the atmosphere through transpiration from plants,

This General Assembly, in seeking to avoid such environmental repercussions, hereby:

1. Establishes the Environmental Survey of the World Assembly (ESWA) as a research and advisory department within the World Assembly Scientific Programme, employing an appropriate number of scientists and support staff, and paid for by the WA general fund with no external sources for financial contribution permitted;

2. Instructs the ESWA to:

  1. Conduct ground, water, and atmospheric surveys of member nations' territories, as well as accessible international areas in order to collect data on their environmental situations.

  2. Keep and publish records of survey findings, develop estimations to the cause of any changes in a survey area over time, and create predictions of future trends.

  3. Alert member nations to at-risk areas of environmental degradation caused by their sapient inhabitants and issue recommendations for appropriate countermeasures.

  4. Identify areas in member nations’ territories as candidates for reforestation, land reclamation, and rehabilitation, where environmental degradation has been artificially made.

  5. Allow volunteer scientists with relevant expertise to assist with ESWA research under supervision.

3. Instructs member nations to develop and implement curricula as a comprehensive component of existing education in geological sciences for their nation’s youth in order to understand the causes, consequences, and solutions for artificial desertification;

4. Requires member nations to prohibit over-grazing and, instead, employ sustainable, targeted grazing practices, defined as the rotation of livestock between pastures with fallowing periods sufficient to allow plants to recover, unless the livestock is being used to maintain a controlled conservation area for the purposes of improving biodiversity, or unless the livestock is temporarily used to fertilise and prepare farmland;

5. Orders member nations to install or plant windbreaks around farm fields in areas designated by the ESWA to be “at-risk” of wind erosion, in sufficient intervals to be effective;

6. Requires member nations develop and implement legislation prohibiting the excessive removal or destruction of vegetation, defined as such removal or destruction resulting in exposed, unprotected soils creating a threat of artificial desertification or contributing to existing desertification in the local area;

7. Mandates that member nations implement water control measures on their landscapes made artificially vulnerable to ecologically damaging levels of water erosion, with such measures able to channel surface runoff into swales, contour trenches, or other systems that preserve water, soil, and vegetation fertility;

8. Recommends that member nations work in harmony to develop and contribute to reforestation projects in areas identified by the ESWA to be targets for rehabilitation.

For: 11,351 - 76.9%

Passed: Fri Oct 25 2019

Against: 3,409 - 23.1%