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The Times [27-10-2019]

The World
Who's next?

After the sudden departure of Yuno's leader Ramaeus chaos has been observed in Yuno as who will be the WAD. The current vice-WAD has taken over the office temporarily. Currently a unofficial WAD elections have taken place.
A lots of movement is behind Queen Yuno who was once their WAD. Questions still remain on who would be the next WAD for Yuno.Many people have been calling for the kingmaker, the founder of Yuno-Mommy Yuno. Itís likely expected that the whole cabinet might have a meeting regarding this issue and the future of WAD post shall be decided. Be with The Times as we shall be giving you all updates on this situation.

Suspense of Cabinet.

Few days ago The Democratic Republic of Freedom elected Matroyska as their ninth prime minister in a tough fight which Doctor Zoidberg gave.Matroyska won the election by getting one extra vote than Doctor Zoidberg many nations didn't voted as elections were of only one day. After 5 days of victory still the cabinet remains in suspense. Few nations have hinted their chance to be in the cabinet, but there is no official statement still.

Lower House Coming soon.

In Montrandecs Neighbours due to lack of members for lower house a survey type applications were taken according to it New members shall be recruited to the Lower house of Montrandecs Neighbours.
There are still many questions like will there be any elections?Are these selected people going to Lower house? said one of the nation.There are three parties likely it is expected that capitalist party and socialist party will play main role,but the votes of social democratic party will also matter. It looks to be that within a week or so results for lower house members hall be declared.

New Senator!

Democratic Republic of Southern Africa will be having there Senator elections on 21st November 2019.
Currently the nomination names are with Mr president Arawelo.The Secretary of State and Defense Magnum Exitium has given his nomination for the Senator elections.Few days ago he had some arguments with the majority leader of Senate/SenatorAveniaso.According to Aveniaso Sowlina and Tylier shall be running for the elections still the Data with president remains crucial to be known.Be with The Times as on 20th November the Exit polls shall be released.

One party,better party.

Wintercrest a large region of democracy,but not multi party its about one party democracy.
Recently Elections were opened for the once who wanted to run for a seat in the people's congress. It looks so that elections are coming soon over there. The question remains what step will the Workers party take after these polls.

Meeting expected soon.

The chairman of G10 Sri lanks has hinted that the first meeting of G10 will be on 2nd to 3rd November. According to him once required regions are in the association then the meeting date shall be finalized.Till now official date is not declared.

So close ,but so far.

Chicken overlords have came close to 2000 nations, currently they have 1,931 nations and they require a bit more they have stated that all are welcome to join.

Bigger,better and Strong as United

The merger talks between the regions of RHINIA,Lezra,Union of the Kind Ones and Westfalen Westphalia are nearing a conclusion at the negotiation table, with only a few small issues needing to be resolved before a vote is held in each region on the merger Act, drafted by Barlomia This is designed to increase the activity in all regions involved, who have always been historically close allies for many years. Providing these issues are resolved promptly, the current estimations of a merger occurring are about 2 weeks away. Official releases are going out this week to finalize the details such as the name of the new region, flag designs and other relevant topics. All nations are welcome to contact us to find out about how we are conducting these talks.


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