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States of The HUR

The States of The HUR

Government: Democratic Republic
Currency: Credit
Languages: Spanish (Primary and Official), English (Secondary and Official), various others (Minorities).
Economic Type: Capitalist-Market Based Economy


The Democracy of The Holy Utopian Republic (HUR) is a Republic of 12 Estados (States), all of which are under the federal control of the HUR government.


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Nuevo Tolerado (1)

Capital: Fuerte Cresta
Languages: Spanish


Nuevo tolerado, the most populous state in the HUR, know for its beaches and urban cities, and is also known to be the first Utopian State to witness rainfall.

Muquadas (2)

Capital: Nuevo puerto
Languages: Spanish (Primary), Arabic (Secondary), Various others.


Muquadas is the second of the three coastal state’s of The HUR (Including the island chain by Shavara & Danelaw). It is known for it's history in the Utopian Revolution’s greatest battles, and the place where the first Valsora World Expo was held. They are also known for their holographic technology.

Santa Cruz (3)

Capital: Libertad
Languages: Spanish, Arabic


Santa Cruz, one of the most developed states is known for it's large but very spread-out cities. Even it's capital, the 6th largest city in The HUR is somewhat isolated from the rest of the urban areas due to mountain chains. It is also the home state of Francisco Kingsley.

Cresta (4)

Capital: Fuerte Cresta
Languages: Spanish (Primary), English (Secondary), Various others.


Cresta is the most well known and important state, also the home of The HUR capital. It is known to have the largest military complex in the HUR as it's state capital, Fuerte Cresta.

Castellon (5)

Capital: Roca
Languages: Spanish, German


Castellon is the fastest-growing State and home to the supermax prison “Cielo gris”. Castellon is known for the trust of people and foreigners, and is also known for the trust of Utopia and it's government.

Velazquez (6)

Capital: Pueblo Ciudad
Languages: Spanish, English


Velazquez is known to be the most controversial state in entire Utopian history. It is also known for it's vast tourist attractions in the capitol.

Talix (7)

Capital: Santa Suera
Languages: English


Talix, known for it’s surprising development, and known to be one of the two states named after a collapsed country.

Hana (8)

Capital: Los Roja
Languages: Spanish, English


Hana, known for being notoriously the worst state in the HUR, but home to very welcoming and happy people.

The Autonomous State of Seleyth (9)

Capital: Nuevo Velez
Languages: German, Spanish


The autonomous state of Seleyth, known for the fact it is not a ethnically Spanish, yet looks like it is. It was annexed by the HUR and has been developed from an empty desert to large towns and even a small city, Nuevo Velez.

Hispania (10)

Capital: Cresta del nuevo rey
Languages: Spanish, English


Hispania is known to be the only area in the HUR with a quite empty feeling across the entire state. The state held a referendum and split from Selyth in favor of an independent state following the Utopian annexation of Selyth.

Demetrio (11)

Capital: San Rico
Languages: Spanish


Demetrio is known to be the only state in the HUR with a population of less than 1 million. The territory was colonized by Utopian settlers and eventually applied for statehood quite recently in 2029.

Capital: Ciudad valista
Languages: Spanish


Peñaranda, very recognizable for being the only state to not be connected by land to the HUR, it is also on the other side of the ocean from where the HUR is located. Not only that, but the state is an island state, the only one in the HUR. Tourism and strategic position make the state one of the most important in the HUR.