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Foreign Affairs


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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nanako Islands


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Welcome to the official page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Nanako Island. You are currently on the ministry's homepage. Thank you for browsing the site using the navigation bar or by consulting the information available on the page.
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Fr: Ministère des Affaires Etrangères
Ja: 外務省

No. 37 Independence Street

Official Photograph

Formed: February 8, 1953
Jurisdiction: Nanako Island
Headquarters: Independence Street, Waterpoo
Annual budget: N£ 1.1bn (current)
Child agencies:
- Trade & Investments Office
- Maritime Affairs Department

Minister responsible: Maxim Switek
In office since: February 2, 2017
Preceded by: Jasmine Kurobijinasu
Born: July 25, 1980 (39 years old)
Political Party: Union Social-Democrat Party
Portofolio : North Stanley MP (2015-2017)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the Nanakian administration responsible for implementing Nanako's foreign policy and ensuring relations with foreign states. It is headed by a state minister, a member of the Nanakian government.

This ministry is part of the so-called "kingly" ministries along with the Ministry of Defense, Justice, Finance and Home Affairs. Settled mainly in a riverside city mansion at No. 37 Independence Street, in the 7th Borough of Waterpoo, it is nicknamed the "Affairs Quay" by metonymy. Since February 2, 2017, Maxim Switek is the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

This ministry also existed under multiple names throughout history: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

The ministry was created in 1947 as stated in the fundamental "Independence Bill 1947", Nanako's first step to sovereignty. The ministry only became fully operational in 1957, trough "The Partition Act", that sealed and confirmed Nanako's partition to the British Empire.

The Ministry is responsible for all concerns of diplomacy, and protecting Nanako's interests abroad, including Nanakian nationals through our multiple diplomatic missions around the globe translating into consulates and embassies. This state service ensures the influence of Nanakian politics in the world and ensures diplomatic relations with our allies. The Nanako Islands Trade & Investment Office (Nityo) deals in more detail with international trade agreements.

The ministry plays a leading and coordinating role in international relations and representation to foreign governments, including diplomatic negotiations, signing of agreements and any international initiative on behalf of the Republic of Nanako. Thus, each Nanakian ambassador represents the Prime Minister and Her Majesty the Queen to national authorities of their affilated missions. Their position gives them capacity to negotiate and sign agreements on behalf of Nanako. The Ministry is also responsible for ensuring the country's maritime policies. This mission is fulfilled by the Maritime Affairs Department, under jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and headed by a Secretary of State.

The Ministry is most important for pursuance of Nanakian Foreign policies, directed by the government and the parliament. The Ministry ensures to convey Nanako's seek for peace, friendship and freedom around the world, as induced by government foreign policy.


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