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Imperial Titans

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"We Dwarves may be of wee' height, but we got big machines!"

- Valar Crayt, Titan Skipper

These are mobile fortresses of immense power, often deployed as mobile defense platforms bristling with weaponry. Larger titans are used as defense platforms to reinforce fortifications while smaller titans aid on assaults with accompanying imperial forces. Pilots of these beast machines are the Skippers, all of which are dwarves as their small height allows for more compact cock-pit designs. As a matter of fact, it is the Dwarves' idea to design and create these titans in their forges during the Period of Damnation.

The Black Titan is an 80 meter tall fortress with legs. It's most armored components is it's body and legs and it has it's own stabilizer to keep it balanced. It is deployed alongside Imperial Ground Forces
and other walkers such as the Vanguard Walker. It carries two Praeto Gatling Cannons on it's sides capable of shooting 60cm rounds on semi-auto fire. In addition it possess flares, a nightvision, thermal, x-ray and sound detection systems, Soterian shields and anti-aircraft emplacements. It is piloted by two Skippers, linked to the machine.

-Praeto Gatling Cannons
-One Gatling Cannon
-One Plasma Cannon
-15 Anti-starfighter craft lasers
-Soterian Shields

Unlike it's brother above it, the Vanguard is a bipedal walker with great emphasis on protection and anti-infantry weapons. It is the light walker used for urban and forest combat due to it's small stature and size being just 10 meters.

-Four 200mm Kinetic Cannons
-Two .75 Caliber Guns
-Two Missile Systems
-Soterian Shields

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