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[i]New Chancellor Elected[/i]
by: Mung Fa
On a historic day, Winston Mosquemound has been elected as the new Chancellor of Essena and Theodore Franklin has become the next President. Why is it so historic? One, this is the first time a political party has held the Chancellorship for a second time consecutively. Two, this is the first time a current President has won the Chancellorship. This historic moment was made possible by a change in the rules because there was a rule that stated the current President could not run in the upcoming election. They would have to wait out 6 years before running for the Chancellorship. 

Winston Mosquemound is a man who started out as a businessman and then became the Mayor of Aurora Angeles. He was chosen as the running mate for Chancellor Marcus Harrison because Winston made a name for himself for being outspoken about politics, though he would keep it relatively civil. He also had more experience running a government division than Marcus and was much older as well. As President, he was very reserved but when debating in Congress he would defend Marcus Harrison's and the Civil Liberty's agenda with a fiery passion. Though reserved he does have a way with words and with people though sometimes he can sometimes overwork himself. When campaigning he was nicknamed Grandpa Winny for better or for worse.

Now becoming Chancellor we shall see how well Winston Mosquemound does and we hope that he does a good job for the people of Essena.

[i]New Justices Ascend to the Supreme Court[/i]
by: Talia Smalls
In a terrible year, 2 justices have died. Associate Justice Joseph Garland and Associate Justice Ruth B. O'Connor both passed away peacefully in their sleep. Justice Garland passed away in December and Justice O'Connor passed away in January. Both Justices have been on the bench since the Supreme Court was created. As is tradition Chancellor Marcus Harrison has chosen two new Justices; the Justices are Melanie Wu and Valarie Garcia White. With Marcus Harrison's Chancellorship coming to end, he will have had added 3 Justices to the Court. In a historic first Justice Valarie Garcia White will be the youngest Justice on the Supreme Court at the age of 46.




[i]Essenian Animals Participate in the Basketball Tournament[/i]


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