by Max Barry

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by The Dictatorship of Ameriganastan. . 17 reads.


In a turn no Amerigani could imagine, the unthinkable has occurred. After over a decade of leadership as our Eternal Grand Ruler, Lord Lowery has been cast from power. The extremist New Amerigani Order and its leader, Lord Darius Varheim, enacted their coup early Monday morning, storming Lord Lowery's residence with surprisingly little resistance from his guards. In a quote from Varheim himself:

"Lord Lowery has become lazy and weak. Lounging in his leaders residence and losing grip on the populace. The fact he didn't see this coming proves it. I've served him for years, and seen him put down far more subtle and larger attempts to oust him from his seat. Ameriganstan needs a leader whose eyes haven't become glazed over by sloth and complacency. Who doesn't allow the citizenry any voice in how we do things. I, your new Lord Darius Varheim, will lead Ameriganstan into the future. We are mighty, but with me and my New Amerigani Order in control, we will become the mightiest there is. The future is now, and I will lead us there!"