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by The Wandering City of Eisenstern. . 254 reads.

The Council of Seven

By order of the Guild Council

The following document is restricted to Guild Personnel with Paragon-level clearance

Viewing by an unauthorized party will result in immediate sanction enforcement, by means of an Aetheric geas.
Sanction enforcement extends up to, and encompasses, immediate termination and/or removal of the soul.
Do not proceed past this point without the required soulbound counter-geas.

A foreword

I guess this is what we get to call ourselves now. The Council. I tried not to make it too pretentious - Void forbid we ape the Elytrians and their stick-up-the-rear magus ascendants. But yes, there's seven eight of us (I had debated altering it to the Council of Eight, but we've built too much on the name now for it to be worth it. Besides, Celena and Ezzamuth are more or less inseparable), and we're a council. So logically, it fits. And there is just that slight touch of pathos there. These dossiers are written up and maintained by... oh, what does it matter now? Point is - reader. Whoever you are, be it some hapless spy, Guild employee, or one of us hoping to stroke their own ego by some measure. Listed below are the Guild's finest. Lords and ladies of the ephemeral tides, warriors without peer and holders of power without equal. Above all, stalwart friends. Those who have built the Guild into what it is today, and those who guide it to whatever it may become tomorrow. Respect them, fear them... but above all, enjoy the read. A hero isn't worth much without a saga.

-Vinzenz Kresge, The Iron Hand, Guildmaster of Eisenstern

The First Seat
Vinzenz Kresge, The Iron Hand
A leaden, deaden grasp.

The Second Seat
Vehn, the Crafted
One is many, all are one.

The Third Seat
Areagne Twisse, Herald of Thunder
Chief Emissary
Into the breach.

The Fourth Seat
Hildebad von Cunigast, The Black Cardinal
He who stands apart.

The Fifth Seat
Dagfinnur Einarsson, Palm of the Mountain
Grand Archivist
To keep the stuff of legends.

The Sixth Seat
Sabira Vetui, Lady of Brass
Grand Engineer
Brilliant mind, much maligned.

The Seventh Seat
Celena Notario & Ezzamuth, Null Witch & Ur-Spark
Chief Recruitment Officer(s)
Darkness, frigid. Two souls, as one.