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Tiandi, a Region Unlike Any Other


[align=center][size=150]What if we RPed a world where [i]non[/i]-western societies were dominant? Haha jk… unless? 😳[/size]

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[i]Lakota horse archers rumble down the endless steppes of Central Yeongju, as Navajo city dwellers cower in fear. Korean machine guns mow down charging roves of French knights. A humbled pharaoh presents a bountiful feast to visiting Manchu emissaries, hoping to secure a more lenient trade deal...[/i]

[size=120][b][region]Tiandi[/region][/b][/size] is a realistic, modern-tech, closed [b]worldbuilding and roleplay community[/b]. An immense amount of detail has been used to construct Tiandi in a logical and realistic manner--from matters ranging from climate, culture, human migrations, to many more.

Tiandi offers something [b]different[/b] from most other NS regions. It is a region where East Asian civilization, rather than Western civilization, came to dominate and shape the rest of the world in its image. It is a region where indigenous American societies were not wiped completely from history due to disease and conquest, but rather survived (albeit against the trauma of East Asian colonization and imperialism). In Tiandi, the "empty" parts of the map are not to be ignored. Worldbuilding and RP in Tiandi is fully global.

The region was founded as a way to [b]explore issues of race, geopolitics, and culture[/b] in a setting that required much more imagination and thinking than most other regions. Tiandi's unique history and lore allow for a [b]deep philosophical discussion of the nature of the world[/b] and the factors that have shaped it. Are ideologies and religions unique to certain cultures, or are they more shaped by material factors? How central is geography to the development of societies? And how would clothing, music, and symbols of national identity have developed without Western influence?

Here, we [b]string together novel narratives[/b] about this world in which even seeming trivialities like the popularity of ice cream must be reexamined and rethought with out-of-the-box thinking. Despite the hostility we have received to our mission and concept, Tiandi has nonetheless been able to flourish.

Today, we proudly have:

• Our own [url=][b]wiki[/b][/url], now featuring over a hundred articles. 

• Started and done [url=][b]several RPs[/b][/url]. 

• An [url=][b]active discord[/b][/url] with an international and diverse community of individuals. 

• A [url=][b]unique map[/b][/url] built specifically with the region's purpose in mind.

• A [url=][b]cool application[/b][/url] page to better manage our stats.