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Quotes of da Awesomes!

>Ifreann- Do you really need a person to be head of state? I mean, maybe Canada could be represented internationally by a polar bear. Or a moose.

>>Sanctissima- That... sounds far too appealing to me than it probably should.

>>>Ifreann- Putin would send someone to negotiate over Arctic territories, and President Polar Bear could eat them. Canada 1 - 0 Russia.

>The Serbian Empire- The FDA: Foolishly Dangerous Administration

>Quokkastan- No, John. You are the demons.
>>Mieraskya- No I must kill the demons.
>>>Quokkastan- If demons are anything like jokes, I'm sure you'll be very successful.

Are you still on this threadjack?

Reminds me of the old lawyer's joke: If you can't pound on the law, pound on the facts. If you can't pound on the facts, pound on the law. And if you can't pound on either, pound on the table!

You know why lawyers safely can swim together with piranhas?

Colleagues donít bite each other.

To be expanded