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by The Don't You Forget About Me of Eripolis. . 12 reads.

I Dream of Orwell (or Nightmarize, whatever)

I dreamt that I was with a friend (from school irl) in Orwell's 1984, both of us are in Oceania and are Outer Party members, we find a house. It was very colorful inside (mostly orange, marble white, and black), and, for some reason, had a public, multi-toilet restroom. Eventually more people start moving in. At one point I was next to a shower, I had my phone (also for whatever reason), I set it down, and my phone shorts out because water splashed on it. Thankfully it worked again after drying it with a towel.

Later in the dream, one of the house's residents comes to us babbling incoherently but distressed as Thought Police agents storm the house. The cops grab me, drag me over to one of the restroom stalls, and try dunking my face into the water, probably as a form of onsite torture. I try gasping for breath, but the Thinkpol agents, miraculously, stop. I have a small red flashlight in my left breast pocket. They release my left hand to allow me to take the flashlight out, and I hand it to their leader, a 30-something female in a black jumpsuit, not unlike a jumpsuit worn by an Inner Party member. She takes it, and says something. I don't remember what she said, something along the lines of "I think I'll find this...useful." They then drag me over to a mirror in the bathroom, and I desperately try to dispel their suspicions by demonstrating my loyalty to the Party and Big Brother. I cross my arms above my head (the "Big Brother salute") and try to remember what to say with it; the agents begin losing their patience (I was surprised they even had any patience) and one of them starts whacking me over the head with his baton; I finally come up with "Hail Big Brother!" which I am now sure is not the correct saying (I think the correct thing to say was "B...B!") but the agents accept it anyways. As for my friend, she was nowhere to be found in all of this, probably enduring the same brutality.

Then I woke up.