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Extinction Rebellion reaches Eripolis...and does not go well for protesters

The Extinction Rebellion protest, started in mid-October 2019, reached Eripolis in the form of protesters arriving from foreign countries demanding that Eripolis, a global recluse, take action on climate change. Actions included blocking subway and tram routes, clogging major streets and highways, and vandalizing cars and other motor vehicles.

Eripolisians did not take kindly to this at all, with many pulling out signs saying, "Go Away And Never Come Back," "Anarcho-Socialists Not Welcome," and "Climate Action=Totalitarianism". This resulted in protesters intensifying their campaign, clogging up streets, subways, and tram lines even further. The Eripolisian government eventually was forced to intervene, sending armed agents to try and disperse the protesters. Eventually, threats of armed force dispersed the protesters.

Several protesters voiced their concerns and reasons for being there. "Action on climate change requires that everyone do their part," an anonymous 27-year-old from France stated. "Please, open your eyes, and take part, so that we may save the only planet we have."

"Eripolis will not allow tourists to interfere with our internal affairs," Pres. Krenz stated. "Any further action taken by these 'protesters' will promptly be stopped."

"Stop forcing your ideas into us," a 35-year old Eripolisian said. "We don't want to become 'enlightened' ideological fanatics. Look at North Korea and tell me how they're doing. Or read '1984' and see if that's the society you want. Dirt-poor, brainwashed bastards, who own literally nothing, believing whatever the government says. Some life."