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[WiP] 2019-2020 Solariian Federal Budget


Solariian Federal Budget
of 2019-2020

June 1st, 2018

Submitted By
Linus Leopold

Submitted To
Solariian National Council

Total Expenditure
☉149.622 trillion

☉1.932 trillion

The Solariian Federal Budget for fiscal years 2019-2020 runs from October 1st, 2018 to September 30th, 2020. It is the second budget enacted by the Solariian National Council and signed into law by the Supreme Chancellor. The 2019-2020 budget, also called the Budget for the Expansion of Deep-Space Industry and Defense, is focused primarily on funding for the construction of deep-space installations, mega- and giga- structures, upkeep and upgrading of existing structures, structural reform to reduce future payments and the further development of the Solariian Interstellar Starfleet. Other expenditures will cover any existing social and education programs, administration costs, healthcare and industry investments, and environmental protection payments.

Primary Budget Recipients

The 2019-2020 budget continues the trend of inflated defense spending in spite of its stated goals. Spending reached an all time high of ☉49 trillion. Existing deep-space structures and their upkeep have proven difficult for the Solariian government to efficiently finance. Meanwhile, blueprints and resource allocation are underway for new structures anticipated within the year. The budget also sets aside additional funding to the Solariian Foreign Affairs Department to in order to encourage Autropolan allies to cover more of the costs for the upkeep of structures used by the Autropolan Aerospace Defense Directorate, the main beneficiary of Solariian-constructed deep-space mega- and giga- structures.

Education spending has remained the same compared to the previous budget at ☉23.322 trillion. This has been met with considerable public backlash as the average intelligence of Solariians has leveled off. Concerns exist about the nations economy being too dependent on innovations in scientific fields, especially physics and engineering as scientific advancement has also seen little movement in recent months. In any case, Solariian public education score-sheets remain relatively high compared to the world average and youth rebelliousness is non-existent; a sign of a strong economy and healthy middle-class.

Commerce spending has also remained the same compared to the previous budget at ☉17.526 trillion. Information Technology retains its position as Solariia's most important industry as it benefits the most from scientific advancements. Though, with rising concerns regarding the stagnation of advancements, the government is now imploring IT enterprises to maximize current efficiency standards over other ventures to combat decline. Arms manufacturing is tied to the nation's defense industry and often receives funding from the Solariian government through business subsidization. Manufacturing benefits from the powerful retail industry, spending on public transportation and refining of raw materials from the mining industry.