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[WiP] Brief Overview of Solariia [Stellaris-Inspired]



Rational Consensus Democracy

Fanatic Materialist





Distinguished Admiralty

Warrior Culture

Parliamentary System



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The Solariian government's primary trait is materialism; the administration, for the most part, governs according to principles based on rationality and scientific theory. A byproduct of its uplifting by other denizens of Autropolis. A secondary trait of the government is militarism; the dividing line between the civil administration and the military having blurred to the point where they have largely become one and the same. A lingering side-affect of the nations former stratocratic authority model.

National Civics

Solariian society is governed according to the principles of science and rationality to maximize economic efficiency. Since the collapse of its stratocracy, the personal whims of an ignorant and dangerously unqualified political elite have been ruthlessly stamped out. Since the nations uplifting, it's become preoccupied with the idea of metallic automatons and they have since become a requirement to complete some of its grandest engineering blueprints. Interstellar piracy operations and concerns from the first N-Day have given the nation's fleets and the Admiralty unusually prominent roles in this society, wielding a great deal of influence in political circles. They have the pick of the litter when it comes to new military recruits. As a result, Solariia has developed into a hardy warrior culture. Martial prowess is valued almost as much as scientific understanding, with the two now going hand-in-hand, producing an affluent military industrial and research complex. Nevertheless, the Solariian parliamentary system encourages a free and lively debate. Though, currying favor with one of the dominant political factions can prove to be quite advantageous.


Solariia was uplifted by its intellectual galactic neighbors in Autropolis and since 2016 has left its primitive origins behind. Its rapid uplifting has proven that Solariians are quick to learn from experiences. The nations people believe that resources must be conserved and recycled. Solariians have a special charisma and are generally considered pleasant to be around, giving it immense inter-regional influence since its uplifting.