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Order of The Day



1. Sign up for an account on the LinkTWP forums and then fill out a Linkcitizen application and then an Linkenlistment form

2. Make at least five (5) new nations (which in raiding are referred to as puppets)

3. Move your puppets to Nihon

4. Apply your puppets to join the World Assembly (WA)

  • You can only have ONE (1) puppet in the WA at any one time. Joining the WA with more than one nation will result in you being BANNED from joining the WA and from NationStates completely if such activities continue

  • Apply does not mean Join: Apply means to click the "Apply to join" button on the WA page.

5. Either download discord Linkhere or use the Browser version of Discord Linkhere.

6. Join the following servers and post your main nation:
LinkHome Server and LinkMilitary Server

7. Be online on Discord during either of the two updates:

If you have any questions, telegram me ASAP.