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Weekly Newspaper- 15.10.2019

FCN Presidential Elections

With the Presidential Elections going to be held soon in Federation of Conservative Nations, Furbish Islands has declared it's candidacy for the same. Our editor took a short interview of the nation, last week. On asking about the main problems FCN is facing right now, Furbish Islands replied, "The main problem the region is facing now is inactivity and lack of interest to participate. And despite the region being at a record high of members, thanks to my recruitment telegrams, very few end up joining discord and joining the Senate. What I hope to accomplish is have more regional activities, giving more reasons for people to join and current ones to participate."Upon asking how was it's latest term in the region as Secretary, Furbish Islands said, "I believe I have accomplished a lot in my term. The government dispatches, for example, have been moved to government accounts and all officials have access to them. The Games of the FCN Olympiad was one of our more successful RPs, and also done in my term.

Furbish Islands also cleared it's agenda for the election, "I hope to have more regional activities running, like reviving the FCN Times, creating an FCN University, and running an active regional roleplay. Interregional activities and increased raiding are things I also want to accomplish.". Further, the nation told our editor, "The current government has some capable people, but there are points where it is lagging behind. The war department, for example, is not leading as much raids as have been done previously. And we have not done much in foreign affairs either."
Upon asking about it's competitor, Furbish Islands said, "Gagium is the only other person running for president, and he has also made a good campaign. Defeating him will definitely not be easy. But I think this election is going to be close, as both him and I have people who declared their support for us."

The FCN President Elections are going to be very interesting. The next week our Newspaper Agency will try to publish more new updates on the matter.

TSP Flag Contest

For the first time, Halloween Flag Contest is organized in The South Pacific by Aidenfieeld. As per Aidenfieeld, "The contest is completely gameside, as most of it is conducted through telegrams. After the flags are submitted, (25th of October) a poll will be held gameside to determine the winner."

Upon asking whether the event is organized by the Government, Aidenfieeld replied, "It is not exactly being run by the TSP government, as the Ministry of Regional Affairs (MoRA) has no part in it. However, I myself am part of the government, so I guess it is sort-of?"
When our editor asked, how many nations does Aidenfieeld expects to participate in the event, it said, "The maximum allowed is twelve, as that is all that gameside polls allow for. Unfortunatly, only two of the spots have been filled so far, so I expect only maybe five participants."

India WAD Elections

The region of India will be holding a month long WA Delegate Elections from November 1, 2019.
Our Editor reached to Trivian, one of the candidates for the election, for a short interview.

Q. What made you stand for the WAD Elections in India?

I define the Situation in India as The Emergence of The Crises of Complacency which would lead to Mediocrity causing a more Catastrophic Consequence of Autocratic Behavior. I am Personally a Strong Believer Of Liberal Democratic Assertive. Any Region to Function on a More Efficacious and Determined Progressive Ideology needs a regular Power Shift so that it would move on a more Credible and Accountable Grounds. Henceforth Iam standing this Elections with a motive of Power Neutrality Convention as well as for serving this Region in best of my Capacity. I personally don't want to go on a Propoganda Narrative but I Assure my Citizens that the Governance Under my Leadership would be done with Integrity and Determined Cooperative Beliefs.

Q. Are you satisfied by the current Administration? (Why/Why not?)

See I share a Personal Warmth and Friendly Relations with the Current Governance. Hindu Puri, Hindu Mahasabha , Awell Islands, Neo Kerala and me have strong bonds of Brotherhood which won't break ever. As far as Governance is concerned they are doing a Great job. They all are Visionary but still the Pro - Active Implementation is somewhere missing which would lead to downward scale Regional Dominance and Functionary in Future.

Q. If you are happy with the current admin (WAD), why are you standing for the elections?

This Election is indeed Different From the Past W.A Delegate Elections. Hindu Puri and Trivian unlike the Duo of Hindu Puri - Hamramstan share close Cordial Ties. Both the Nation's share a very close Bond with the Government and Citizens. Well Committed and Hard-working Both Nation's are working with a Progressive Pro - Citizens Ideology. The only difference I expect is the Administrative Policies and Time Span in regard with Mutually Understandable Implementation. Iam strongly standing with the Aim in regard with the Aspect of Accountability and Credibility which our Indian Culture Nourishes and Teaches Us.

Q. Why do you think people should vote for you?

I believe the answer to this question can be better answered by the Citizens who I share a Warm Relations with.[/i₩

Q. Do you consider Hindu Puri as a tough competitor?

[I]For Sure and with the Cordial Positive Relation we both share makes it more Difficult. But take my Word This Electoral Session would bring a New Dynamic in the History of Election of Region India.

Till now, Hindu Puri has ruled India as the WAD, for two consecutive terms. With many developments being undertaken in the region, under his guidance many nations expect Hindu Puri to claim his victory this time as well. We wish for a smooth conduct of the elections in the region.

Updates from AoR

With the general election approaching in the Assembly of Regions The Independent Newspaper visited the Organization and met the Founder for updates.

The Organization has promised many future programs soon to be introduced, some of which include:

-Expanded clubs and activities
- Expanded communications network
- A defense force for the protection of members
- And an education system for the AoR

The communication network will be involving connecting AoR offices to their regional counterparts by requiring more updates from the Cabinet. However, the Education system proposal is more elaborate. The United Global Democrats have proposed an system where nations could take courses in the histories of different member regions (both roleplay and NS history), cultural courses, possibly language courses, learn regional geography, and more.

AoR Elections

As the closing date for Party and Candidate Registration for AoR is arriving soon, here are the Political Updates from Assembly of Regions:

▪︎ There are 5 registered parties in the AoR: United Global Democrats, Conservatives, Movement for Progress, Conservatives, and The Meme Party. AoR has released a poll few days ago for people to vote for their favorite parties, the results will be posted by October 16, 2019.

▪︎ The elections will be held on November 5, 2019.

▪︎ The elections are conducted in a way that each region deems most appropriate to their region. They can use regional polls, or offsite polling places if needed.

Crisis in TEP

Last week, Fedele, WA Delegate of The East Pacific had dismissed the Viziers of TEP. The Delegate's dismissal of TEP's Viziers appears to violate the LinkEndorsement Caps Act, a 2017 law that provides for the enforcement of TEP's endorsement caps. The action has united many nations in TEP to voice against the WAD.

Zukchiva, one of the members of the TEP Judicial Court had released a Dispatch, asking nations to endorse Marrabuk, the candidate who won the WAD elections.

Zukchiva said he wasn't much interested in giving any comment on the situation now, and will only do so once the situation calms down. When our editor asked for a short explanation, it said, "Fedele is breaking the law and enacting a coup by ejecting two of our Viziers. So we are trying to get Aelitia into the Delegate seat remove Fedele, who is now an illegitimate Delegate."

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