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Open letter, 10 October 2019

Open letter, 10 October 2019
Addressing quorum and motions before Parliament


I won't begin this telegram with exaggerated claims about how important it is. I was informed of complaints about procedures before the European Parliament. Ignoring the unsporting nature of trying to keep people out of the loop, those complaints are unfounded.

The idea that a motion is defeated for failing to meet quorum is like saying you lose a sports game if the other team doesn't show up. If a majority is against some motion, the polling results would reflect that. If it is not reflected, that motion is not defeated. Failing to meet quorum does not mean a majority does not exist.

Have motions been rerun for failure to meet quorum? Yes. Within 43 days, a motion on opening embassies with the North Pacific was rerun. Within 14 days, a motion on opening embassies with Lazarus was rerun. Within 13 days, motions to enact the then-Procedure Bill 2018 were rerun. In all cases, they were rerun because the first motion failed to meet quorum. Re-running motions is common. This is a matter of public record.

But, examine what the quorum rule is. It is not designed to defeat proposals nor is it designed to obstruct them. Some have argued for removing it because it effectively requires you to send a mass telegram. This is true. But the fundamental reason why I wrote quorum into the Government Act 2017 is to prevent a small group from 'pulling a fast one' on the region writ large. So, when passing primary legislation, a reasonable number of people must be consulted.

There can be disputes on how many are reasonable. But quorum is set by legislation. Only Parliament not the Delegate, Cabinet, or Founder can change the law.

Always yours,