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Forest Map Request Form

Fill out the form below and send it in a telegram to Octopus Islands.
The first four questions are mandatory. The rest are optional.
You must have over 50 SPDR (influence) to be on the map. Check the climate map to make sure that the location you are in is of a climate you like, as I will not be changing the climates on the climate map.

The Form
Nation name:
Whether you want to be on the old world map or the new world map:
Size, shape, and location of your nation on the map:
Location of capital city:
Any major cities and the location of them:
Significant geographical features (volcanoes, tall mountains, shorter mountains, rivers, lakes, and where they are located):
Any maps of your nation:
Any other info or requests:


Can I get onto the map?
Forest's map is on an opt in basis. Any nation who wants to be on the regional map must have a regional Influence rating of 50 SPDR or higher. You can check your regional influence here. Influence is a measure of a combination of World Assembly endorsements and length of time spent in a region. Nations below 50 SPDR must wait until they reach that level before applying.

How big can my nation be?
I'm willing to work it out with you, so the following numbers are not a strict rule, but a general guideline. Your nation should generally be (x) long if your influence is (y):
- 750 km for 50-100 influence
- 1,000 km for 100-1000 influence
- 1,500 km for 1000-2000 influence
- 1,750 km for 2,000+ influence
No nation should be larger than Ransium or Errinundera.

Can you change X in the coastline / make me on a new island?
Of course! As long as there is room, I am happy to do so.

What program do you make the map with?


I reserve the right to refuse or change any request you make, but it is very unlikely I will need to do so.
If you leave Forest or CTE for longer than 6 months, I will remove you from the map. If you come back afterwards, please tell me if you wish to return to the map. You will still have to meet the other requirements (50 SPDR).