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Delegate Statement on The East Pacific

Statement from the Delegate's Office

Greetings my fellow NS players. Today, at 12am EDT, the major update, Fedele and Funk illegally ejected Vizier Todd McCloud and banjected Vizier Bachtendekuppen. These actions are in direct violation of both the Concordat and laws of The East Pacific. Furthermore, they banjected Delegate-Elect Marrabuk and attempted to eject Vizier Aelitia. At this time, we believe with all our hearts that the regime headed by Fedele (aka Scardino) is an illegal coup dÍtat of the region, and stand against them with our military forces.

TITO has mobilized, along with multiple other regions, to defend the Concordat of The East Pacific and it's lawfully elected government. We stand in solidarity with Marrabuk, the lawful delegate of TEP under the Concordat, and the government they are attempting to form. We vehemently condemn the actions of Fedele, and make it known that it will be our mission from here out to see to a quick delegate transition to Marrabuk and peace returned to The East Pacific.

- Sincerely,
WA Delegate of 10000 Islands