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by The Defender of the Rejected of Kyorgia. . 189 reads.

The Rejected Realms statement on The East Pacific

The Rejected Realms has been monitoring, in coordination with the Viziers of The East Pacific and other close allies, the recent developments in the security situation of the East. Specifically, today Fedele and his cronies banned the newly-elected Delegate Marrabuk, and ejected the Viziers as well as RRA and allied forces that were assisting with the delegate transition in response to a legitimate request.

With these actions and his conduct up to them Fedele has shown that he has no regard for the democratic process, the stability or the welfare of The East Pacific.

We strongly condemn the illegal actions taken by Fedele and his associates and denounce their rule. We will continue to work with the legitimate Delegate Marrabuk and the Viziers until such a time when democracy and rule of law are restored in The East Pacific.

Delegate of The Rejected Realms