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New World Union Chronicle.

New World Union Chronicle Vol. 1 --------------------------------- June 5th, 2020
RP News:

Europe: Europe is Still Engulfed in the Gem war though the fighting in France and Germany seems to be winding down, As of right now there are 8 forces representing The Unified American Federation, Aleciton Lands, German Livonia, TheHelghast, DecepticonCybertron, Amaabj, Saint Indopelandand The Impierum of Man, are currently in France where Paris is about to fall. The plan is that after France falls the British Isles will be invaded in a two pronged offensive.
In Africa the Gems have been Pushed completely out of South Africa and are in full retreat, there is no other news
No major news to report in the Americaís
Asia & Oceania
In Asia Mt. Everest is about to explode
In Space The Moon is about 80% of the way towards being cracked in half.

Election July 2020:
As of right now three people have announced Candidacy. The three that have announced canidacy are Amaabj, Saint Indopeland andSernatiao. In the Coming weeks, from now until the close of the election, I will be Asking each of them Questions Relating to the Election and post their response here.

Comedy Corner:

Q. What did one blade of grass say to another about the lack of rain?
A. I guess we'll just have to make dew.

A snail named Samuel just got a raise working as a realtor. He decided since he got this money he will get a custom sports car with a big "S" on the side to show everyone the car is his. While he's flexing his new car down the streets of Los Angeles, he passes an elderly couple sitting on their porch. As he passes the man exclaims to his wife, " Look at that S-Car-Go!"

A rancher was persuaded to cross-breed his cattle with hyenas. It was a disaster. The offspring were the laughing stock of the community!

Thatís all Folks

Basic Discord Info:
The Discord has been hopping over the Recent George Floyd riots with a few Pro-police vs. Pro-Rioters arguments. As of right now the Pro-Police people are getting massacred in these arguments and are generally outnumbered.

Thanks for Reading the New World Union Chronicle
Editor and Discord Journalist Amaabj