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The Maritimes Regional Coat of Arms

The Maritimes Regional
Coat of Arms

See description below.

The flag of The Maritimes is the new Coat of Arms (above) on a white field.


The escutcheon (shield) is
a field of or (gold) charged with
three different symbols, one to
represent each of Canada's three
Maritime provinces. The gold
colour represents one similar
to heraldic colours used in each
province. Nova Scotia's official
flower, the mayflower,
Prince Edward Island's official
tree, the oak, is represented
by an acorn, and
New Brunswick is
represented by its popular
native riverside delicacy,
the fiddlehead.

The crown over the escutcheon is a
red maple leaf, honouring The
Maritimes' role as a part of Canada.

The order is a yellow five-pointed
star. Taken from the Acadian
flag, the star represents the
francophone Acadians spread
throughout the three provinces.

Supporters:The dexter supporter
is a stag rampant guardant.
The sinister supporter is a red fox
rampant to sinister
. Both animals
are common in The Maritimes and
their inclusion as supporters in the
coat of arms are meant to represent
the aboriginal peoples as stewards of
the land and waters.

The compartment is a grassy
field above a long wave
of water to represent the
importance of land and sea
industries of The Maritimes.

The motto, "Boreas domus,
Mare amicus
" means "The north
is our home, the sea is our
", a motto shared with
Scotland's Orkney Islands.

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