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U.C.E.O.T.W. Times #2 (12th October 2019 AD)

U.C.E.O.T.W. Times #2 (12th October 2019 AD):

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This week the United Christian Empires of the West’s World Factbook Entry was updated and modernized by our Imperial Councillor of International Diplomacy, Blue carnation. It now includes more inviting text, a monthly Bible quote, the latest announcements as well as links to the Bible, the newspaper and soon, also our regional constitution (in the process of being written)! We have also overhauled the majority of the names of our regional ranking/promotion system to make them come in line with our other aspects and make them more thematically fitting to our region as a whole.

New Faces In Town:

This week our region welcomed many new nations into our coalition including Greater hah slaptings, Wilmingstead and Strachantopia. We wish to extend a warm welcome to all of you! We also saw the arrival of Port jackson city, a puppet nation of Christian australia as part of our agreement with Christianity Union‘s first amendment. The amendment states that both regions will send a puppet-nation with dual-citizenship to the other region as an ambassador. Our region sent Carnatia, the puppet nation of Blue carnation as our agent of diplomacy in C.U..

Last Week In The Polls:

The proposal for the latest regional law regarding increased taxed for non-Christian citizens (covered in more detail in the previous issue) has been successfully passed 8 votes to 2 votes. We have now moved to the “Truly United?” vote (also covered last issue) which is currently losing 4 to 2. The major campaign against it is that it “over complicated the region too much”. The next vote has been decided by the Imperator himself and is being revealed exclusively here first! Here is his official statement regarding the next vote: “In light of recent events, I decided it was high time we chose an Imperial Councillor of Internal Affairs. I offered the position to Blue carnation first due to her work on the UFE and she suggested seeing if anyone else wanted it before taking it herself. So, I asked in the RMB and got interest from our Imperial Grand Councillor, Falmards. I was then faced with a tough choice and decided to leave it up to a public vote! The candidates will be Falmards and Blue carnation. Other interested nations have till the closure of the current poll to nominate themselves in the RMB or via private telegram to me personally and a vote will be held shortly after!”.

More War:

After the defeat of the Emirate in the second Xukongian Civil War last week, a new enemy has arisen, a group of Islamic Extremists. At first they simply declared war on Xukong but then began attacking neighboring Dominant Oppressors as well! Foreign troops from Dominant Oppressors, Falmards and Blue carnation were sent in to help with the fighting in both nations and troops from Strachantopia were also later dispatched to help our cause. After vicious fighting in the Dominant Oppressorian city of ‘Lara Spe’, the extremist forces were pushed back and a counter-push was held. Meanwhile the main Xukongian defense force is making strides of their own and the war looks like it will soon come to an end, with a victory from our side after a sub-group of the extremists defected to our cause.

Imperator’s Birthday And Other Holidays:

In our last story of the week, we wish to acknowledge the birthday of our Imperator, The Holy Emperor of Dominant Oppressors last Tuesday! We have also decided that we will indeed decorate the region for Halloween whilst also warning of its evils. Decoration work will begin shortly!

A word from our sponsors:

“Join Bharat and partake in perfect democracy!” - New dilli

End of message from sponsor!

That’s it for this issue, please join us again next week! May God bless you all and we hope you have a great week ahead!

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Written by Dominant Oppressors.