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Open letter, 11 October 2019


[color=#1D2951][size=150]Open letter, 11 October 2019[/size][/color]


I understand that it can be frustrating to acquire power in a region which already has a long history of political factions and a way of doing things. It doesn't appear that we have elections, but curiously, the game mechanism provides for them. Jenesia, Alsted, Jeux II, and I traded the top spot over time (though not all at once) due to that mechanism. 

The Founder does have a final legitimising say on who the Delegate is. And that implies something of an unknowable quantity at present. 

Yet, for all the complaining, it seems curious that nothing has happened to you. What you have identified as bullying has been left unaddressed by the moderators and by the Moderation Committee. Absent any legitimate complaint, it seems you are asking for special treatment to silence those who disagree with you. Banning negative campaigning, but only against one group, damages others' free speech rights. 

And to be clear to some of the perhaps more overzealous members of the Government, I, nor anyone from the Founder's Government, am authorised by law to eject anyone who is running in good faith to be Delegate. Compare, however, High Crimes Act ss on treason. 

As far as I can tell, it is in good faith to argue for the introduction of terms and motions to elect with regard to the Delegacy. That is a position taken in the North Pacific and many other large regions. But to enact such a mechanism needs legislation. 

The Government Act 2017, also known as the Basic Law, which is the constitutional document for the region, may predate many of the region's members. It, however, is not vague. The law says tható

[list]The Delegate is the Delegate of Europe defined by NationStates.[/list]

Changing that would require Parliamentary legislation. If you want to propose such legislation, there is a mechanism to do so. In fact, we have elections for officers of the European Parliament every month. There, the Commissioners are in charge. 

If you truly seek to run for the Delegacy without the current Government threatening to ban you, you already have it. You have had it since when the screenshots you posted were made. You should have scrolled down. See [url=][color=blue][u][/u][/color][/url]. But I, nor, I hope, anyone else in the region, would damage the free speech rights of members merely because they argue something inconvenient. That seems part of your platform, and the region's members should take that into account. 


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