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Moderation Committee


Moderation Committee

The Moderation Committee was established by the LinkRMB Moderation Act 2019. It is made up of six people: all three Commissioners, the Delegate, the Home Secretary, and the Foreign Secretary. There are replacement rules given by the Act in case any position is vacant.

The Committee makes regulations on what can be posted to the RMB. Important public information links followó

LinkRMB Moderation Act 2019
Procedures and Establishment

LinkRMB Regulations
What are the rules?

Please read the regulations on what can be posted to the RMB.

Bringing something before the Committee

If you have been wronged in a manner which is proscribed by the rules, any elector can bring cases before the Moderation Committee. Simply telegram one of the members. The specific portion of the Act says:

It is up to the member with which you talk to take the case to the Committee as a whole. Currently, the Committee meets on Europe's Discord server in it the #moderation-committee channel. As required by the Act, all Committee discussions are public.

Appeals against the Committee

Appeals from the Committee can be brought in two ways: (1) to the European Council for review under law and equity or (2) to Parliament by means of motion of privilege. See Government (Reform) Act 2017. The specific portion of the Act says: