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Government of the Supine Socialist Slothland of Maowi

Josef Slothlin
Josef Slothlin
Josef Slothlin


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"By the people, for the people."

Chief of State

The Chief of State of Maowi serves as the figurehead of the nation, organising government affairs and representing the nation abroad.

Their powers and duties in governing Maowi are, broadly:

  • Presiding over Assembly meetings, organising turns at speaking and votes

  • Nominating candidates to lead the various ministries

  • Leading and directing the ministries as they execute the mandates imposed on them by the Assembly

  • Negotiating with other nations as directed by the Assembly

The Chief of State is elected by popular vote every two years. In the same election, but on an independent ticket, a Deputy Chief of State is elected to assist the Chief of State in their duties.

Current Chief of State: Josef Slothlin

Current Deputy Chief of State: Igor Leysy

The Assembly

Assembly meetings are held regularly every fortnight at the City Hall in Maowi's capital city, Bradypus City. Any citizen may attend, either in person or via video call, and any citizen may speak. The Chief of State prepares and publishes an agenda for every meeting 5 days in advance, after which point any citizen may submit a request to speak, which the Chief of State logs and allocates on a first-come-first-serve basis. Anybody present may call a vote on any issue; the vote takes place once an approval quorum of 30% of those present has been reached. It takes place three days after the meeting at which it has been called, and votes can be logged anonymously online or by a secret ballot. On each of the three days leading up to the vote, the Assembly gathers and debates take place.

The Ministries

Maowese government consists of eleven ministries:

  • Ministry of Interior

  • Ministry of Customs

  • Ministry of Economy

  • Ministry of Education

  • Ministry of Healthcare and Welfare

  • Ministry of Transport

  • Ministry of Employment

  • Ministry of Communications

  • Ministry of Culture

  • Ministry of Justice

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

At the start of their term, the Chief of State nominates candidates to lead each ministry. These each require a majority vote in the Assembly to pass. The ministers must then carry out the measures passed by the Assembly. A vote of no confidence may be called on any Minister at any time in the Assembly, by the same procedure as any other vote. Each Minister processes applications for their Ministry and selects a Deputy; most ministries are very large due to the size of their workload.



Current Minister

Ministry of Interior

Allocation of funds between ministries

Elka Dorotya

Ministry of Customs

Registration of immigrants (Maowi has a completely open border); processing of citizenship applications (eligibility is attained by residing in Maowi for at least seven consecutive weeks)

Trishan Fy°rd

Ministry of Economy

Regulation of the centrally planned economy; redistribution of wealth

Tlomas Ferenku

Ministry of Education

Upkeep of the education system

Dora Cloya

Ministry of Healthcare and Welfare

Maintenance of the national health service and the nation's general welfare

Aryu Olrait

Ministry of Transport

Regulation of the public transport system

Xu-xu Chreyn

Ministry of Employment

Distribution of jobs; residents fill out an employment preference form and the ministry assigns job according to said form and job availability

Haira Mye

Ministry of Communications

Management of the state-run media (privately-run media is permitted, but only not-for-profit. Financial support is granted where requested and needed)

Fyodor Dostolovsky

Ministry of Culture

Organisation of cultural events and enrichment

Olympia Ghaimes

Ministry of Justice

Dispensation of justice in the law courts according to Maowese law

Dontby Badd

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Representation of the nation on the world stage; management, negotiation, and authoring of treaties

Rory McTroy