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Torre's War(WIP)

Torre's War

Roman Troops land at Torren, August 2020

27 July, 2019 - 18 August, 2022
    Death of Marillo Torre of Greater Bastonian Empire, Independence of South Reinkalistan, Death of Leif IX of Droiden, Death of Maks Areintor of South Reinkalistan, Treaty of Thacheap

Territorial Gains:
Restoration of Borders set during the 2015 Conference of Conroy


Commanders and Leaders
Marillo Torre†(Greater Bastion)
Gen. Conroy(Greater Bastion)
Gen. Hayden(Greater Bastion)
Comm. Brenden(Greater Bastion)
Harrald Kjærsgaard III†(West Droiden)
Joregen Kjærsgaard†(West Droiden)
Monti Tchu†(South Reinkalistan)
Tarens Lockern†(South Reinkalistan)
Admiral Narsero Allenianus†(Novae Romae)
Legatus di Orientalis Pompontes Actrotero(Novae Romae)
Legatus di Coloniales Gelanus Olaro(Novae Romae)
Grand Admiral Opetares(Novae Romae)
Scout Henreich Hohenstrauff(Dhoetshirairland)

~20,000,000 Total Troops(Greater Bastion)
~16,000,000 Total Troops(West Droiden)

Casualties and Losses
19,900,000(Greater Bastion)
3,000,000(West Droiden)

Torre's War was a conflict fought between Greater Bastion and West Droiden and South Reinkalistan, Novae Romae, Dhoetshirairland, and The United peoples of caedis from 27 July, 2019 to 18 August, 2021. It is known as the Makitorikasp citation needed in South Reinkalistan, the Torrenkrig in Droiden, and Bellum Torrenium in Novae Romae.

Premier Adrian Willzhelm, after the first birthday of his daughter, Annelie Willzhelm, took her to [nation]Novae Romae for training. As he would be away for a long period of time, he granted power to Grand Marshal Marillo Torre. Soon after Willzhelm's arrival in Novae Romae, Torre quickly took control in a coup, imprisoning Maylee Willzhelm of Droiden, the wife of Adrian, and mother of Annelie. Torre lost his family several years prior to agents from a 'Reinkalistani Government Mafia' and sought vengeance for the supposed killings. South Reinkalistan, weakened by the exile of House Tunchix, done by Ohayo Fuyu who was funded by Torre, was invaded. The People of South Reinkalistan, now under the leadership of Monti Tchu, repelled the attacks.

The Battles of Watester and Skiptondo came and went with minimal casualties. These battles were the only battles fought between Greater Bastion and South Reinkalistan in 2019. Torre, instead, funded rebellions in Droiden. He funded the houses of Grimevaldr and Sanjou to attempt a coup, which failed, but saw Kongur Leif IX injured, and transported to an Ontisian hospital by Monti Tchu and Hannah Williams, a secretary of Torre, and the adopted daughter of Leif IX. As he was unable to rule, Harrald III took regency, and quickly usurped the throne of Droiden. From there, he sent aid to Torre's cause.

Harrald III's coup proved successful. His aid helped Torre destroy many Reinkalistani and Roman troops. He was imprisoned for three days, when Gilles MacMhaolDominhaich took Eltiyorr. Gilles was assassinated by a pro-Harrald militant, who saw him returned. Harrald was killed by a member of the Asurmenian AgarthaCorps when they raided the diplomatic council. His nephew, the illegitimate Svenegor Koletor, 12 at the time, was taken in by Marillo Torre, and was raised as Oliver Torre, after his mind was altered. Joregen Kjærsgaard eventually resumed Harrald's illegitimate nation, but was killed at his wedding.

2020 saw the cities of both Torren and Gloria destroyed, and the first death of a non-Torre aligned Commander. Admiral Narsero of Novae Romae was killed when Torre ordered his own city, Torren, nuked. This only fueled the Roman hatred of Torre's rule. Gloria was firebombed by the Asurmenian Night Witches. Torre was angered at this, and, as a result, set his son up for a date, and tried to kill his date. Using manipulation, it would look like Reinkalistani agents did it, but fate had other plans. Torre killed the wrong couple, and Oliver and his date, Alyssa, fled to safety. Torre, using Joregen's men, tried a blitzkreig-style invasion of Reinkalistan, which was repelled. The horrendous Battle of Sudeswa, which lasted for 3 months and 15 days, saw many men die from disease. From this battle, however, rose a war hero. Moritz Eckard led a charge on Reinkalistai troops, when all hope seemed lost, and pushed them back. Eckard's actions saved many lives. Torre admired this, and promoted him to General. This time was also when Leif IX returned to Droiden.

Leif IX's return to Droiden was bloody and hard-fought. But, in the end, he reigned victoriously. He negotiated for his daughter, Maylee Willzhelm, and married his daughter, Ellaine, to Monti Tchu. His nation was still severed, however, as Leif IX's brother, Edgar II, had continued Joregen's reign. Leif began secretly funding Reinkalistan, but this was halted when Monti Tchu was killed by an Asurmenian Inquisitor. The war seemed over, but it was far from it.

The resistance, led by Maks Areintor, served as an underground, anti-Torre group during the Bastonian occupation of Reinkalistan. Leif IX, Hannah Williams, and Tarens Lockern were prominent members of the Resistance, and helped lead to Torre's injury in Droiden. There were many attacks, shootings, and bombings in Bastonian-occupied Reinkalistan. This weakened the Bastonian morale, and made them easier to attack. Many attacks also took place in West Droiden, led by Leif IX. The bombing of Bourough, West Droiden's capital, brought about the reunification of Droiden, and ended any foreign aid Torre was recieving. It also saw the Kaspar Supply Route blockaded, crippling Bastonia's troops.

2021 was the period known as 'The False War'. During this time, Reinkalistani and Bastonian diplomats, and sometimes Areintor and Torre themselves exchanged insults and empty threats. This was the only conflict of 2021, with the notabale exception of the Battle of Caltunbury Lake, which saw the loss of nearly two million troops from both sides. This was also the year of Torre's, Areintor's, and Leif IX's deaths.