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Passport Act

Passport Act
For the security of the region.


  1. Resident nations that are in Diplomatic Affairs with other regions must be able to produce a passport for security purposes.

    1. Resident nations must provide proper details in there passport including there region, and nation name, the address can be puppet nations and the ID # will be provided by the Head of Immigration once approved. If the passport is not approved it will not have an official ID #.

    2. All passports will be ordered according to the ID # in a dispatch managed by the Head of Immigration and or Deputy of Immigration.

  2. Diplomats or Ambassador nations residing in the region with nations in other regions are also required to have a passport before being allowed to vote in regional elections

    1. Diplomats or Ambassadors not voting in polls are not required to have a passport.

    2. The Head of Immigration may banject a nation for illegal use of a passport.

Extra Notes
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