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Secretary-General Sydney Hood

Sydney Hood



In office:
2 December 1958-present

Preceded by: Office established
Succeeded by: N/A

Personal Details


September 23 1934 (28)
Al Firasia, Empire of Laei (now West Laei)


Mirage Laeen

Political Party:

Mirage Separatist League




Elexi Hood


Al Firasia Imperial University
- Degree in Military Stratagem and Political Theory


Miraric Faith

"There comes a time when we cannot ignore our issues any longer, when we have to take a stand. Now the Empire slaughters our people systematically. It... it is genocide. Now we must stand... stand in the face of annihilation. We are outgunned, outclassed, and outnumbered... but if we do not stand, we'll be dead anyway."
- Sydney Hood, Lextin, 1956 with the speech that started the Laeen Civil War/Miraric Separastist Movement

Sydney Hood is an East Laeen stateswoman and former (or current, depending on the source) military leader. Sydney Hood was a founding member of the Miraric Separatist League and leads the separatist movement against the Laeen Empire, more commonly known as West Laei.

Born in Al Firasia, the capital of the Empire of Laei, Sydney Hood was subject to much racism and discrimination growing up due to her being a Mirage. In 1950 she managed to join the Al Firasia Imperial University by faking her identification and there she studied Military Stratagem and Political Theory, however, she was discriminated based on her sex during a lot of her stay at Al Firasia Campus. In 1955 Sydney Hood joined the Mirage Separatist League after Emperor Alir VI died and was replaced by his genocidal son, Emperor Alir VII. On July 1 1956, Sydney Hood became de facto leader of the Mirage Separatist League after giving a speech in Lextin, starting the Laeen Civil War.

In 1959, with some semblance of government taking place during the civil war, East Laeens elected Sydney Hood as Secretary-General with a 92% turnout rate and an 87% majority. She currently still serves as Secretary-General.

Early Life

Born in Al Firasia, Fira Province, Empire of Laei in 1934 to a Mirage Laeen father, a semi-successful businessman, and a Mirage Laeen mother, a maid. Growing up Hood was criticised by her teachers as being "reclusive" and "shy". The Principal at her school even described Hood as "stupid", but most scholars believe this is due to the prevalent anti-Mirarism in the Empire of Laei.

When Hood was 16, she managed to secure a place at Al Firasia Imperial University using fake identification. At the Imperial University she studied Military Stratagem and Political Theory, however her grades suffered from discrimination by her Professors, now due to her sex. Despite her professors' best efforts, Hood later graduated with honours.

It is unclear how, but sometime in 1952 Sydney Hood became pregnant with her daughter, Elexi Hood.

After University, Hood worked at her father's business until the winter of 1955.

Rise in Politics

In the winter of 1955, Emperor Alir VI died and was replaced by his son, Emperor Alir VII. Alir VII was, and still is, extremely anti-Miraric to the point of ordering the genocide of the entire ethnic group. Before these policies were instated, Hood joined up with the Mirage Separatist League sometime during late December. Whilst a member of the League in the eastern part of the Empire of Laei, Hood would receive news that her parents had been executed by Laeen Soldiers due to their ethnicity.

On June 5 1956, Hood would give the "Three O's" speech in Lextin, future capital of the East Laei Myrarinaya. This speech - backed by her closest friends and allies in the Mirage Separatist League - would make Hood the de facto leader of the East Laeen Separatists.


In 1959, Hood became the Secretary-General of the barely functioning Myrarinaya Secretariat based in Lextin with a 87% majority of the vote. As Secretary-General, Hood continued to directly command the Laeen Military and promote pro-equality ideals in race, ethnicity and sex.


  • Egalitarian Society Act
    A society based upon equal rights and freedoms for everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, or sex.

  • Universal Conscription Forces Bill
    The belief that a strong, numerous military is a necessity to East Laei's survival is common in the secretariat... and fact across all of East Laei. As such Universal Conscription has been a fact of life for Laeen Society - and due to the Egalitarian Society Act, both sexes are obliged to fight.

  • Pro-Democracy
    Miraric Society has long been democratic before being conquered by various empires throughout the centuries. Now Hood wishes to bring it back to Laei - and the Empire has made it clear that this can only be done by force.

For & Against

  • For:
    Universal Conscription
    Direct Democracy
    Religious Freedoms
    State Secularism
    State-sponsored Education

  • Against:
    Empire of Laei

Personal Information

Hood has stated on numerous occasions that she is a lay Miraric and that she does not take her religious beliefs seriously. Whilst this has caused some problems with devout Mirars, it has made her more popular with other religions and ethnicities and most Mirars do not have an issue with her faith. It has been described as a case of "the people who matter don't care and the people who care don't matter".

Personal Trivia

  • Sydney Hood is openly gay and has admitted to sleeping with girls in the past.

  • There have been as many as 50 assassination attempts documented on Sydney Hood over the past 6 years, with many more possibly going undocumented.

  • Elexi Hood, Sydney's daughter, is 10.

  • In September of 1956, Sydney Hood personally led the defence of Lextin and was shot twice in her upper back. The bullets barely missed her spine and vital organs and she now never exposes anything above the midriff in public, especially no bareback dresses.


“I've been to hell. I wasn't impressed.”
- Sydney Hood to General Mahmood after being told to "Go to hell".

“Al Firasia, home to the impoverished, racists, aristocracy and - most importantly - his Imperial Highness' future grave.”
- Sydney Hood when describing the Empire of Laei's capital, Al Firasia, in an overtly sardonic manner.

“Touch me, you lose a hand. Touch my people, you lose an arm. Touch Elexi...? You best run for the hills, because you just burnt the rule book for me.”
- Sydney Hood after an Imperial Special Forces attempt to kidnap her daughter, shortly before the firebombing of the Imperial Residence in Al Firasia.

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