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Hello Nation States!

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As many of my friends already know, I've been absent for some time now. During that time, Cer has travelled to Germany more times than we can count, and we all still hate his job. I came out of remission in 2018 and am, at the moment, cancer-free. *ringing the bell and keeping fingers crossed*

It's been pretty rough for me, all things considered. I've tried to keep my spirits bright. But I did need to step away for a while. I miss mentoring and gaming. That said, yinz all know how I hate to burden folks. When it got too difficult to hide my decline in health, I decided it was better to take a break and focus on recovery. Heck, half my puppet nations and I think all of Cer's raider nations are dead. I keep forgetting to use NS++.

Anywhoo, both of us are hoping to get active on NS again. I can't speak for the honey badger as to when he'll be able to enjoy our Madhouse Family fellowship again. His focus is on work. Work. Frikken work. I swear, this crap is gonna kill him one day.

I'll ease back into gaming slowly. I ask that people don't bring up politics around me. I'm more than pissed off at Trump and all the things he and his sycophants are doing to frik over cancer patients.

Kindest regards,
Miss Swith