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by The Z Day Survivor of Karmagedon. . 9 reads.

Leader's Journal: The Awto Krat's new door

My office door has need to be replaced for a while, but as I was busy running the country and constantly in emergency sessions, it was a little hard to get around to. Besides it was supposed to be the job of another Minister and not mine to chase down.

Unfortunately bringing it up at lunch when looking for solutions may have been a mistake, as it triggered another rush to my office, at which point my office door fell off, for another emergency session. Awto Krat's new door being the topic...

The forests Commissioner's idea of a rare wood door was booed out of the office along with being pelted by doughnuts. The Financial Securities Minister idea of a vault door got looks of horror from the Health Minister and while those two were arguing, the Minster for Investigative Science (our mad science arm and brainstorming centre for possible future tech), pushed through and installed a "force field", otherwise known as a plasma window.

This was part of the fusion research project looking into efficient but super strength fields to contain super heated plasma. The good news is I no longer need to heat or light my office. The bad news is at full power, it tends to vaporise anyone stupid enough to try and walk through it. Oops?

At least it makes an excellent bug zapper! :)