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by The Armed Republic of The Chuck. . 102 reads.

What the O.F. originally intended... (Meme)

>Own 70 weapons for home defense, since that's what the Original Founder (O.F.) intended.
>Four bastards attempt to bust down the triple layered bullet proof glass windows on the first floor of armored house.
>"You've yee'd your last haw chuckle f*cks!" as I slam my bed headboard and a short-barreled .50 BMG anti-material rifle falls into my hands.
>Flip over on bed and shoot so much lead I blast through the reinforced window next to me a tear the first man in half with an incendiary armor piercing tracer round.
>Hop out of bed and grab my TCR-18 with masterkey shotgun from beneath my bed before running to the stairs.
>Trip switch wired to anti-personnel mines on front porch blowing away the second thief, missing the other two thieves.
>Make it to the garage and hop in my M17 tank and patiently wait for the garage door to open before gunning it into the street.
>Swing 140mm smoothbore cannon around and turn the third robber into pink mist.
>No other crew members and no ammunition in auto-loader.
>Hop out with TCR-18 and rush the fourth offender before blasting a hole through them with the under-barrel master key shotgun.
>Just as the Original Founder intended.

Will definitely expand on later.