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FA regional update September 2019

Hello peeps!
Welcome to South Pacificís first ever regional report. Iím sure you must all be so incredibly excited about this. Since there isnít a prior report to mark the start of the timescale of this one, Iíll just include all the events of note that I feel happened recently enough to merit entry into this.

A couple months back, we introduced the latest revision of the Constitution, in which a number of articles were improved, and two whole new articles added. Voted into law at the end of July, it marks the latest form of the constitution, which was first created by former delegate Lingang over four years ago, but was first introduced as law under a year ago by former (shamed) delegate Mysterious Wonder, a.k.a. Crystalsummer. This latest revision ties up a number of loose threads, which is vital considering itís the only legal document in effect in the region. The constitution may be found here.

Shortly after the passing of the revised constitution, we held a flag competition. South Pacificís regional flag was at that time being flaunted by Crystalsummerís puppets, and, considering we were trying to distance ourselves from him, it was decided to hold an event in an effort to get members of the region to both design and choose SPís new flag. A total of seven entries were submitted, and although the votes were fairly evenly spread, Johanneslandenís entry won the competition, providing the region with the glorious flag it displays today.

South Pacific also recently signed the first inter-regional treaty in its history: the Treaty of Friendship, made with Aukumnian Imperium. The treaty, which may be viewed here, was designed to promote closer ties between the two regions. It was in place for just under a week, until it was declared null and void by delegate Johanneslanden following the disintegration of Aukumnian Imperium into two unofficial successor states. South Pacific will be attempting to build up relations with these successor states to the same level as it formerly enjoyed with Aukumnian Imperium.

And, finally, N-Day. The region was unsure of its plans for N-Day right up until around two days before. The faction, Bikini Bottom (whose beautiful name was provided by the eloquent Vice-Delegate The lepearchauns), held only around eight individual members, but, with the aid of the puppet armies of Lep and Panther, held its own for at least the first two hours. Later in the day, South Pacificís N-Day turned into a war against the faction ANAL, which was sheltering the supremely wicked and treacherous former delegate Densaner, who harassed the forces of Bikini Bottom in what is now recounted in hushed tones to younglings in the region as ďthe Great BetrayalĒ. Despite losing the majority of its forces in the fierce fighting that ensued, the menacing traitor was at last destroyed by the ancient puppets of Lep, thereby allowing Bikini Bottom to claim victory over ANAL. Although Bikini Bottom was later steamrollered by Canopy Command, the destruction of the diabolical Densaner allowed the region to celebrate its victory once the apocalypse was over. Following the event, Ducktator Johanneslanden created South Pacificís first award, the Golden Bikini, which was given to all who contributed to the regionís N-Day. A brief description of each memberís activities in the faction, compiled by Panther, may be viewed here.

In a more serious afternote, I would like to use this report to help draw attention to my wonderful MoFA, Holly Unitedís latest dispatch. Hollyís recently gone on temporary leave from my government for personal reasons following his Auntís suicide (hence why itís me writing this report, not Holly). He has written a dispatch concerning the subject of suicide, and had asked that I pin it to South Pacificís WFE. Therefore, I want to provide a link to that dispatch here.

This monthís report was written by Johanneslanden, with contribution from Maowi.