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The Imperial Military

[url=][b]Theme Song (Jan J. Močnik - Svetovid[/b][/url]
[box][center][size=130][b]The Imperial Military[/b][/size]

[i]"For the Lady and the Great Star!"[/i]

As for every nation of immense prowess, the Empire possesses the [i]Imperial Military[/i] to safeguard it's borders. They are the first-line defenders of the Empire and the largest force in the galaxy to date numbering at well over more than 25 trillion soldiers. They comprise of elvish, human and dwarvish people in their ranks - all of which trained and well armed for their duties, all of which are highly disciplined. 

Whilst a vast majority of the military is standardized, there are some notable and few regiments, legions, companies and squads suited to specific tasks. Among those few, many have earned prestige and respect from the Empire due to their deeds - their names engraved and their statues erected upon worlds. From the standard infantry regiment, to the fortresses of the [i]Imperial Titans[/i], none can match the professionalism of the Basiliarch's own personal guard and army - [i]The Imperial Legions[/i]. They are experts at siege warfare and excellent detectives and strategists, granted the best armor and equipment available to the Empire all the while they share a historical bond with the Basiliarch centuries ago. 
To the more trivial matters. The Imperial Military has a several [i]traditions[/i] they implement during and out of battles. Loud [url=][i]Battle Horns[/i][/url] for example are deployed when Imperial victory at the battlefield is guaranteed in order to boost Imperial morale. Another tradition is if the Banner-Bearer dies, one must pick up the banner and carry it. The same is said for the Star-Aquilifer that holds up a pole with the [url=][i]Great Star[/i][/url] emblem of the Empire at the top.

[b][hr][/b][b]The Imperial Military[/b][/center]

[b]Manpower:[/b] 25 Trillion - 2 Decillion
[b]Active Soldiers:[/b] N/A
[b]Reserve Soldiers:[/b] N/A
[b]Supreme Commander:[/b] [url=]Basiliarch Leon II[/url]
[b]All-Commandant of the Military:[/b] [url=wip]Signus Wolfgang[/url]


Naval and Air Branch:

[url=] [b] Imperial Navy[/b][/url]

Land Branch:

[url=] [b] Imperial Army[/b][/url]

[spoiler=Special Branches:]Forces that diverge from the Imperial Military's standard look[/spoiler]

[url=] [b]Walking Fortresses | [i]Imperial Titans[/i][/b][/url]

[url=] [b]Professional Elites  | [i]Imperial Legions[/i][/b][/url]

[spoiler=Independent Forces:]
Forces not part of the Imperial Military and operate independently outside
of the All-Commandant's authority. However, they answer only to the Basiliarch
and themselves.[/spoiler]

[url=] [b]Shock Infantry      | [i]Black Knights of Loc Aris[/i][/b][/url]

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