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The Empire of Great Terra and It's Dominions

''Regis Palace '' on Terra
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Great Terra and it's Dominions

"The Black Banner of the Great Star now waves across millions
of worlds, billions of citizens and one nation..."

-Basiliarch Leon II during the Period of Damnation

The Empire of Great Terra and it's Dominions is a nation spanning much of the milky way galaxy. It is home to the races of humanity, the elves and dwarves - with a few minor races living within the Empire. It is described as a kingdom ruling administering over various stretches of territory called 'Dominions' who govern their star systems on behalf of The Administration and Leon II, the nation's ruler. It spawned into existence during a time of strife known as the Galactic Curse shortly after when he became Basiliarch.

This Galactic Curse was the first incursion by demons into the galaxy, which evolved into the Period of Damnation which is much like the first but worse. Behind this invasion is the nation known as Maleroth, located in the eastern galactic fringes and populated by Vampires. While Maleroth invaded the galaxy with it's massive force, the Empire and it's few allies stood against them and fought tooth and nail for numerous worlds for 1300 years. Finally, the war ended in an Imperial victory after a time known as the War of Vengeance, the final campaign spearheaded by Leon II himself in battle. Maleroth was trounced.

In the aftermath of war, the Empire has finally attained peace once again after years of conflict. Despite this, threats to the Empire's existence still remain. The Extiliari and Inotian nations seek to usurp a weakened Empire from the outside, while dark cultist groups, spies, traitors and rebels threaten the Empire from within. While the nation is doing it's best to recover from the conflict, it's future remains uncertain. What is certain however is that if the Great Star falls and Empire collapses, it will not do so without a fight.


Great Terra and it's Dominions
The Great Star
The Great Rays
The Empire
The Golden Sun


Great Terra and it's Dominions stems from the world of Terra. Right before the empire was founded, Terra or [Earth as it was called] was known for it's originally decent economy and galactic influence not to mention it's exports. The world is home to humans, elves and dwarves - making it highly diverse place shared by three peoples. These three peoples overtime grew comfortable with each other and made the planet as great as it is now. Thus, Basiliarch Leon II named the nation Great Terra and it's Dominions. The Dominions part is supposed to indicate the semi-autonomous areas administered by Great Terra.

Historical Context:

Creation of the Galaxy

The Galaxy's origins stretch back all the way to Antiquity when the All-Creator crafted it herself. By utilizing her
power, she made the galaxy but it took her a few minutes to make. For us, it took billions of years. At this time, lifeforms
appeared in her galaxy, so she had an idea to create her own.

Making them in her own image, she made the races of humankind, elvishkind and dwarvishkind - with all of them boasting
similar features. The All-Creator scattered them on their planets, relatively close to each other, and observed them grow from
rock civilization to modern sophistication.

Eventually, she wanted to craft herself children, her own children due to her loneliness. The end product was two of her own, one is a son and the other is a daughter, but both are highly naive and child-like. Nevertheless, the All-Creator would end up calling them her family and taught them basic skills.

Then, the opposite of the All-Creator took advantage of her family's immaturity, Noroth, a dying god. Noroth's charisma and intelligence is able to fool the children of the All-Creator by making them think that he is their true father poisoned by the All-Creator
soon to die.

Soon enough, the son and the daughter betrayed their creator and wounded her. The All-Creator's power was stifled and she had to flee. By using the remainder of her power, her spirit fled to the galaxy all the while her children kneeled before Noroth's authority.
After he trounced his rival, Noroth was soon to finally die, but not before granting the son and the daughter proper names. The Son is Angros, the daughter is Istaria.

He even gave them a final mission, to renew the galaxy in his vision.

The Dawn of Exploration

 The Dawn of Exploration is humanityís first journey into the stars. The first colony to the world of Litany had been a major success. Humans have been stuck on Earth for 2500 years and they decided to commemorate this new event by declaring that the year 2544 will now simply be known as Year 1 NAC, to mark a new age, an age in space. Thus, the Republic of Man was born. However, the elves were already ahead in their quest for interstellar exploration. Their Ellion Order has been thriving since they left their home world of Ellia. The dwarves would come in a little later in year 4. since their clans have yet to unite under a powerful one. In time however, the Helghar Clans would send out their colony ships from Einar and into new spaces, forming the Helghar State.

 When these three nations finally met, each were astonished just how shockingly similar their races are. Initially, the three nations engaged in peaceful diplomacy. Overtime however, some relations begin to sour and war would break lose. 50 Years into the future, the Republic of Man would transform into the Solar Empire, engaging in multiple conflicts with the rest of the two nations and other minor alien species. They discovered the bird-like species known as the Avians to their south west that forged a small empire. The dwarves and the Avians became rivals soon afterwards. To the north, they discovered a species of half-humanoid, half-bull biology.

The Fracturing of the Western Galaxy

 In the year 650 NAC, Mankind and the Elves had locked themselves in a cold war until the Extiliari Empire from the galactic west had invaded elven space and spilled over to mankindís borders. The much stronger and armored reptilian forces were able to overrun and crush elven and human armies alike. Even though the Extiliari had lost and eventually was struck by rebellion, the Ellion Order and the Solar Empire collapsed and fragmented into smaller states. Also, the neutrality of the dwarves during that war meant that their nation was still intact.

The Alliance of Three

 Despite the fragmentation of the western galaxy, the remains of mankind and the elves opted for an alliance between each other. This human and elven cooperation lasted longer than it should, the dwarves even joined in forming the Alliance of Three otherwise known as the Triple Alliance. This alliance would last for centuries upon centuries, with the collection of states making steady progress. Often, the internal governments of the alliance would quarrel over numerous choices and decision which take years to resolve.

Alliance Navies and Colony ships waged war against meager xenos nations and subjugated them into the alliance. These humanoids, fungi, arachnid and furry races were not treated lightly by any circumstance. Often, subjugated xenos were more or less put into forced labor. The dwarves were harsher in that regard. At this time, the Alliance had created the title of Basiliarch, the Alliance's unified leader position.


In the year 1001, The Triple Alliance had already reached it's peak and has started to weaken. Meanwhile, Angros and Istaria were waiting to make their first move. In 1001 NAC, a few states located in the galactic north-east left the alliance and formed their own nation, the Far-Eastern Reaches.

The dark gods then used this region as now their launch pad of operations, transforming the region into the Imperium of Maleroth. They even transformed the biology and appearance of the elven and human populations within the regionís borders. Turning them into the first Vampires.

Magicals and the Rifts

 Whilst that happened, 'magicals' came to prominence as seemingly regular individuals but with abilities of the supernatural. Initially the people were quite pleased to know that sorcerers and sorceresses exist. However, magicals were given a bad reputation after they were to blame for the supernatural creation of the space rifts across the galaxy, an event known as 'The Crack'. These rifts became boundaries and vessels who enter, will never return. It almost seemed like coincidence that mages appeared and than these cracks opened. Either way, blame was placed on the magicals and their active persecution had begun. Across several regions of space, magicals were imprisoned and treated much harsher than any of the Alliance's subjugated aliens races. Aliens and magicals alike have now been trying to sew insurrection. With many giving their lives for the promise of freedom and emancipation.

The Prominence of Augilia

The man behind issuing the persecution of magicals was Grand-King Vienne Regis, the ruler of Augilia, a nation within the Alliance which rose to prominence due to it's large territory and wealth. Augilia was a unity between a few elvish and human states, forming a single sovereign nation.
Despite it's ruler's authoritarianism, Augilia thrives and remains the Alliance's key states.

The Galactic Curse

The Dark Gods would initiate their first plan to take the galaxy by storm. By using their demonic and vampire armies, they harassed and attacked near by planets. Their demons are able to fly across the vacuum of space and at great speeds but ultimately are reliant on allied starships to travel faster. The Gods have selected their General to supervise these skirmishes, Emperor Cain Velinmir of Maleroth, once a discriminated elvish pure bread of magic now turned dark general. His first attack on the world of Feldirn had already solidified his fear some reputation as a powerful dark-lord. Elsewhere, his demonic and vampiric armies had swiftly stomped through a large number of worlds within the first year. The attacks effected every single race anywhere north of the galaxy.

The demons sent were a massive force, but it knew how to hide them well. They secretly launched attacks to scare the populace, assassinate leaders and other important individuals and spread the worship of the dark gods. All except for the latter were done without a trace, leading to the doubling of the Alliance's fears and paranoia. Even when the states had mobilized much of their militaries, these coordinated attacks persisted for 623 years and heavily undermined the Alliance's workflow and functionality. Rulers were perceived to be primary targets of these attacks, as evidence by the death of the three crowns - among them was Grand-King Vienne. The superstitious labeled this event as the Galactic Curse.


By year 1624, almost 623 years of the galactic curse in motion, an individual known only as Deline of Loc 'Aris came into the spot light. Known as an elvish maiden with magical abilities and angelic wings, she wasn't afraid to fight Cain's demonic entities with her sword and wits. Miss Deline's actions became widespread across the galaxy and it gave her a level of influence.

She convinced the Alliance's nations that the Magicals should be emancipated to support in the prevention and investigation behind these attacks. The states argued however that the magicals were of the ploy and will backstab them sooner or later. The debate went back and forth till Deline's words held sway and the magicals were emancipated at long last. Initially, this move was heavily frowned upon by a vast majority of the population. However, the sentiment became more favorable as many magicals helped solve many mysteries of the curse, and ultimately saving many rulers.

Later on in 1629, Miss Deline was elected as Basiliarch of the Alliance. Originally, Basiliarch was only a figure-head title with no real authority, but that changed when she sat upon the title. She dispensed her knowledge of the galaxy's creation and it's Gods in a book she had written: The Conception. In a second book, she written a regarding the wishes of the All-Creator: "Wish of the All-Mother". Deline's reign as Basiliarch had reached it's 21st year till she was assassinated by her own advisor, a treacherous sorcerer, proof that magicals can and were capable of standing against the Alliance.

Since her death, her closest friends and followers established the Church of Loc' Ar Deline and hunted down the traitor. The Instituitoon was based on the world of Loc' Aris, the birthplace of Miss Deline. For the next coming years, the Church would have eventually overruled the governments of the Alliance. All this means that the Alliance would have been pulled into a more superstitious and religious period. This meant that the High Inquisitor, the top Church position, was the position for Basiliarch. For the magicals adept at their gifts and stood with the Church, many came together to form The Exemplary of Magic, an magical institution based within Alliance borders.

Founding of Great Terra

Shared Ideals

 Fast-froward to 2011, the galactic curse lasted for a thousand years. The ceaseless demonic attacks remained. The death toll has already passed more than hundreds of thousands, most of which are form the East. The good news was that Augilia's sorcerers were able to provide evidence that Maleroth was responsible for delivering these attacks. Basiliarch-High Inquisitor Alger Tonmay did much to pressure Emperor Cain into ceasing the attacks, even threatening all out war with the alliance, but each attempt failed. Tonmay was always seen as too careful and turning highly senile which means that his days will soon be over.

Much to the alliance's pleasure however, another friendly figure has risen to prominence and made known. Leon Vennius II was an Elected Consul of Aetherberg, a world situated in the east where the attacks are most severe. His Aetherian Legions are his personal guards, and protected him from any sort of demonic attack.

He believed a unified elvish, human and dwarvish state is necessary to deter the demons and strengthen national unity. As a matter of fact, Church High Inquisitor Alger Tonmay shared the exact same view. However he was too old to rule any longer, it was now Leon's duty to make both their dreams come true - for the good of all that is. When Alger died, Leon became Basiliarch but he denied the position of High-Inquisitor.

The New Imperial State

Through his position, he popularized Tonmay's idea to the public, whilst grabbing the support of other states, businesses and royal houses.
He soon transformed the Alliance into Great Terra and it's Dominions publicly and relocated the capital from Loc' Aris to Terra located inside Augilia which is renamed to Great Terra. Leon's Aetherian Legions were now renamed to the Imperial Legions at this time.

A vast majority of it's old states ceased to exist and merged in the new Empire whilst some refused and armed themselves. Leon however ordered these rebellions to be quelled through any means necessary. For the next few years, he would set up Imperial Dominions as a means to govern territories on his behalf. The Kingdom of Gloriana, The Dominion of Corriveau, The Dominion of Walder, The Dominion of Novikray, The Dominion of Mysera, The Dominion of Vicentia, The Dominion of Mithandor, The Dominion of Olemos, The Principality of Onyx, the Principalty of Bushido and the Duchy of Flesia.

Vanishing of Leon II

His other ambition was to retrieve another Materan Artifact, the Chalice of Youth, able to grant it's drinkers the power of immortality through longevity. 7 years after establishing the country, He set forth on the world of Hivanur with the 1st Imperial Legion to find it. They entered a massive temple neath the earth where the relic stood in it's halls. As Leon and his 1st Captain, Royce Vanderlift, drank from the cup, the temple had collapsed and only the 1st Legion had escaped. The Basiliarch was still trapped in the temple and would not be seen again for 300 years.

Period of Damnation

Angros and Istaria thought it was time to release the final stage of their plan in 2017 just right when the Basiliarch had supposedly vanished The Dominion of Maleroth had sent forth an army of untold quadrillions straight into the galaxy. Emperor Cain Velinmir and his Top Generals lead and planned these attacks. The first world that would taste Maleroth's teeth was the Imperial world of Echara, consequently becoming a slaughter house in the process.

The Demonic Advance was swift, leaving dead planets and abandoned warships in itís wake. Demonic forces swallowed entire worlds with their number whilst the Cain's more professional Malerothian Navy managed to use blitzkrieg tactics to trap and encircle entire Imperial fleets and worlds. The Imperial Military mobilized quintillions of soldiers on the defense. Dominions of Mithandor, Olemos and Novikrai were struck terribly by Cain's Legions all the while in the south, the Native Realms of the Dwarves and the Dominion of Gloriana were playing defense against hordes of demons and their accompanying naval ships.

The Empire is being pushed back at great cost. Imperial words that have fallen to the swarm became subject to slavery for Maleroth or as livestock for the horde. But luckily for the Empire, they were able to able to develop superior weapons and establish new forces. With a little more experience regarding Malerothian war strategy during the Galactic Curse, the Empire is able to make the most out of their retreats for victory later. But the ferocity of the demonic attacks were still unprecedented, with some of the horde being able to attack Earth itself.

Halfway in the Period of Damnation, the Imperial Military has sustained over hundreds of trillions of death whilst civilian casualties are estimated to be higher. However even though the second wave pushed as far as Terra, it's edge was starting to blunt and flatten. The Imperial Military had already pre-constructed fortifications and better warships decades and even centuries ago on worlds theorized to be affected. The demonic war-machine was suddenly failing, and the dark gods weren't too happy about it.

The War of Vengeance

Long to have thought been dead, Basiliarch Leon II returned from Hivanur and to Terra to announce his forth coming once again in year 2317. He couldnít have escaped that world without the help of Vanessa Silvere, a woman he met while he dug himself out of Hivanurís temple. The returned Basiliarch brought excitement to Cain, and he wished to fight him in battle. Him surviving for that long meant that he had already drank from the chalice before he became unconscious.

 Upon reaching Terra, he consulted Imperial High Command and relieved the Basiliarch-Regent Arno Rindel. Imperial General Signus Wolfgang and Legionnaire 1st Captain Royce have already concocted a grand war-plan named Operation Rising Storm. It involved weakening Cain's forces by directly confronting them with an Imperial equivalent, in this case, Leon's Aetherian Legion. Afterwards, Imperial forces target the blunted weak points of the demonic armies, utilizing blitzkrieg tactics on it's weaker flanks to trap and destroy them. After much of that has been done, a full scale push would be instated. Imperial offensive's general direction is the heart of Maleroth itself, the world of Sykana.

The Campaignís objective from there is to destroy the source of demonic influence, the Black Gate. It is a portal to the realm where the dark gods themselves reside, the Black Maelstrom. It has been theorized that without it, the demonic armies would loose their touch with their masters and therefore loose many of their abilities. Leon II and his 4 legions lead the new offensive and are tasked to face Cain's Legions. The operation was renamed 'The War of Vengeance'.

When Leon II and Cain finally fought on the ice world of Velen, the Basiliarch lost and was mortally wounded, forcing the Aetherian Legion to flee. He was healed when they retreated and it would take him 3 years to finally meet Cain again. As the Empire was gaining traction in it's latest offensive, Leon and Cain met again on the world of Feldirn. Leon was able to slay Cain but not without the sacrifice of Captain Royce. With Cain's slain, the rest of Sykana's defenders were demoralized whilst the remaining demons were slaughtered. With a company of mages lead by an Imperial vampire sorceress, The Black Gate was sealed shut.

The Awaited Peace

 The Galaxy is at peace in year 2318 after several centuries of endless galactic war. The demons of Maleroth had lost their connection with their Gods and were systematically slaughtered by the Imperial Military, all the while leaderless Maleroth was forced to surrender, pay war reparations and surrender captive imperial citizens. Many families that were painstakingly affected by the conflict were relieved to finally see their loved ones once more.

However, many Imperial worlds ravaged by the demons were facing starvation, high unemployment and obliterated infrastructure. Thus, Leon II enforced the 40 Year Plan to fix those problems. But the worst problem was that there were still demons and malerothian mages in hiding, and thus proved to become a significant problem. Upon finding out the Imperial Military couldn't snuff them out without causing local carnage, The Exemplary of Magic thought it was best to create a organization designed for this specific purpose. With Leon II granting them permission, the Hexagram Order was born.

While the Empire is restoring it's old prestige, it's neighbors now have the chance to exploit the nation with their armies. The Extiliari Empire and the Inotian Empire have been eyeing on Great Terra for a while, rumored to be preparing for war.The former in particular has a vendetta with the elves, giving Leon II more diplomacy to juggle.

Territory: 74 Billion Star Systems

Habitable Worlds: 3.2 Million

Population: 1 Octillion Citizens

Planetary Capital/s: Terra, Ellia, Einar

Official Language: Imperian

Calendar: New Age Calendar

Government: Absolute Monarchy

Ruler: Basiliarch Leon II

Imperial society is largely populated by three races: Humans, Elves and Dwarves. Bringing these peoples together is the singular religion, the Church of Loc' Ar Deline. It focuses on the worship of the All-Creator of the galaxy as the maker of man, elf and dwarf and that Deline of Loc' Aris as the All-Creator made flesh.

In the time of the Empire's founding, Out of 100% of the native Imperial population ,64% of the population are purebred humans, elves and dwarves. An estimated 34% of the population possess elvish and human genes while 4% have human and dwarvish genes. Another 1% of the population possess elvish and dwarvish genes. This was a product of the Empire's unification as internal immigration commenced. Since then, the gene pool of the Empire has been heavily diversified. Regardless, these peoples are able to merge their cultures and create the modern Imperial identity.

These three peoples have populated much of the reaches of space from south to north, east and west. These sections of space comprised of hundreds or even thousands of planets colonized are given the status of 'Imperial Dominion' ruled over by a Governor appointed by none other than the Imperial ruler, the Basiliarch. The Basiliarch is a position of absolute authority and of greatest responsibility. Ever since the Empire's very founding, there was only one Basiliarch for centuries, Leon II. Many place their faith in him whilst many also detest him, both abroad and locally. As such, he surrounds himself with his loyal politicians and diplomats, including his personal army - The Aetherian Legions.

Some worlds in the Empire however are not equal. There could be some which are enriched with great wealth from acting as trade centers while another could be relegated to a simple agrarian lifestyle, living a provincial life. Some worlds are entirely devoted to the Imperial Military, paying their taxes to the Empire in the form of weapons and manpower. Others could be living in absolute squalor due to previous wars or dedicated wholeheartedly to the state religion. Imperial worlds, needless to say from this point, are highly diverse. Extra-terrestrial immigrants will have a significantly tougher time living in the Empire. The racist attitude towards anyone that isn't an elf, a human or a dwarf has always existed for centuries now. Although rare, few aliens are able to reach high level positions of authority in the Empire and that is a rare achievement worthy of the Basiliarch's praise.

Throughout centuries, the Empire has developed more robust medical technology and cures for diseases. Cancer of all types had been cured 500 years ago, HIV and AIDs 1000 years ago and others. Aside from the technological leap, magicals have also found more unorthodox ways of curing disease of any sort, through spells and potions. However, they are far less common and incredibly rare unless you have an Imperial mage friend practicing medicine.

The Imperial Economy was recently recovering years after the end of the War of Vengeance. The GDP worth is estimated to be 50 to 200 Quintilion Arl with a growth rate of .4% annually which paled in comparison to to it's original GDP of 410 Quintillion Arl before the Period of Damnation commenced.

Despite the devastating ramifications created by the war, The Empire makes use of advanced machines as well as other sophisticated equipment to harvest resources, manufacture products and hundreds of other economic industries. Before the Empire was severally weakened, it possessed a wide spectrum of industries.

In the time since, those industries were either devastated due to their home planets being invaded or their inability for them to recover because the necessary infrastructure needed was destroyed during the Period of Damnation and the War of Vengeance. The Empire's top largest economic sector is food, consumer goods and manufacturing. Not necessarily in that order but necessarily in great necessity. Interstellar trade with neighboring nations has also strengthened the Imperial economy lately, especially with the Avians, a race of bird-like people.

Great Terra and it's Dominions has for centuries has developed a robust communications system to connect all of it's vast territories together and tether them to the capital of the nation, Terra. Nowadays, sending a message from all the way south to the galaxy up to the far northern most Imperial worlds takes only but a few minutes. This is possible through pioneered telecommunications devices built on a vast majority of Imperial worlds. While that is all fine and dandy, the Empire's predecessor states have also managed to create FTL Drives for imperial vessels, all the while the modern Empire has managed to refine this technology for better travel, trade and war.
Far less conventional technology is the use of Portals between distant worlds, only accessible to experienced sorcerers and sorceresses, capable of summoning them through chant. However, there are also Structured Portals which are idle portals held up by a frame - typically fashioned out of stone or gold. An example of a Structured Portal would be the Black Gate within the nation of Maleroth.

By far, the most widespread language in the Empire is Imperian, a language which is mix of dwarf, elf and human tongue. It comes in many accents and is completely incomprehensible to English or any other old earth language. Imperian has been widely taught in schools in an effort to strengthen the unified Imperial identity.

Great terra and its dominions