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by The People's Republic of Adenaline. . 29 reads.

Liberalians as Trick or Treaters

Abbots: Get's a 'sugar' high from all the 'candy'.

Adenaline: Is to busy planning a protest to associate with such 'childish' things.

The Australian Crownlands: Dresses up and hides in the bushes, jumps out and scares small children.

The Benain empire: Reading upstairs quietly watching all of the hooligans below.

Cassiliya: Hiding from Goblins he swears he saw.

Crissalia: Not doing because it's 'Satan Worship'

Eaglenest: Handing out Candy and being a good host.

Grandadistan: Handing out flyers to go to a 'Experimental movie', people leaving doing everything he says.

Klorgia1: Is holding a Halloween singing competition.

Loft Pain: Dresses up as an assassin, has surprisingly realistic weapons.

99 Luft Balloons: Dresses up as a dead person to raise awareness about war.

Puetavisa: Hands out suspicious candy. Mysteriously, some people feel ill the next day.

Rambosea: Actually trick or treating like a normal person. Probably dressed up as Pumpkin.

Rebels and Saints: Orchestrates a plot to steal candy from the 'weakest' trick or treater.

Sircana: Instead of Hiding from Goblins he is actively trying to kill them. Accidentally hits a teenager with a Arrow.

Uoool: Gaming the Whole time.