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The Second Youssathian Civil War

Independence. Peace. Progress.

This is a current event that is still developing. Further updates will be made here as the situation develops in realtime.

7 October 2019

Youssath wrote:BREAKING NEWS

The Youssath Internal Ministry has announced that civil unrest has been sparking among the national populace upon joining the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators and Prime Minister Alfonzo Finley's ministerial speech. Since joining the Confederation, the Youssathian economy has fallen in the Economic Index from 43.00 to 22.00, and government spending has been slashed by half as a result of the Prime Minister's orders to redirect resources into the military. Held today in the capital city of Youssath, Nilreden, the people of Youssath seem discontent with the standard of living within the country as a whole. Chanting that "life can be better than this", and singing Do You Hear The People Sing? in the streets of Nilreden, the Youssath Internal Ministry has imposed a national curfew and increased security presence within the streets of Nilreden. However, given the popularity of these protests, and the fear that this may spill over to other cities such as Agosgow and Faltirk, it seems like there is a possibility that the democratically-led protesters might get what they wanted from the start...

The Youssath Foreign Ministry reassures the Confederation that this matter may be settled peacefully, or not. However, should the national government succumb to the demands of the protesters, it could lead to the removal of pro-Confederation government officials in office. The Youssath Foreign Ministry has imposed a travel advisory to travelling to the island nation, as protests may escalate into an all-out protest or worse, a civil war.

Regardless, we hope to see the reinstatement of peace and order back into the nation. Hail the Confederation!

Youssath Foreign Ministry

"Unofficial" National Anthem and songs used by protesters in Nilreden, Youssath
LinkCounter-revolutionary Anthem of Youssath
LinkNational Melody of The Federal Republic of Youssath
LinkThird Anthem of The Republic of Youssath: "Marching Home", adaption of "When Johnny comes Marching Home" from this dispatch.

Youssath wrote:BREAKING NEWS

The Youssath Internal Ministry thanks The Dictatorship of Eastern Day and The Tosdodan Kingdom of South Reinkalistan for providing military and riot police assistance to quell the civil unrest within the capital city. Given the fall of the Youssathian economy by 50% and its impact to the military due to economic downturn and the complete restructuring to comply with the Confederation, the Youssath Internal Ministry sends its appreciation to the Confederation for helping to uphold the rule of law within Youssath and to support the Government in these trying times.

Violence, however, erupts at the news of a possible Confederation intervention within The Republic of Youssath. Widespread disorder and riots have now been reported in not only in the capital city of Youssath, Nilreden, but also in several large cities such as Agosgow and Faltirk. Reports of Molotov cocktails being used to disrupt public order, and the burning of the Youssathian national flag and the Confederation regional flag has been noted throughout the major cities, with several government officials starting to flee the city as protesters took control of police stations within Nilreden to release its detained members. The official broadcasting station in Nilreden has been overrun by pro-democracy protesters, and they have used that opportunity to replace the official anthem of Youssath played every morning with their own counter-revolutionary anthem along with other pro-democracy songs inspired by the US. Anti-Confederation slogans can be heard in the wee hours of Nilreden, and there seems to be no end in sight for the protests in Youssath.

The Government of Youssath has largely condemned these rioters, with Prime Minister Alfonzo Finley citing pro-democracy influence from foreign intervention - with accusations towards the Pacifics - as causes for this civil unrest within Youssath. Still, it is unknown as to what these protesters would demand from the Government, and given that majority of its populace have refused to abide by the national curfew, it leaves little room for negotiations between the Government and the people. Protesters are now calling for Article III of the Constitution to be invoked, citing that "a national referendum must be held for the people of Youssath, and that the military and law enforcement agencies must relinquish control and lay down their arms over the popular will of the people".

["When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty" - Anti-Youssath slogan]

As the streets in Nilreden continue to be vandalized with anti-Confederation slogans, it seems evident that the people of Youssath has thrown the iron gauntlet to the Confederation, despite the Government supporting the Confederation and its causes. Rumours of mutiny have been reported within the ranks of the armed forces, although the Defense Ministry has dismissed such "allegations and claims" of its professional army. Still, the Government hopes to quell down the civil unrest within the country, and calls upon the Confederation for assistance in stamping out this loss of public order within the country.

Hail the Confederation!
Youssath Foreign Ministry

Youssath wrote:Do you hear the people sing? Lost in the valley of the night?
It is the music of a people who are climbing to the light.
For the wretched of the earth, there is a flame that never dies!
Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise!

- Anti-Confederation marching song in Nilreden

House Speaker Rolf Plante has been found dead in his personal office this morning. Police suspect foul play in his death, as government officials refuse to comment on this matter.

Protests in Nilreden have turned violent with reports of multiple injuries and deaths from both sides. It is believed that widespread looting and disorder has been raging on the streets since the arrival of Confederation units in Youssath, with multiple protesters chanting anti-Confederation slogans as they burned multiple national flags in defiance to the Confederation, most notably the flags of Winter Gulley, Eastern Day, Trade Capital, 2nd Imperial German Reich and Jocospor. Pro-democracy protesters in Nilreden are also staging a hunger strike to stir up support for their cause, and the main student leaders of these protests, William Nichols and Martin Morozov, have come up with their "Five Demands" to the Government. They are as follows:

  1. The full release and amnesty to be granted to all past and existing pro-democratic protesters detained in custody;

  2. The full rights and power of the people to democratically elect their own leaders of Youssath, starting a year from now;

  3. The withdrawal of all Confederation military units within The Republic of Youssath immediately;

  4. The complete and full withdrawal of membership to the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators; and

  5. The denouncement and complete rejection of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators as an "evil empire of our times".

The Government has rejected these demands made by the student leaders, with Prime Minister Alfonzo Finley stating that "we do not negotiate with terrorists, and we will win through to absolute victory as we have to". However, government officials remain skeptical over the prospects of ruling a dictatorship of 440 million people in a small island, and that there are reports of small brigades within the Youssath Armed Forces mutining against the Government, with its commanders declaring that "by Article III of this very Constitution, the people have voiced what they want and we will continue to support the people of Youssath". This could very well be an act of treason in the eyes of the Youssathian Government.

An international coalition of Confederation military police units made up of Sudenyan, Gulleyian, Eastern Dayian, Trade Captilian and Reinkalistanis soldiers have finally touched down at Nilreden International Airport and have laid their boots on the city. They have been reported to be assisting with the remaining factions of the Youssathian Armed Forces as they scramble to at least for now, use non-lethal force on the pro-democratic protesters, although covert lethal operations on key pro-democratic leaders have been reported by the protesters. However, with radical democratic factions from the Youssath Armed Forces starting to rally up to their cause, with one naming themselves the "People's Army of Youssath", there is no doubt that the situation here in Youssath can get ugly at any moment - given that these professional units are equipped with M4 assault rifles.

The Second Youssathian Civil War looms across the horizon, and it may either topple down an entire empire or leave a footnote in the history textbooks for eternity. Either way, history has been made on this very day.

We shall continue to support the Confederation and its causes, no matter how long it shall take us. The Confederation shall live on for the next thousand years! All Hail the Confederation!
Youssath Foreign Ministry

Youssath wrote:[“People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”]
- Anti-Confederation speech by Martin Morozov, student leader second-in-command to the protests

Democratic insurgents and the People's Army of Youssath (PAY), established by the radical former regional commanders from Youssath, have stormed the diplomatic embassies and buildings of Russia Major, Winter Gulley, 2nd Imperial German Reich and any Confederation-affiliated embassies within Youssath. As they hang their slogans "Death To The Confederation" on these embassies and tear down any national resemblances to the Confederation, there have been reports that Confederation diplomats and ambassadors are being held hostage in their own embassies. As of the time of this reporting, the main ambassador of the Russia Major and an administrative diplomatic staff member of the 2nd Imperial German Reich has been shot dead by democratic insurgents. Eoin Novikov, a former regional commander in charge of the defence of Nilreden, calls for "the immediate withdrawal of all Confederation units at this very instant, or we will start killing a Confederation diplomat every hour". Not only is this a threat to the Confederation as a whole, but it seems to be in gross violation of multiple international laws to the protection of diplomatic officers.

Over in the city, Nilreden is set ablaze as government forces retreat back into the countryside to prepare to take up more defensive positions around the city's perimeter. Water and electrical supply has been cut to the city as government offices and police stations have been reported to be taken over by the pro-democratic protesters in the city and William Nichols, a prominent student leader of the democratic protests in Youssath, gave a rousing speech which called for the overthrow of not just the Government, but also the Confederation as a whole. Citing that the government has refused to acknowledge the "Five Demands" proposed by them, they have called for the mobilization of the people to defend "Nilreden as the bulwark of democracy". The Government has yet to give a response to this provocative matter, although it can be seen that government officials are frantically trying to get out of the city as soon as possible, with Prime Minister Alfonzo Finley being the first to leave the city.

[“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."]
- William Nichols, prominent student leader of the democratic protests

In other parts of the country, the city of Agosgow has held a memorial service to the passing of the late House Speaker Rolf Plante. However, the people attending the service were suddenly attacked by pro-democratic protesters with elements from the PAY. Up to 300 people may have been killed by this treacherous act from the PAY, as the event was disrupted abruptly and organizers were forced to flee immediately. The national portrait of the late House Speaker Rolf Plante was set alight on fire, as protesters sing the counter-revolutionary anthem of Youssath.

In Faltirk, sporadic gunfire has been reported to be exchanged between the government forces and the PAY as Faltirk falls, for the first time in Youssathian history, into enemy hands. It seems to serve as the first headquarters of the People's Army of Youssath, as it is noted to be the largest city in Youssath with national monuments such as La Madeleine. While these national treasures have been spared from the fighting, it is a true embarrassment from the Youssath Government for their failure to protect their largest city in the country. With Faltirk fallen into enemy hands, and Nilreden - the capital city of Youssath - inching closer towards defeat, it would come as unsurprising if the national government is officially toppled over by pro-democratic forces overnight. This was clearly, from the words of the Prime Minister, "a very thought-out civil war by them".

Confederation troops are expected to land on the beaches to take up the national defense of Youssath, with The Czardom of Russia Major declaring full military operations on Youssath to defend its government as the nations of Kyavan, Caesareani, The Ether Corporation, New England INC and New Chengonia provide military aid and support to the Youssath Armed Forces (YAF). Time will tell whether the national government will emerge victorious over this fight, although the pro-democratic forces are equally as determined to fight for their rights. Until then, the lands of this country remain vulnerable to further foreign intervention due to the limited size of the YAF, and there is no saying whether the nations helping Youssath in this fight may turn their attention elsewhere to seize onto more opportunistic ventures...

The Second Youssathian Civil War has begun. Blood and iron shall form the rule of law tomorrow.
Hail the Confederation!

Youssath Internal Ministry,
in representation of the Youssath Foreign Ministry in exile

Youssath wrote:-Transmission successfully enrouted-

To all nations̶̟͐ ̸̖̆o̴̼͋f̷̲͊ ̸̤͛t̸͈͌h̸̟̓e̶̝͘ ̶̤̾C̵̞̆ơ̶̧n̶̜̽f̴̖͋ȩ̴̋d̴̹̔eration,

̴͖̓L̴̟̀á̵͍y̸̺̓ ̶̻͊d̴̮̏ȏ̸̗w̶̤̄ṅ̴̮ ̶̣̓ÿ̷̹́ò̷̯u̴̱̚r arms now. This is your finä̷̟ḻ̴͋ ̸̧̆w̴̫͐a̴̹͋r̸͕̒ṅ̸̹i̴̯͝ng.
̴͔͋T̸̟͠h̸̼́e̷̽͜ ̸̱͠p̴̟̓e̴̥͛o̷̽͜p̴̻̿ḽ̷͊e̶̜̓ have spoken, and we h̵̤̓ả̸̩v̶̠̒ě̷̬ ̷̺̑t̴̘͗a̷̺͆k̸͓̍e̵̬͋n̶̤̊ ̷͕͑y̸̧̎õ̷̤ù̵̼r̵̋͜ ̵̨̇ụ̸͆s̸̻͂e̴͙͛l̶̠͊ess diplomats a̵̗̔s̶̋͜ ̴̲̿c̸̤͑ȧ̵͍p̶͇͂t̴̫͑ĭ̴̼v̶̱̄ẹ̵̌s̸̥͌ ̶̟̐í̷̯n̷̙̎ ̸̬̕o̶̺̓u̸̥͐r̸͇̈́ ̶̺̄ğ̷̖ŗ̵̉ȩ̷̔a̷̳͋t̶͔͠ ̴͉̏ñ̶̞â̷̭t̸̯̍i̴̺̓o̴̩͝n̶̼̄.̴̯̅
For as evę̶͂r̵̜̕ỳ̵̧ ̷̣́h̷̭̉o̷̞͝u̵͈͛ṛ̶͑ ̷͚͘y̶̡̛o̴̟̐u̵̖̽ ̴͓̾ç̵̈́o̴̜̅ń̷̡t̶̫͗i̷̢̿n̸̻̒u̶͍̕ě̸͕ ̴͉̅ṭ̸̃o̵̗͗ ̷͙͛d̴͉̄ḙ̷̑l̸̬̑ǎ̵̧ẙ̶̖ ̶͍͒t̶̼͗ḣ̴̨e̴̖͋ ̵̳̑i̷̯͑n̷͕̎evitable, we shall silence one of your own, p̷̭̋e̶͔͂r̴͕̐m̶͉̌a̸̦̿n̸͖͂e̷̪̓n̶̫͂t̷̢͆ĺ̸̜y̷͎͛.̴͕̿

This nation was fo̸̢͗u̵̖̓n̴͕͘d̷̖̚e̵͕͊d̴̗͝ ̶̙̉u̵͍̔p̵̜͑ó̴͔ṉ̶̽ ̴͎̈d̸͚̚ȅ̸̳ḿ̷̗ỏ̵͖c̸̰̀r̵̮͠ạ̴̍ẗ̵̬́i̷͚̐c̵̪̾ ̸̦̍p̷̛̫r̴̡͑i̵̲͊n̷̡̑c̵̺̀i̴̯͒p̷͙̌l̸̹̑e̴͉̅s̶̜̔, and it s̶̮͌ẖ̸̄a̵̔ͅl̵̡͂ĺ̷̨ ̴͋͜ȁ̴̭l̵̛̰w̷̫͂ą̷͝y̸̨̆ş̶̚ ̴͔̈́b̵̥̎e̵͓͌ ̴̗̄f̸̩̑a̵͕̎ǐ̷̳t̸̙͊h̷̢̚f̴̩͛u̴̯͑l̵͙̃ to her true home - The Pacifics!
However, our tyrannical goveř̵̺n̸̦̈́ṁ̵̝e̶̥͌n̵̙̈t̸͇͊ ̷͎̌m̵̯̈́i̶̡̍ŝ̶̯i̵̜͆n̸̝͒t̷̬̆e̴̳̍r̸̜̕p̷̧͝r̸̦͌é̵̱t̶̟͌ȇ̶̼d̶̤͌ ̷̜̒t̸̫͐h̵̛̩e̶̖͛ ̴̮̕w̵̞̽i̴͈̽ľ̶ͅl̸̘͒ of her people, and banished us into these god-forsaken lands.
We have the bac̵͔̅k̷̘̚i̴̲̾ṅ̶̼ǵ̴̭ ̶̖͌ó̸̗f̵̮͆ ̶̨͛t̵̼͗h̷̪͊è̸̮ ̶̜̄P̸̰͗e̸͠ͅople's Army of Youssath, and we shall slau̵̖̐g̵͎͝ḥ̷͑t̷̘͒e̸̢͗r̷̩͌ your soldiers like t̶̪͋h̴̟̀é̴͎ ̷͍̈p̶͚̀ĩ̷̪g̷̬͛ṡ̴̪ ̶̛̬t̷͎͑h̷͍͗ē̴̲y̸̘̽ ̵̕ͅs̶͔̉h̴̘̕o̵̜͒u̸͠ͅl̶̜̔d̵̰͌.̵̯̐

The Confederation is w̵͓̓ȩ̸̓a̴̛̘k̵̤̒ ̸̲̈́ä̸̞n̸̠̅d̷͆ͅ ̵̦̈ṷ̶͝s̷̹̀ḛ̵̚ĺ̶͚ê̷̦s̵̹̀s̶̯̋ ̴̥͑i̷͔͘n̶̬̊ ̸̣̔t̷̼͋ȟ̷͇e̶̯͝ ̵̥̈́i̵̥̔n̵̳̾ṱ̴̀e̸̼̾r̸̲͘national community. It holds no power hȇ̵͚r̴̯̐e̶̡͝.
O̸̭͊û̵̲r̶̜̄ ̷̘͐g̷͚̓o̷̘͋v̵̝̾ę̷̅r̴͖̉n̷̳̓ment, weak as well, succumbed into imperialism in defiance of her people!
And as all weak things on this earth, it shall ṕ̵̬e̵̫͘r̴͙̓í̷ͅs̴̛̹h̵̲͠ ̸̭̋f̴̓ͅr̴̙̕o̷͔͛m̶̠̔ ̸͈̀t̸̬͠h̷̟̋e̴͕͆ ̵͇̓f̵̞̈́ȃ̶̞c̵̭̓ḙ̷̚ ̸͊͜ơ̸̼f̸̢̑ ̶͓͗ṭ̷͝h̸͓͠ȇ̵̺ ̶̔ͅw̷̫̄o̵̻̾r̴͙̓l̶̩͛d̴̺͌.̴̟͂

Do not take us ̶͖̆l̵͚͝ĩ̴̝g̵̝̉ḩ̵̿ť̸̳l̴̹̈ý̷̹,̶̠̂ ̶͎̌f̷̦́ó̴̰r̵͔̒ ̶͚̒t̷͚͘ḩ̸̈ḭ̵́s̷̪̓ ̴̛͍w̵̭̕a̵̝͌r̶͉̚ ̷͓́i̷̛͇s̴̨̎ a righteous one by our cause.
Ṫ̴͚h̸̖̕ȅ̴͉ ̸͙̎r̷̳̚ȉ̶̗ǵ̸̺ḥ̷̚t̴̡͊s̴͎̉ ̵͕̌ȏ̸͈f̶̟͑ ̵̢̈t̷̙̑h̵̗̔ĕ̴̟ ̷̘͋p̵̟͠e̸͉̔o̴̳̔p̷̛͇ĺ̶͇ḛ̶͝,̸̖̋ ̵̹̊h̸̜̐ĕ̸͖r̸̪̈́ ̵̼͊liberty and freedom shall never be infringed once more.
Long live the proclaimed Federal Repù̵͜b̶̏ͅl̵̰̈i̸̢͝c̵̛̖ ̶̭̈́o̶͓̒f̵͈̄ ̴̪̔Y̶͍̿ọ̵͊u̸̫̎s̵̠͠s̸̛͓å̴͙t̶̠̀h̴̖̿, her independence and ĥ̴̠ě̷̜r̸͖̽ ̵̡͌p̷̘̊e̸̞͂o̴͊ͅp̴͓̑l̵̩̾ȅ̸̘!̵̿ͅ

̶̭̒Ë̵͙́ṽ̶͙e̴̞̾n̶͈͝ ̵̟̾t̶͖̽h̷̪͝o̴̼͐u̴̼̽g̶̖̐ḩ̵̎ ̷̡͒ẁ̴͕e̴̳͝ ̵̖͗a̵͘ͅr̴͕̕ě̴̗ ̸̞̀u̷̙̾nable to censor the full propaganda temp̷̥̆l̸͕̇a̴̗͐t̶͚̎é̶̘ ̶̯́of this very transmission,
You won't be able to ̶̝͊c̵̯͝ě̷͖n̷̪̊s̶̰͠ő̷̻r̴͙̆ ̶̖͝u̴̞͛s̶̨͊ ̴͇̄ȃ̴̟s̵̮̊ ̴͑͜a̴̬͌ ̴̲͌ṗ̶̣e̸̥͝ŏ̴͖p̷̹̔ĺ̴̺e̵͖̎.̶͂͜ Label us all you want: terrorist̴͆ͅš̷̳,̴̤̈́ ̵͙̅p̸͖̎a̸͔̿ṟ̷͒t̸̨͝ḯ̶̘s̶̡̍â̷̦ń̶̟s̴̛̗.̸̙̅.̵͔̑.̷̪̀
But the hour of reckoning shall ̶̲̈́c̴͔͂o̵̼̾m̸͔͐ë̸̹́ ̷͉̚a̵̹͑n̴͔̓d̵̺̈ ̶͈́t̶͎͝ȟ̶̖e punishment shall be due to the Confederation.

Ṳ̷́n̵͇̈ṭ̵̑i̵̢͆l̵̗̀ then, expect us. We ȃ̵͎r̵̡̈́ẽ̵̼ ̷͔͂c̷̜̅ö̵̪m̷̹̀i̷͇͆n̸̪͝g̴̞͒ for you.


Youssath wrote:["Long live the proclaimed Federal Republic of Youssath, her independence and her people!"]
- Telegraphic dispatch from the hijacked transmission of the Youssath Foreign Affairs

It comes with sad news today to announce that Prime Minister Alfonzo Finley has been killed while in transit to safer parts of the country along with top government officials. His death comes as a car explosion was set off near the Prime Minister's personal transport during the trip - killing all occupants inside. President Brant Bills is reportedly to be missing-in-action since leaving Nilreden, and there are currently no updates to his whereabouts at the moment. Chief Justice Kelvin Reese now presides as the official de facto leader of Youssath for the time being.

In other great news, the successful operations conducted in coordination with elite units from the Kafairan, Deutsche, Gulleyian and other Confederation member states - along with the remnants of the Youssath Armed Forces - have allowed for the evacuation of most of the existing diplomatic staff within the country. Etherian pods embarking towards the E.S.G Valiant and New Chengonian medical personnel have played a significant role in the proper evacuation and medical attention of the hostages, although it must be noted that prominent diplomatic staff members remain missing-in-action, most notably:

  1. The main ambassador from The Imperial Empire of Jocospor;

  2. The main ambassador from The Fascist Union of Jamstown;

  3. Three diplomatic representatives from The Colony of The Ether Corporation; and

  4. A diplomatic administrative personnel from The Imperium of Winter Gulley.

However, this is not mentioning the number of casualties incurred from both sides in the successful takeover of the embassies, most notably:

  1. The main ambassador and a diplomatic representative from The Autocratic Futurist Republic of Sudenya, killed by enemy fire;

  2. The main ambassador from The Militant Empire of Kyavan, killed by possible friendly aerial bombings;

  3. Two diplomatic representatives from The Dictatorship of Eastern Day, killed by possible artillery fire; and

  4. Several reported deaths from the Youssath Armed Forces and the People's Army of Youssath.

Given large Confederation expeditionary forces landing in the country along with the possible risk of massive civilian casualties within Nilreden, the army has been given ordered to immediately withdraw from the city to take up defensive positions around the city's perimeter to provide more time for its national populace to evacuate the city safely. As 52 million refugees are now homeless and are fleeing away from the warzones - slowing down the coalition advance of the Confederation - and that reports of friendly Kyavani artillery fire and New Chengonian drone bombings are reported across the country, the Government has decided to concede the city to take every appropriate measure to prevent the further loss of life to the residents of Nilreden. Democratic insurgents celebrate over the rebel victory of Nilreden, and with both Nilreden and Faltirk in democratic hands, the legitimacy of the Government is truly at stake here. The national government has now temporarily relocated its capital city to the small city of Egotin, with hopes that further fighting will not occur in dense population centres as before.

Alfonzoge, a prominent city in Youssath bearing the late Prime Minister's name, has been taken over by elite forces from The Militant Empire of Kyavan in the name of "national security". After forcibly taking over the government buildings within Alfonzoge, and changing the city's name to Neu Jadotgrad, the people looked on in horror as Kyavani soldiers marched on the former streets of Alfonzoge. Government officials declined to comment on this matter, although it is safe to say now that the Government is no longer in effective control of its administrative and symbolic city of the nation. The true horrors of opportunistic nations within the Confederation seeking to advance their own nations has finally been realized...

Fierce fighting has taken place in the city of Agosgow as Caesareanian mercenary forces and elements from the Jamstown 55th Armored Corps "Speakers Fury" and Kafairian Special Forces "Faceless" led by Jamstownian Field Marshal Emilia Rommel stormed the government buildings of Agosgow, wiping out any forms of resistance from the People's Army of Youssath. Agosgow has been spared from the massive pro-democratic protests as seen in Nilreden and Faltirk, and as the banners of Jamstown and Kafair fly freely alongside the Youssathian national flag, the residents in Agosgow knew for sure: the Battle for Agosgow is over. However, the liberators of Agosgow may have different plans for the city about to be realized, as we can never know the full intentions of these nations...

As the campaign drew into a stalemate, a blinding light engulfs the entire nation temporarily. Citizens in Youssath looked on in horror, as the Etherian starship E.S.G Valiant fires two missiles above the damaged skyscrapers of Nilreden as a "show of force" to the pro-democratic protesters. It does seem like a fantastic light show, that is...

...until one of the skyscrapers in Nilreden collapsed due to the poor structural integrity from continued artillery fire. Casualties are still pending.

May the Lord give us the strength to fight on this just war. Hail the Confederation!
Youssath Internal Ministry
in representation of the Youssath Foreign Ministry in absentia

Youssath wrote:-Radio transmission starts-
The air is dead silent, as Stuka-like sirens wailed across the skies of Youssath.

The people looked on in disbelief and shock. Enemies have not only taken the cities, but friendly nations known to us have also taken strategic cities such as Alfonzoge. There only remains certainty now, that this country will truly be destroyed.

Government officials scramble to leave the country. Chief Justice Kelvin Reese has been last spotted on a Youssathian warship disembarking from the port. The whereabouts of the President of Youssath remains unknown.

Confederation forces are still fighting with pro-democratic insurgents in the hills and in the streets, but soon Nilreden will fall to neither side.

For as in 24 hours starting from now, nuclear strikes directed at Youssath population centres have been ordered by Eastern Day.

This message is brought to you by the Youssath Government. Always remember to Hail the Confederation!
-Radio transmission abruptly ends-

Youssath wrote:-Radio transmission starts-
It was a different time, back when the civil war broke out, when business was as usual back in Youssath and the citizens of Youssath being able to buy bread and enjoy basic liberties in their own nation.

It was a different war, back when Confederation soldiers marched along the streets of Nilreden to defend the nationalist government of Youssath and that motives were just as pure as liberating a country.

It will be a different nation, now that nuclear hellfire has been promised on this very land and military occupation by The Militant Empire of Kyavan seems very likely now.

Chief Justice Kelvin Reese has reportedly been detained by Kyavani officials from naval interception due to nearby Kyavani naval forces. According to a Kyavani source, there has been rumours of installing a puppet government in Youssath and executing all current Youssathian government officials within their custody. The President's whereabouts remain unknown, and without a clear leader in charge - Youssath finally falls into anarchy.

This war will claim empires and nations. There is no doubt about that.


This message is brought to you by the Youssath Government. Always remember to Hail the Confederation!
-Radio transmission abruptly ends-

Youssath wrote:-Radio transmission starts-
As pro-Confederation forces start to rally upon Eastern Day and its forces due to the possible nuclear strikes on Youssathian cities, they have withdrawn most of their forces to settle this infighting within their own ranks. However, the Federal Republic seized the opportunity to commence a counter-attack on the Youssath Armed Forces, weakening it further.

Cities such as Nilreden and Faltirk are firmly in the hands of the rebels now. A proclamation of independence by William Nichols and Martin Morozov has been made to the citizens of these cities, and the Federal Republic of Youssath has finally been born!

With Kyavani forces leaving Alfonzoge and pro-Confederation forces leaving Agosgow, pro-democratic forces from the People's Army of Youssath have commenced "Operation Black-White" - a series of operations planned carefully by rebel commander Eoin Novikov to take back the final bastions of totalitarianism. This is not helped with the fact that most of the Youssathian government officials are either dead, missing or in exile, and the situation continues to deteriorate with each passing hour.

The Government-in-exile, made up of the remnants of the Youssath Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry and Internal Ministry, has called upon the Confederation to help fend off the pro-democratic forces once more, lest they face the total strategic loss of the island and the first democratic republic within the Confederation.


This message is brought to you by the Youssath Government. Always remember to Hail the Confederation!

-Radio transmission abruptly ends-

Youssath wrote:BREAKING NEWS
Remaining government officials formerly based in Youssath have now established a government-in-exile in Vladivostok, Soviet Socialists Republicx. As mandated by local authorities, the Youssath government-in-exile must fly the new flag required by the Soviet Socialists Republicx.

Hail the Confederation!
Republic of Youssath - Government in Exile

Youssath wrote:OOC: Given the mess of the last four messages in this RMB voicing their support to four different types of governments now, I'm here to shed some light to the summary of what is happening:

The Republic of Youssath
Existing constitution and country before the civil war. Got caught up with the pro-democratic protesters and raids since membership to the CCD. Leader killed in a car freak explosion, with no current leader in charge. No capital city at the time being. Legitimacy is based on its precedent and its history. Supported by The Order of the Holy Inquisitors.

The Federal Republic of Youssath
Pro-democratic protesters and elements of the People's Army of Youssath. Fighting for democracy and freedom from the CCD. Deemed illegal by the Civil Congress and is considered a threat to the Confederation. Leaders involve William Nichols (main), Martin Morozov (second-in-command) and Eoin Novikov (head of the PAY). Legitimacy is based on the number of cities they control, most notably the capital city and largest city of Youssath.

The Free Land of Youssath
Official government ministers and remnants of the Republic fled there to set up a government-in-exile. However, it was brutually suppressed under Soviet Socialists Republicx to form a puppet socialist government. Capital city is in Vladivostok, Soviet Socialists Republic. Legitimacy is based on the majority of government ministries and remnants of the Republican government in custody there.

The Grand Duchy of Youssath
Established by Kyavan, a monarchist republic aimed to restore the very first Grand Duke of Youssath. Is mostly a puppet state for the Kyavan Empire, although it holds the most legitimacy out of all as it hosts top government officials such as President Brant Bills, Chief Justice Kelvin Reese and other notable key members from Neu Jadotgrad (Alfonzoge) and the Kanigrad Province. Capital city is likely to be in Neu Jadotgrad, with a replacement leader - Monique Arellano, current mayor for the city of Neu Jadotgrad (Alfonzoge). Legitimacy is based on top government officials remaining in Kyavani custody and the last recognized leader of the Republic.

The Autocracy of Youssath
Established by 2nd Imperial German Reich, with the aims of creating an independent state with the concepts of autarky. Currently fighting with The Federal Republic over control for the capital city, Nilreden, as well as in smaller cities such as Crata (4th largest city). Helmed by Eduardo Ramirez, former mayor to the city of Nilreden. Capital city is based in Crata for now. Legitimacy is based on creating an independent republic similar to the Republic in general, most notably the Second Republic of Youssath.

The time is now to decide who to support. Pick your side in this war, but never forget that nukes are en-route to Youssath in 12 hours time.
Hail the Confederation!

Chief Justice Kelvin Reese, in Kyavani custody, has publicly announced that The Republic of Youssath has been succeeded directly by The Grand Duchy of Youssath, with The Militant Empire of Kyavan being the official meditator to the "peace talks" between all parties. In accordance to the agreement, all Youssath Armed Forces are to surrender themselves to the successor government in Neu Jadotgrad, the capital city of The Grand Duchy of Youssath. While this is unsurprising for most, it does seem that The Militant Empire of Kyavan is behind in establishing a "monarchist republic" in Youssath, with pledges to fund loyalists and monarchist mercenaries to the Grand Duchy's cause. This government, however, seems intent in crushing out everything else - including remnants of the former Republic.

Back at home, Crata has been occupied by The Autocracy of Youssath, with German Fallschirmjäger reported to be present within the streets of Crata, Youssath's fourth-largest city. The Fallschirmjäger is responsible for the installation of the new government, and with promises to "liberate" Youssath from both democratic and imperialist forces, they have installed Eduardo Ramirez - former mayor to the capital city of Nilreden - to be in charge for the "total liberation campaign" on Youssath.

In Confederation-held Agosgow, the second-largest city in Youssath, The Divine Imperium of The Order of the Holy Inquisitors has voiced its support in the restoration of the Republic. While this seems to be popular with The Free Land and The Autocracy, Federalists and Monarchists pushed back on the idea of the restoration of the old system. Calling upon to respect Youssath's sovereignty as a nation in the Confederation, it seems like The Divine Imperium of The Order of the Holy Inquisitors is spearheading this movement to take back what is rightfully due.

Government officials in The Free Lands of Youssath have reported to be fleeing back to Youssath, under the arms of either the Monarchists, Autocrats or the Republicans. Youssathian socialists, loyal to Leader Paula Bradford, Trade Minister for the Unions, have been vocal in installing a socialist republic and called for greater support by Kryvynya and Soviet Socialists Republicx to take back the motherland and to expand "permanent communism" throughout the world. It does seem plausible that they mean serious business, as majority of the remnants of the former Republican government remain in Soviet custody at Vladivostok, Soviet Socialists Republic.

The democratic forces in Nilreden are having a tough time fighting this war out, with Martin Morozov reportedly killed by Autocrat sniper fire while giving his speech to the masses. While the Federalists maintain control of Nilreden and Faltirk, that is the only bastions of democracy they have left in Youssath. Autocrats and Federalists continue to fight it out in the streets of Nilreden, and although control is slipping away from the Federalists - they still have one thing left going for them: the will of the people.

Hail the Confederation, no matter what this government may lead us to!

People of Youssath, heed our call!

The imperialist powers of the Confederation have once again soiled this very nation for their own opportunistic greeds.
The foundation of the people, the right to happiness and the pursuit of truth - it shall not go down in vain!

I ask this of you, fellow Youssathians:
Does it matter to a citizen whether the bullet in his head came from the rifle of a Monarchist militia?
The pistol in the hand of an Autocrat commissar?
One of the Republican's triggermen?
No sane man would shoot his brother and claim it to be righteous under any creed, yet rationality seems to be lost to the derangement of ideology.

I looked out at my brothers here, we are the ones who made it out in time, fleeing over the great plains for our own lives - hoping that this will all blow over in time.
When Crata and Alfonzoge erupted in open revolution, we knew there will be no going back - not at least in our times.
The refugees passing through Nilreden tell a heart-wrenching story, we can see it on their face on every sorrowful card heading away from their homes.
We are witness to an organ trail of hunger and despair, front row seats to the death of Youssath!

Germany, Kyavan, The Inquisition. The names change but the loyalty stays the same.
Behind this line, we will not be fooled by the thin veneer of political ideology and petty justifications.
They are warlords - plain and simple!
In their pretence of protecting The Republic, they have dissolved it - smouldered it into ashes.

When Crata burned, we did nothing. When Alfonzoge marched on, we did nothing.
They called us afraid, but we are not afraid. We are patient.
And as their numbers dwindle, and their bullets are spent; we stand guard!
As the Confederation grows weaker, those sick and tired of the madness flee to us and join our ranks.

And through us, Youssath endures. Through us, Youssath survives!
They call us the Federal Republic, we call ourselves The Republic of Youssath.
Like Cincinnatus, we will rise up when history calls upon us and gladly throw down our weapons and return to the fields once more.
Like Cincinnatus, we do not desire power. We desire life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! That phrase has not lost meaning on this side of the island!

Free men of Youssath!
Free men of the true Youssath!
We stand guard in Nilreden, and let this be known:
When the wolves of the Confederation are done tearing each other's throats out, we will march out and once again spread the true Youssathian Republic from sea to shining sea!

- Counter-revolutionary anthem of Youssath plays -


(OOC: If this be their final stand, let this be their finest hour.)

Youssath wrote:- TRANSMISSION STARTS -

The air is cold and silent. Citizens of Youssath await the catastrophic disasters coming for them.

In less than two hours, everything that they have worked so hard on - their families, homes and livelihood - all gone in an instant.

Families within Youssath who were unable to escape from this wretched island embraced each other for the last time, knowing that this might very well be the final time they are seeing each other.

Back in Nilreden, as German (2nd Imperial German Reich), Sudenya (Sudenya) and Kyavani (Kyavan) diplomats argue over the fate of Youssath, with none of them willing to compromise for the Monarchist and Autocrat-Republican cause , a Federalist regional commander arrives at their doorsteps. Dressed in a black military uniform with a grim look on his face, he addresses the following to the diplomats:

"We would like to discuss terms of conditional surrender with all of you."

The atmosphere is stiff, as the Monarchist and Autocrat ambassador temporarily paused their argument in light of this new development. However, it seems obvious that the Federalist regional commander is standing his ground still, and that whoever can provide the best conditional terms of surrender to the Federalists will not only gain a powerful political ally in Youssath, but also the full termination of nuclear strikes on Youssath. However, if either Monarchist or Autocrat reject the peace deals, the stage will be set, and the players will be put in their positions - as the dominos will fall on each other towards one certainty: the start of the Confederation Wars.


Hail the Confederation!

(OOC: This is what is going to happen. If either Monarchist or Autocrat refuse to take up the peace offer, the Federalists will remain and nuclear hellfire will rain on Youssath. This can be used as a diplomatic weapon against another, but at the expense of international diplomacy and losing most of the grounds held by both Monarchists and Autocrats. If both Monarchist and Autocrat bring up a peace offer to the Federalists, the Federalists will choose the better peace deal amongst both of them, and will side with that faction for the rest of the civil war. However, the nuclear strikes on Youssath will be terminated as a result of the complete surrender of the Federalists.)

(Note: If no response is given by either Autocrat or Monarchists, the Federalists will remain and nuclear strikes will still be ordered en route to Youssath. Best of luck, soldier.)

Youssath wrote:A hundred nuclear warheads flew from the Eastern Day across the Pacific Ocean at a high altitude. In that, holds the prayers and thoughts of those who are glad that as of today, they are not a Youssathian. Several anti-missile systems stationed at Youssath have been activated to shoot down any incoming missiles, but a few of them miss and hit their targets. Youssath erupts in a fury of blinding light, as nuclear hellfire decimates any living being still in Youssath.

The cities of Faltirk (Federalist-held, largest city in Youssath) and Neu Jadotgrad (Monarchist-held, seventh largest city in Youssath) were utterly wiped off the face of the continent as uranium bombs explode on civilian population centres. Casualties estimates are still pending, but it is widely believed that the 25K expeditionary force sent by Kyavan has been killed by nuclear fire, along with garrisons stationed at Neu Jadotgrad. Multiple leaders were killed in Neu Jadotgrad, most notably Monique Arellano (Mayor of Neu Jadotgrad), Oswaldo Ingram (Deputy Representative to the Kanigrad Province), Brant Bills (President of Youssath) and Kasey Grimes (National Council Member of Representative). The Chief Justice's whereabouts remain unknown, although it can be stated that he might be taken into Kyavani custody.

Federalist forces have also suffered a huge setback as the nuclear strike has devastated the largest city in Youssath. National monuments such as La Madeleine, a significant cultural heritage to Youssath, was engulfed in nuclear hellfire along with several cultural artefacts held within the La Madeleine. Federalist forces are now nowhere to be seen from this scotched-earth policy, although it is estimated that up to 50 million inhabitants residing within Faltirk could have been killed at the time of the explosion.

The nuclear strikes ordered by The Dictatorship of Eastern Day shows a blatant disregard of the 24-hour promise he has made to the Confederation to withdraw their forces, and by installing the sixth contested government in Youssath: The People for the People of Youssath along with attacking non Federalist-held cities such as Neu Jadotgrad, The Dictatorship of Eastern Day has shown no compromise in defending her Confederation allies and its interests.

Pax Jocospora is being challenged right now. The Confederation Wars has now begun.
Hail the Confederation!

Youssath wrote:BREAKING NEWS
Given the withdrawal of The Order of the Holy Inquisitors, the Autocrat-Republicans has finally lost steam within the nation. Experiencing equipment shortages along with funding cuts, the Autocrat-Republican alliance began to squabble - and in turn, it led to the dissolution of the alliance into several smaller independent factions. The Autocrats now stand independently as they used to be, although now in a much weaker position.

The Monarchists seem to have been dissipated after a few days of fighting within the ruins of Neu Jadotgrad. Given that The Militant Empire of Kyavan no longer has a presence within Youssath, and that there are no more credible leaders who are able to take charge of the Monarchists given that Chief Justice Kelvin Reese remains in Kyavani custody, the Monarchists have dispersed themselves into small radical independent groups within Youssath. Infighting seems common now.

The Federalists have accepted terms of conditional surrender with the Autocrats on their disbandment. They are as follows:

  1. All Federalist forces are to lay down arms and relocate temporarily to Nilreden and Crata to take roll and locate any missing persons.

  2. All Federalist forces Are to be relocated to refugee camps or hospitals based on their condition, or if their place of residence was destroyed.

  3. Federalist forces in between their 20’s and their 40’s will be asked to sign up for reconstruction efforts. Participation will be optional, and any rejection will be accepted and unquestioned.

  4. Copies of the Magdeburg Convention shall be distributed among the Youssath population and shall be printed in Youss.

The German tricolour of the 2nd Imperial German Reich can now be seen flying over prominent cultural sites in Nilreden, and although sporadic fighting is still being reported from some suburbs, most of Nilreden is believed to have been cleared of organized resistance. The Federal Republic is no more, and The Autocracy of Youssath could very well be established.

The Confederation Imperial Army has now landed its boots on Youssathian soil. It seems that for now, Youssath will remain as part of the Confederation, no matter what the people think otherwise.

Given the orders by The Imperial Empire of Jocospor in the complete surrender of all Youssathian-related governments established before and during the 2nd Youssathian Civil War, the governments that have embarked to Vocryae, Jocospor are as follows:

  • The Republic of Youssath - official government before the civil war;

  • The Federal Republic of Youssath (defunct) - pro-democratic protesters who are led by student leader William Nichols and PAY commander Eoin Novikov;

  • The Autocracy of Youssath - brought by 2nd Imperial German Reich who is led by Eduardo Ramirez, former mayor of the city of Nilreden; and

  • The People for the People of Youssath - surrendered by Eastern Day with the complete surrender of governmental forces.

The civilian governments below have not arrived in Vocryae, Jocospor and may be tried in absentia or subject to Imperial arrest:

  • The Grand Duchy of Youssath - created by The Militant Empire of Kyavan being led by former Republican Chief Justice Kelvin Reese (legitimate leader of Youssath); and

  • The Free Land of Youssath - created by The Union of Soviet Socialists Republicx, with the majority of the formerly Republican government in Vladivostok and is being led by Paula Bradford, Trade Minister for the Unions.

Youssath wrote:Today, at 11:00 PM, The Dictatorship of Youssath, helmed by Eduardo Ramirez, leader of The Autocracy of Youssath has officially been established after support from 2nd Imperial German Reich. The new national flag of The Dictatorship of Youssath can now be seen flying in the ruins of Nilreden. It is unknown how the Civil Congress Court might react to this.

Hail the Confederation!

Large movements of Kafairian troops have been reported within the Confederation-held city of Agosgow, and that it has been recently confirmed that the city has now fallen under the jurisdiction of a rather, heavily armed administration governing over Agosgow. Defensive perimeters can be seen within the outskirts of Agosgow, and as the "little green men" in the city begin to grow steadily throughout the day, it became obvious that The Sun Blessed Sultanate of Kafair is here to stay in Agosgow.

Confederation soldiers have left Agosgow peacefully as they moved out of the city without firing a single shot. With anti-aircraft guns being assembled within Agosgow, the now-largest city of Youssath has now been made a bulwark of Kafairian authoritarianism. Only time will tell what the Kafairians have in mind for the remaining sister city of the now-destroyed Faltirk.

Eduardo Ramirez, leader of The Dictatorship of Youssath, have denounced the administrative takeover of Agosgow as "a military occupation of rightful Youssathian lands", and has ordered for the "complete withdrawal of Kafairian troops with immediate effect". Eduardo has also called upon the 2nd Imperial German Reich for military and economic aid to the devastated cities of Faltirk and Neu Jadotgrad, and has requested for the Protecting Forces of the Magdeburg Convention to send humanitarian aid to help establish hospitals, refugee camps and to commence reconstructing efforts on the island nation. While the battle for Nilreden is over, the scars of war will remain on this island for generations to come.

Hail the Confederation!

The air stiffens. As German Leopard 2a7+ and M1a2 Abrams began rolling out towards the barricaded entrances of Agosgow to defend the city, Kafairian Leopard 2 tanks were seen to be positioned well within the outskirts of Agosgow. Suddenly, both sides halted upon sighting and quickly took up defensive positions against each other. A fierce standoff is beginning to unravel between the German and Kafairian tanks at the checkpoints of Agosgow, and there is no certainty as to how this city will end up in.

The 2nd Youssathian Civil War is not over. In fact, it is far from over.
(OOC: Inspired by the Berlin Crisis of 1961.)

The situation continues to unravel itself within the Confederation. With North Reinkalistan troops crossing the demarcated borders towards South Reinkalistan, capturing the city of Watester, the intense standoff between 2nd Imperial German Reich and Kafair forces within the outskirts of Agosgow, Youssath and the Ukraniumstan-registered oil tanker crisis situation developing rapidly, it seems that for a moment, there will not be peace in our times. The Youssath Foreign Ministry, or at least the remnants of it, have expressed shock and called for the peaceful meditation of these conflicts, although it seems unlikely that its words will be heeded in the international community.

Pax Jocospora, an international decree that guarantees the peace between Confederate nations, could very well be its only weakness in creating the next regional war in the Confederation. Member nations continue to use "the violation of Pax Jocospora" to justify further military action against each other, and there seems to be no end in sight for the people who are already struggling to work for their daily bread.


Hail the Confederation!

It was a peaceful night in the streets of Agosgow. Despite Kafairian troops taking hold of the city and a temporary martial law has been imposed in light of the approaching German advance, the common folk doesn't seem to be too bothered with the events happening around them. In a nearby bar, people continued to participate in Agosgow's nightlife and party hard, and Kafairian military personnel can be seen fraternizing with the Agosgowians.

Out of a sudden, a large explosion suddenly rattled the bar - and people were suddenly flung by the impact of the explosion as debris followed suit. The explosion has rocked the very nightlife centre within Agosgow, and it could be heard miles away in the city. Parts of the bar has collapsed due to the explosion, and Youssathians and Kafairians alike are found dead within the rubble itself. Casualties are still pending.

The Agosgow administration seems to be suspecting 2nd Imperial German Reich for the devastating civilian bombings on Agosgow itself, although one can also say that such an event could have been orchestrated by the Kafairians themselves to rally public support. Nevertheless, Agosgow has been rocked to its very core - and the situation between both nations may escalate into an all-out war soon.

Hail the Confederation!

Given the seriousness of the 2nd Youssathian Civil War and the continued presence of Kafairian troops in Youssathian soil, the newly established Youssathian National Army under Eduardo Ramirez have decided to take drastic actions by acquiring a German loan of NSD $150B. The loan will be used to finance the purchase of 2nd Imperial German Reich's 25K T-14 Armatas, 600 Horten H.XVIII and 8K M2 Bradley. The YNA have also decided to lease to The Queendom of Ezeiria the Port of Agosgow and all mining industries in Youssath (Youssath Iron Production Works Pte Ltd) for 99 years to acquire 10K tanks along with a Regnan Resplendent-class HHMS Runar. The YNA have also taken the time and liberty to purchase the latest Mothership Mk. II, named Y.M.S. Nilreden, from The Dark Empire of Visaria.

Experts are saying that such a massive purchase of military assets will be unsustainable to the Youssathian economy in the long run, and have casted doubts whether the Autocratic government is capable of even paying off such a sum in the first place. However, in a war like this, there is no such thing as "planning for the long-term".

After learning about the death of the late Kaiser Josef von Friedrich, Autocrat leader Eduardo Ramirez has ordered for all Youssathian flags in the Confederation to be flown at half-mast in respect for the late Kaiser today. The death of one of Youssath's greatest allies has hampered the war effort in the 2nd Youssathian Civil War, as it was widely believed that the late Kaiser was instrumental in the establishment of the Autocrat government in Youssath along with the peace proceedings with the Federalists. Youssathian government officials might be sending a few delegations to attend the State Funeral of the late Kaiser, although it cannot be ascertained whether if such a move is plausible given the difficult situation within the homeland.

The Autocrat government of Youssath has sent its best wishes to Kaiser Wilhelm von Friedrich, expressing its wishes to maintain good diplomatic relations between both nations and to help defeat the invading forces in Youssath once and for all.

Suspected civilian bombings have been reported in government buildings and Youssathian embassies in the capital cities of The Vatican, The Order of the Holy Inquisitors and Shikarewatis, South Reinkalistan. Federalist radicals, comprising of North Reinkalistan supporters and radical Youssathians have supported the peace treaty between the Federalists and Autocrats (Youssath and 2nd Imperial German Reich) but have rejected notions of peace with the rest of the Confederation, have decided to take the matter to their own hands and wage terror in the Confederation homelands. Multiple civilian and military casualties have been reported, and it seems that for a moment, nowhere is safe for those who intend to bring democracy to the Confederation.

Human history has equal parts of heroism, tragedy and misunderstanding. Very rarely have we displayed all three to such a degree as in the 2nd Jocospite Civil War.

This war is called the seminal catastrophe of the 21st century. Because without it, the world would have certainly taken a different path to what it’s originally headed to.

This war finally ushered in the modern age. Born in the crucible of gunpowder and toxic smoke, and the blood of sixty million men: Blood spilled in war from the fields of Youssath, to the waters off Ukrainiumstan. From the South Reinkalistanian frontier to the sands of Russia Major. From the German mainland, to the deepest parts of the sea.

This war broke empires. It shattered the past and forced us to give up our last ties to our medieval understanding. When the smoke cleared and a stunned world climbed out of its trenches, we lived in a new age, with new powers, new ideas and new terrors. It is the defining event of the 21st century.

It is The Time of Troubles.

After the civilian bombings in Agosgow, security presence within Agosgow increased at an unprecedented rate. Kafairian troops have started to massacre the Agosgow populace in a gross violation of human rights and conventions. The Autocrat government has taken this time to denounce The Sun Blessed Sultanate of Kafair as an "evil empire", and called upon the Confederation to assist with the fight for Agosgow. German volunteers, once stationed at the command of the late Kaiser, now take instructions from General Cleveland Cisneros, regional commander responsible for the offensive operations on Agosgow. The city is well fortified, and it may take more than just Youssathian troops to take over the port city of Agosgow altogether.

Back in the tank standoff between Kafairian Leopard 2 tanks and the now-Youssathian Leopard 2a7+ and M1a2 Abrams tanks, Youssathian tanks can now be seen to be taking a more aggressive approach and position in this standoff. Given the circumstances now, there seems no possible resolution to this endless conflict at hand here...

...that is, until one of the Youssathian tanks fired its salvo and blew up a Kafairian Leopard 2 tank.

Youssath wrote:

Independence. Peace. Progress.



After the defeat and capitulation of The Dictatorship of Eastern Day, The Sun Blessed Sultanate of Kafair became the only great power that still stood for the continuation of the war.

The demand of the three powers, The Czardom of Russia Major, The Militaristic Kaiserreich of 2nd Imperial German Reich and The Dictatorship of Youssath, on October 13th for the unconditional surrender of the Kafairian armed forces was rejected by Kafair, and thus the proposal of the Kafairian Government to Youssath on mediation in the war in Agosgow loses all basis.

On the evening of October 14th The Autocratic High Council in Youssath learned that Kafairian forces without previous warning either in the form of a declaration of war or of an ultimatum with a conditional declaration of war had attempted a landing on the coast of Agosgow and commenced mass civilian casualties upon the populace of the city.

In view of these wanton acts of unprovoked aggression committed in flagrant violation of International Law and particularly of Article I of the LinkThird Hague Convention relative to the opening of hostilities, to which both Kafair and Youssath are parties, the Youssathian Ambassador at Jerusalem has been instructed to inform the Kafairian Government in the name of the Autocratic Government in Youssath that a state of war exists between our two countries.

The Autocratic Government considers that this policy is the only means able to bring peace nearer, free the people from further sacrifice and suffering and give the Kafairian people the possibility of avoiding the dangers and destruction suffered by Eastern Dayians after her refusal to capitulate unconditionally.

In view of the above, the Youssathian Government declares that from tomorrow, that is from October 14th, the Youssathian Government will consider itself to be Linkat war with Kafair.

Accept, Mr. Charge d'Affaires, the expression of my high consideration.

October 14, 2019.

Read dispatch

On October 14th, 2019, the Youssathian High Command has issued a final note to the Kafairian Ambassador, warning that should they fail to withdraw their troops from Agosgow, a state of war shall exist between our nations. The High Command has to inform the Confederation now, that no such undertaking has been done by the Kafairians, and that subsequently, this country is at war with Kafair.

Reports of massive casualties have been reported from fighting between the Youssathian and Kafairian skirmishes as the battle rages for the city of Agosgow. The prior agreement between Youssath and Kafair, a surprising development to begin with, has now less surprisingly fallen apart. Youssath has attacked, breaking any prior understanding between both nations and returned to once again openly speaking of the Kafair as a menace that must be faced for their visions of the future to become reality in taking back rightful Youssathian cities.

Kafairian leaders may have been planning an attack themselves, but the world will never know. They are now rapidly mobilizing to deal with the new threat.

Youssath wrote:As a ceasefire agreement between the Kafairians and Inquisitors is becoming more plausible, beyond the horizon a series of Horten H.XVIII started to emerge from the distance. Shipped directly from the 2nd Imperial German Reich this morning, the bombers were headed towards one final destination: Agosgow.

It seems that Eduardo has ordered for all civilian buildings in Agosgow to be levelled in response to the emerging Kafairian threat. Nothing shall be spared, not even the ports or the people within Agosgow. Water and electricity supplies to Agosgow has been cut by the Autocratic Government, and it seems that now, the Youssathians have had enough of Kafairian gimmicks and will put an end to this charade by any means necessary. The two motherships received by Ezeiria and Visaria, HHMS Runar and YMS Nilreden respectively, are also en route to Agosgow to commence bombing operations.

Stuka sirens started to wail. Within the devastated city of Agosgow, there is only one possible scenario left for the inhabitants in Agosgow: EVACUATE THE CITY


Hail the Confederation!

The Dictatorship of Youssath