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If a leader has no followers can he have power?

Victim blaming has some benefit. For one, it's fun. For another, victims tend to cry, and crying makes for more moist tissue sales. But that's for a different article.

Wanting to take over things and gaining control is also fun. The world is a scary place, and people are genuinely born crying. If a baby doesn't we slap it on the ass to make it. We cry because we've entered this world. It is a terrible place. The moment of birth is the start of your experience, and as living creatures, we want nothing more than to make the world safe.. Only during a very specific time of our life do we wish to have adventures. That time extends from 13 or 14 all the way to the late 20s or early 30. Before and after this time, we tend to either want to hold onto our parents, our defensive stalwarts, as we navigate the world. It is very human, to want to control the world and baby-proof it for ourselves and our friends. We worry about those we want to protect like we protect ourselves, because we do not have constant news about them. When things are bad we worry about ourselves, but when things are good, we know not to fear for our safety. With dependents or loved ones, we need that information constantly provided to us. The need to dominate and take over, is thus built into us.

Over generations, society changes in subtle ways. Now that speed has been logarithmically increased. Through the use of mass media communication that allows anyone, the gateways of information dispersal that once kept the stupid and the unworthy out of discourse are gone. On one hand, you can celebrate this and cheer for it. True democracy. Representation for all. On the other, you can see how this will, eventually, affect the human race and its struggle with the essential force we fight against.


This universe has the strange property of gravity making massive things, collections of objects, always stronger than small things. Gravity is an equal opportunity ally. No matter whether the thing in question is good or bad for the majority, whatever comes together in sufficient sizes will have the upper hand. And it can strip other objects of their energies. While universal gravity is a physical force bound in spacetime, it affects our history just as strongly. Without gravity, it would have been much more difficult for the to herbivore that climbed the tree to be safe from the carnivore. It would have been much more difficult for a big army to defeat a small one. It would have been way easier to jump into space and lose consciousness, then come back down to earth and do it again.

Humans are affected by physical as well as another kind of gravity. Psychological. We tend to congregate around people who know how to manipulate us and turn us into groups that believe and venerate them. The human black holes who are capable of creating cults of personality do not become that way by living the normal life. If they did, then we'd find more people living normal lives, able to wield this power. No, it's by standing at the edges of polite society, seeing the fabric of the imperceptible psychological music that humans unkowingly dance to, that human black homes realize what drives people. What creates and defines and moves society. And how to manipulate those for their own ends.

The difference between a religion, an ideological political party and a cult, is size, time and function. Sometimes they're all the same. And they always need a black hole in the center, to pull masses of people in, and drive them around. And when one has the power to command incredibly numbers of people, one has the power to move en masse. A giant coordinated hand of humanity, facing in the same direction, like a swarm of bees, that are a lethal force against creatures a thousand times their size. Like a trillion droplets of water flowing in the same path, cutting thru rock and creating thousand foot gorges like the Grand Canyon. The black hole, by gathering people to his or her cause, is the greatest living power in the known universe.

And since we all started as children and never completely grow out of it, that need for security, to ensure our survival and that of our loved ones, to baby-proof our world, exists. The black hole, the psychological manipulator, the dictator, changes the world and others' experience of it, so he or she doesn't get harmed. Even if that means, making other peoples' lives less enjoyable, or even forfeit. Humans always want that security, and especially dictators. There are enough groups of people in a piece of land, that compromises need to be made which someone or the other will see as unforgivable. When psychological black holes use their gravity to become dictators, they will go against the need of so many groups, that the suppression of opposition tends to be brutal. And if the dictator, as an old man or woman, decides to step down, there will be reprisal. Thus they usually never step down.

This is where the modern world with free internet access comes in. Historically, the silly average man and woman of the woman cannot get into the communities or buildings where those black holes just waiting to ruin their lives exist. And the siren-like voice and influence of the black hole is limited by the physics of our world, and the inverse square law. For every meter you travel away from source, the strength of their message decreases by its square. In the real world messages had to be dispersed, by paper, and sound, and television time, and acolytes screaming out, or supporters indoctrinating children with its application.

All of these are costly and difficult and hard to spread. In their daily lives, people spend most of their time and energy doing normal things. They wake, shower, travel, eat, work, shop, get things repaired, party, have arguments and laze around a cup of beverage or a puff of smoke. They are too busy, too far, too angry or too stoned to listen to the limited voice of the black hole and his or her message. Thus, the are protected from the malicious ideas of this kind by their very lives and the inverse square law being a limiting factor.. They are shielded from much of the black hole's persuasive mental viruses that will overtake the thought of the uninitiated, and thus, cause them to harm their own self interest. It is an incredibly difficult thing for the human black hole to get his or her messages into the minds of people who are more interested in not letting their cup of coffee grow cold, and far less in reading dusty books about Foucault, Rousseau and Hobbes.

But online, ideas and messages have become omnipotent. Their cost is virtually nothing. Their presence is omniscient. They are easy to digest, and attractive to eye and ear. They have no prerequisites like library membership, a strong vocabulary or tolerance for boredom. And they can be targeted towards those, least capable of defending against them. Online, the boundaries for information travel have ceased to exist. Ordinary people are constantly, and interminably, exposed. Messages and lies and propaganda are concocted surgically to overtake the thought of the uninitiated, to make them doubt the world around them, to make them act against their interests. And when released into the Matrix called the internet, the average person has no protection. Ignorance of these inflammatory ideas can only exist for so long. Whenever they face troubles in real life, whenever they are bored, whenever they need something to take their mind off, they are vulnerable.

Without knowledge of marketing tactics, of politics, of critical thinking tools, of history, without access to first hand knowledge, they succumb to the charms. of the black hole's call. And become a pawn in his or her moves to take over the world. They are unwittingly turned into suicide bombers, and their given target is their own mirror. It's hard enough as trained professionals to tell truth from lies, as trained scientists, auditors and detectives. Imagine being exposed to them when your daily job involves bagging groceries or stocking shelves.

Put yourselves in the place of the 99.9% of the world. A driver, a clerk, a secretary, a sous chef, a travel agent, a shoe salesman, a receptionist, a laborer, a port worker, a bartender, a cosmetologist, a dental assistant, an air conditioner repairman. Whether you're 15 or 50, you step online, into a world where you expect Facebook and family photos and perhaps some YouTube links. But then, you come face to face with this enticing message, this call from some rabbit inviting you, YES YOU, Alice, into this hidden rabbit-hole. You are surprised, and scared. But you think, this is just online. It's not real life? What's the harm? I have an anti-virus.. I might as well just...


Not for 10 minutes in your life have you spent time in dissecting and disinfecting fact from fiction. And now, these articles, videos, blogs, podcasts present to you this hidden information, so enticing, that absolves you of guilt for your failures. That shows you a new way, victimizes others for your mistakes, and promises you a great life if only you join The Cause. You have no experience dealing with the psychological black hole, this supreme liar who has studied human behavior in isolation and groups. This champion salesman of misinformation, this serial killer who has every trick in the bag to get you to jump into his or her van of mental imagery and thought and world paradigms. How do you think you'd fare?

The greatest super powers of humanity are education, travel, and a breadth of experience. Which is exactly why all the the black holes in history try to funnel people into tight corridors of thought, deny a proper education with context, make other places where their lies do not permeate seem terrible, and colour new experience as being dangerous while lionizing the past and traditional ways. The human black hole infantilizes his or her subjects, ultimately to pursue an own infantile purpose of making the world safe and free of opponents for him and his kind. So the world is his playroom, people are his toys, and he can do whatever he wants without fearing being sent to a corner. The internet makes it ever easier for black holes to get their wish. Thankfully, it can also be the thing that exposes their tricks and deceits. Black holes have always existed and criminalized and despised, if not during life, then after in death and when they can't strike those telling the truth. But what about their victims? The dummies who step into spheres they are not trained to? If they didn't exist, could the black hole gain the kind of numbers and mass to pull more into his or web of control, domination, destruction and extinction?

Victim blaming does have some benefit. Blame fools who falls prey to a mass psychological manipulator's tricks. Demonize those who are dumb enough to buy into lies or accept on face value extraordinary claims, without looking for proof. Blame the dummies that turn everything into conspiracies because they themselves can't tell verifiable fact and authentic authorities from a black hole's lies. Blame them more, shun them, ostracize them, and maybe they'll stop being so dumb, put down the phone, and start reading and learning and travelling and experiencing. The black hole knows what he or she is doing. You're not talking that kind off the ledge. But their followers are clearly malleable. Why not start with them?

Blame a victim of a black hole today!