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Furby for President October 2019


Good morning, afternoon, evening, or whatever time it is when you're reading this. I am The Republic of Furbish Islands, the Conservative Party candidate for President of the Federation of Conservative Nations. I know this dispatch is a little wordy, so I added a summary below, though I encourage you to read the whole thing. And be sure to vote in the campaign poll Linkhere!

. . . . . Campaign Dispatch in Brief

Past Experience

Campaign Promises

-Deputy Secretary of War(November 2018-January 2019)
-Secretary of War (April-July 2019)
-Established current AOF rankts
-Lead many raids, mentioned below
-Secretary of Internal Affairs(July-October 2019)
-Reorganized dispatches under four government accounts
-Kept government dispatches updated
-Ran FCN Olympics and FCN World Cup events
-Sent recruitment TGs, reached record high in nations

-Run multiple RPs(Sports, nation RP(any time period), MT nation RP)
-FCN map
-Move FCN laws to NS dispatches
-Move citizenship and Senate to NS
-Begin more raids
-Revive FCN Times
-FCN University
-Interregional activities with embassy regions

. . . . . State of the FCN

I love the FCN. This has been a great region, with many ups and downs throughout my years spent here. However, in some ways it is declining. As Secretary of War, very few people were interested in raids whenever pinged to see who was on, and there was nobody interested in being Deputy SecWar. We are currently at a record high of nations, currently at 219, but reaching as far as 238 at one point. The problem is, with more new nations, almost no new active members joined the regional discord. The current regional RP, 2077 War for the Earth, saw a handful of people applying and a single post made. When the position of Vice President saw a vacancy a month ago, no one applied for a few days because of a lack of interest, and everyone who was interested already had a different government position. The position of Head Journalist remains unfilled since late July due to nobody being interested. Vens Verbum ran a campaign half a year ago about adding more jobs to the FCN, to give things for people to do. Our current problem is not the lack of jobs for our members, but a lack of people for our current jobs.

. . . . . Experience

Joining, Deputy Secretary of War

Secretary of War

Secretary of Internal Affairs

I was with the FCN for over two years, before it was even the FCN. In N-day 2, I noticed a forum thread for the Army of Freedom, and thought it was a good faction I could join. After my participation in N-day, I was given a spot on the AOF high command, and helped lead the FCN during Z-day 6. For both events, I created some medals. For the next year, I was a resident, and was not active in the FCN much, but I did create medals for the FCN Awards, and participated in the next N-day and Z-day. Not long afterwards , I took the citizenship test, and ended my period of relative inactivity in the FCN. I was chosen as then SecWar Gagium's deputy, and created medals for the 3rd FCN Awards.

Vens Verbum was elected president in April 2019, and I was chosen as his SecWar. I took time to reform the ranks in the Army of Freedom. The day I was confirmed by the senate, I lead a raid on the first region, World Axis Union, which was successfully refounded by the Army of Freedom. On the 20th of April, Hitler's birthday, I lead another successful raid on The Union of the Axis Powers, this time the goal being to, for lack of a better word, vandalizing it. Throughout the rest of my term, I lead more raids and refounds on communist and fascist regions, including United Soviet Soviet Soviets and Soviet Union 2. Near the end of my term, when former Senate Speaker and SecWar Rivine left NS suddenly, I recovered all of his regions, including UCS the Anime.

President The Rouge Christmas State chose me as his SecInt after his election in July, and not long after being confirmed I got to work. Just before then, government dispatches were kept under an archive account that was owned by someone who was banned from the region. I recovered all government dispatches and placed them in accounts shared by government officials, and from then I kept them up to date. I also searched through the dispatches of other government officials, and placed them under the government accounts. During this, I also was the host of the Games of the I FCN Olympiad, and kept it running smoothly during the two weeks. I then created the FCN Sports Thread, for nations to post results of domestic sports matches, and the FCN World Cup. And finally, as SecInt, a month into my term I noticed we were at an all time low of 164 nations, and saw the count declining. I soon set up a recruitment script, and began running it on my Raspberry Pi, along with the regional Minecraft server. Thanks to these telegrams being sent out, we have reached 200 nations in our two year anniversary, and reached a record high of 238.

. . . . . Campaign Promises


Move Government to NS


Iron and Blood, and Gunpowder and Sail were two successful roleplays, which involved interactions between nations. The Games of the FCN Olympiad was one enjoyed by the few who took part despite not being many people who applied. The current one, War for the Earth, despite the majority of those who voted declaring interest, did not get off the ground. What I plan to do in my presidency is have multiple roleplays running at once. One will involve nations, similar to Gunpowder and Sail, and Iron and Blood, but all FCN members will be able to suggest and then vote on. The next will be a sports related one. A Winter Olympics will be planned for Christmas Break. Finally, another RP involving our nations, but this one will be in the modern day, and involve current events in our NS nations. For this there will be a map, which I right now am in the process of creating. This one will be perpetual. The sports thread and FCN Twitter feed will also be running alongside those three.

Currently, in order to have any say in government, an account is required on the chat platform Discord. But why should that be, if this is governing something in an entirely different platform? And not to mention some people do not have Discord accounts and don't want to for various reasons. The first step to accomplishing this is moving the Senate law library from Discord to a dispatch, then to allow nations to take the citizenship test on NS(discord will still be an option), and then creating a new region, and password protect it, and senators will be allowed to send puppet nations inside to debate and vote. Debating will still be possible on discord, but non-discord residents will now have a better say in how their region is run.

There have not been very many raids since my term as SecWar has ended, and during my term there have not been many who were interested. It is understandable, since raiding would require losing all endorsements and for many staying up late. I hope to have my SecWar nominee lead many more raids. For the raiders, I also plan to have medals given out to participants, to give another motivation to raid.



Interregional Activities

Besides debates and the occasional roleplay, there is not much going on in the FCN, and I plan to change this. The FCN Times is something many of us liked, and I wish to see another FCN newspaper. The FCN Times died with Monkaslavia, but it could easily be revived by someone with newspaper making skills. Weekly Polandball comics and puzzles will definitely help boost activity. Another idea is an FCN University. An FCN Law School was proposed by Vens Verbum half a year ago, but never got off the ground. More recently, Ibenta proposed one in the form of a senate bill, but that was overwhelmingly voted down. But I do have plans for an FCN University, where people can learn all sorts of topics from law to regional history to newspaper skills, or any other topic we can think of.

As I have said before, inactivity and lack of interest is the main problem the region is facing. Currently, all we have are recruitment telegrams sent out to new nations with the hope that at least a few of them will stay. In order to have more nations, we will need to have many more things about the FCN to help us stand out. Most of the promises I have mentioned in the dispatch, more roleplays, raiding, reviving FCN times, the FCN University, can help attract new members, and give the current ones more things to din in the region.

We have embassies with over a hundred regions, and though many are our protectorates, there is still a good about of active ones which we can participate in activities with. The League of Conservative Nations did an interregional football cup a while back, which is something that we could try. Joint raids is another possibility. We have done a few alongside KAISERREICH, and is something I support doing with other alliances.

. . . . . Final Notes

Thank you for reading this far, I know it was quite a bit. But now that I have written my campaign, what is YOUR opinion in it? Do you wish to see anything else from my presidency besides what I have written here? Write this in the poll, linked Linkhere.