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Dissertation on the Independence of

After the Second Mondrandec War, the massive Anime Empire was dissolved by the allied powers at the 1869 Treaty of Tokyo. This saw many ethnicities, such as the Furries and the Yanderes, begin to declare independence. One such ethnicity was the long-oppressed Degenerates, who were suppressed massively due to censorship laws put in place by the Anime Empire. Then, as the Empire collapsed, the Degenerates formed their own state, with their leader, George Hentai I, taking control as the head of the monarchy of the Kingdom of Hentai. By the time of George Hentai VIII (these kings were bad at naming their children), however, corruption was prevalent in every aspect of society. This led the revolutionary Marl Karx to speak of class equality for all in his "Komunist Manifesto". A mere 3 years later, in 2002, the 5-year-old despot James Hentai I was overthrown, executed, and Karx was placed in power as the head of the state. He died of a stroke in 2008, and there was a succession crisis that led to a civil war. On one side, the followers of Ahegao UwU believed in self-representation and direct social democracy. On the other, Ioséf Hénti wanted absolute power for himself and all the military. Ioséf won (obviously), and the Dictatorship was established. Unfortunately, Ioséf had undiagnosed schizophrenia, leading to him passing a ton of horrible policies nobody thought to contest. Ioséf later discovered the secret of immortality and will live forever, unfortunately.