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The “SkundFeud”

International Mercenary Forces “SkundFeud” (ImperFeudal - Slagenseter Forn)

The SkundFeud are an official mercenary force of use in both defense and attack, they were created from ImperFeudal's trained forces, but with Slagenseter Forn weapons, they are considered the union of these two, they are used in all missions, as long as you can pay them, They are considered Elite, so you can trust them without worrying about them failing, this Force works to the highest bidder, so if you want to use them, you better have your money ready, the profits go to the countries already said, but also to the SkundFeud in yes

The SkundFeud are specialized Commands in almost all terrain, and with the weapons of Slagenseter Forn, they can even fight in swamps without problems, just like the ImperFeudal commands, The SkundFeud do not discriminate against the nation, but they will only be clear that they cannot be used to launch attacks on another nation unjustifiably, such as imperialist expansion, but if you want to attack terrorists (we define terrorists as saboteurs and murderers with a bad cause) defend yourself from an invader or defend your convoys, then you can ask for them

If you want to hire the SkundFeud for a mission, send a telegram to ImperFeudal or Slagenseter Forn, with your objective, how much you can pay, and the reason, if the countries accept, you can use them, but if not, well, good luck[/font]

The missions in which these can be hired are the following
* Protection of bases
* Protection of land and sea convoys
* War with good objective (example: take care of terrorists or defend your country, they are not used to attack innocent countries)
Soldiers in Operation: 100,000