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Levellers Chronicle (I2/S2)

A LHLS release
Issue 2/ Season 2

•Interview with new LP

•Memories of an LP

•What these Results mean

Interview With New LP (Calibert)

Who is your NS role model, and why?

I think that a perfect NS player is one that is active, that votes, but not for his party or friend, he views who is the best and then votes, he also is loyal to his region, he won’t leave if things get hard.

What do you want to achieve as Lord Protector?

We at the party think that democracy is the bone of the Levellers, as Lord Protector I want to help this and other regions to be more democratic

Are you confident about the levellers future?

We at the party think that democracy is the bone of the Levellers, as Lord Protector I want to help this and other regions to be more democratic

What’s your position on recruitment?

Every citizen should recruit an old friend, a class mate or anyone interested in nation states, active nations means more dialogue, and more dialogue means more democracy
We’re not limiting the recruitment policy in our government, however we need to establish an electoral register to fight against electoral fraud

At the end of your term, how will you want to be remembered?

Just as a citizen, who really needs to be remembered is our region, by helping other regions we can archive that
There are democracies that are being raided and we plan to send the army to defend them
Just small groups and advisors

What keeps you up at night?

I’m currently lack on sleep working on things for the region, particularly the electoral and parliament reform
By Bovido Has

Memories of an LP

The Levellers came to be on May 13th , 2019 after a rocky succession from the PPKF. Founded by Bovido Has, our beloved region started with only three nations (Bovido, Me and Hoodisione) and had to grow with care. I was appointed as Caretaker Lord Protector, tasked with growing the region into the powerhouse it has become. I, along with Bovido, began recruiting, targeting those within the PPKF to join the Levellers. We adopted the PPKF map that I used to run, albeit with more empty spaces, and began sending out embassy requests to grow our regional influence. With the recruitment working, we grew to a stable population of 40 nations within the first month. I initiated a raid upon the PPKF (with Bovido Has’ assistance) which left them devastated and inspired many to join our noble cause. On July 3rd, we held our first true LP elections, which I won with a landslide majority. At this time, the PPKF had begun to collapse, and we began to welcome their former citizens. During this term, I was privileged to assist Bovido Has and Calibert to write the Levellers Constitution, a document that outlines our current society. I introduced the Levellers Marshal Prison, which has seen criminals passed though our justice system imprisoned, in early August 2019, shortly followed by the Levellers Wiki, a RP research tool. I started improving the Levellers discord, which still receives regular updates by yours truly.
I switched parties in June 2019 from the Peoples Party to the Concervative party, and then again in September 2019 to the Levellers Liberation Party (LLP), a move which stirred up dissent and ultimately lead to my fall from power. After the Hoodisione election scandal, I was forced to use an Executive Order to pass through the Bovido Summer Reforms, and appointed Mohacian as a temporary MP. In late September 2019, the then MPs Calibert and The Celtic Dragon attempted to pass an act which would damage our entire legal system, which – regretfully, might I add – I vetoed to protect the Levellers. The ensuring madness saw TCD resign from Parliament, to be replaced by Ducist, and the first LLP majority. After the Levellers Political Conference [see last issue] was set up, I implemented a series of reforms which renovated our Justice and Army systems, appointing Christmark as Grand Marshal of the Army. By the time the October Lord Protector elections came around, I had found myself in a political dich, without a voter base. With Calibert storming ahead in the polls, I implemented two Executive Orders, which I intended to use to better the Levellers system. The first saw the RP being removed from political control, a flaw in the system which Calibert was manipulating as part of his campaign, and the second was intended to solidify the role of parliament and executive orders, but was ruled illegal by the Judiciary system. Acknowledging that my time as Lord Protector was up, I withdrew my vote from the election and began working on other projects for our benefit, like the Levellers calendar. With the end of an era comes a new one, and I would like to take this oportunity to concratulate Calibert on his iminent victory
By The Libirachi Empire

What these Results mean

The election of Calibert as Lord Protector is sure to under mine years of hard work by our last LP and damage our regional identity. The break down of our values will follow quickly! Soon the Levellers as we know it will be gone. I for one find his election to be deeply worrying and I suggest that you too are worried by this newest trickster of a Lord Protector. However we suspect he will be nothing but a sitting duck LP unable to do anything without the MPs, at least we hope...

Thank you for reading this LHLS publication, edited by Bovido has

Bovido has