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Design our region's World Factbook Entry!

WFE Design Contest

Hey, and welcome to LazCorp's first WFE design contest!

We're looking for something unique to put as the face of our region, and so it seems like the best thing to do is ask everyone to offer their own vision of what that should be and find something really beautiful. I hope you decide to show us your own!

The entry period will end on the 13th and submissions will then be judged by the Cabinet. Our preferred submission will be used to theme the WFE. :D

In your submission, please:

  • Include our regional motto "We're Dead Serious"

  • Include something about endorsing the CEO, COO and Security Auditors

  • Include links to the forum, Discord and our embassy policy

  • Have some green colors :P

  • Have a max length of 700 characters, excluding code.

Feel free to:

  • Rearrange the order of what's in the WFE

  • Add other things like a phrase about what it's like in the region, have a link to a featured song, etc!

Create your entry in a Factbook/Dispatch and Telegram it to us before the 13th!

[b][color=#2A957F]Welcome to the Corporation of Lazarus! - [i]We're Dead Serious.[/i][/color][/b] [hr][b][u]Please Endorse the CEO, [nation]Treadwellia[/nation]🎅, and the COO [nation]New Rogernomics[/nation][/u][/b][hr][b][color=#2A957F]Please Endorse the Security Auditors: [nation]Killer Kitty[/nation], [nation]Aflana[/nation], and [nation]Imkiville[/nation][/color][/b][hr][b][color=#22DBBB]|[/color][color=#22DBBB]|[/color] [url=]Official Discord[/url] [color=#22DBBB]|[/color][color=#22DBBB]|[/color] [url=//]Official Forums[/url] [color=#22DBBB]|[/color][color=#22DBBB]|[/color] [url=//]Become a Shareholder[/url] [color=#22DBBB]|[/color][color=#22DBBB]|[/color] [url=//]Join the Regional Guard[/url] [color=#22DBBB]|[/color][color=#22DBBB]|[/color] [url=//]Law Index[/url] [color=#22DBBB]|[/color][color=#22DBBB]|[/color] [url=page=dispatch/id=1133825]Embassy Policy[/url] [color=#22DBBB]|[/color][color=#22DBBB]|[/color][/b] [hr][hr] [b][color=#B72B19]Thanks for Endorsing the CEO this week:
[sub][nation]Suberua[/nation], [nation]Glorious Society[/nation], [nation]Hardjezco[/nation], [nation]Grande Aquitaine[/nation] and [nation]RunWater[/nation]![/color][/sub]

[url=/page=dispatch/id=1018085] Endorsement Cap[/url][/b]: [color=#22DBBB][b][u]120[/u][/b][/color] if endorsing the Delegate, [color=#22DBBB][b][u]10[/u][/b][/color] if not.

[u][b][color=#2A957F]No Recruitment or Spam Please![/color][/b][/u] 🎅💚 [b]
[url=]+ Block it with Telegram Settings[/url][/b]