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Europeia Elects 71st Senate


Contact Information (TG): Maowisia

(Europeia, 6 October 2019) - Europeia's most recent LinkSenate election was held on September 20, with 11 candidates in the race. This was however after two citizens, Whitmark and GraVandius, withdrew their standings from the election.

Posted alongside the Senate poll was a LinkSenate size poll to determine the number of seats the Senate would consist of. The majority of citizens decided that the highest number included on the poll, nine, would be the best fit for the 71st Senate. The nine victorious candidates were Astrellan, Calvin Coolidge, Darcness, Drecq, JayDee, Lloenflys, Malashaan, Rand, and Snowball, leaving Bowzin and cuddles without seats in the Senate.

The freshly elected senators have gotten straight to work with electing Drecq as speaker as well as beginning discussion on several issues such as executive oversight and first minister term lengths.

You can read more about the Senate elections and the new Senate Linkhere.


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