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Political Coalitions of Crimson Federation

Libertarian Caucus

Libertarian Caucus of Crimson

  1. Andrew Carter - Chair from Western Sokolias

  2. Rayna Stewart - Chair from Kuplus

Monarchist Coalition of Crimson

Monarchist Coalition of Crimson Syndicate

  1. King Raven Blake - Chair from Blake Syndicate

  2. King James Mullins - Chair from Kuplus

  3. King Juan David Antrajo II - Chair from Dia Tero

Communist Bloc

Meeting of Communist and Worker’s Parties

  1. Julia Kopp - Chair from Vandarzia

  2. Alexandria Martinez - Chair from Western Sokolias

  3. Mr. Kyle Brewer - Chair from Kuplus

Centrist Coalition

Alliance of Moderates, Centrist, and Democrats

  1. Mrs. Heather Stewart - Chair from Kuplus

  2. Nicholas Krishna - Chair from Western Sokolias