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Größeres Mitteleuropa | ALTERNATE HISTORY MAP | 「 1934 A.D. 」

G r ö ß e r e s - M i t t e l e u r o p a

" Politics is the art of the possible. "
— Otto von Bismarck


Jubeln! It's the 10-year anniversary of the end fo the Weltkrieg! The Kaiser has announced a military parade be held in Deutschlands' biggest cities in honor of the war. Parades are thought to start around, with the first one said to start in Wien, while the last one, at the end of the third day, would happen at Berlin. The kaiser himself is said to be witnessing the event.

In other news, the Italienisches Reich ( Impero Italiano ) has most recently removed troops from the Italienisch-Jugoslawisch border. This action's reason is still unknown, but it's thought that the Italiener is going to start working together with the Jugoslawen.

Europäische Wirtschaftsmächte

  1. Großdeutscher Bund

  2. Federación Hispana

  3. Impero Italiano

  4. Förenad Entente

  5. Царство България

Europäische Militärmächte

  1. Großdeutscher Bund

  2. Impero Italiano

  3. Federación Hispana

  4. Союз русских социалистических республик

  5. Förenad Entente