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The Liberal Democrats Manifesto

The Liberal Democrats are a party committed to two very simple ideals: the ideals of liberalism and internationalism. This means freedom with some safeguards as well as an eye towards the wider world. The Liberal Democrats recognizes that in the past and present lies a degree of isolationism, but we hope to shake the illusions of the past and show ourselves as the voice of an open, Liberal movement that the New West Indies so desperately needs in the time and place that we find ourselves.

Foreign Affairs
The Liberal Democratic Party is a party with the wider world at large and the first priority on our platform:

🔸The Liberals are strongly pacifist. While we recognize the right of NWI citizens to serve in the military of other regions and any trans-regional unions we may enter, the Liberals vehemently opposes the creation of any military by and for the NWE for any purpose.

🔸The Liberal Dems strongly agree with the creation of a Diplomacy Ministry and encourages the creation of a trained diplomatic corps instead of relying on volunteer service.

🔸To this end, the Lib Dems would promote policy which recruits diplomats by furthering the opportunity for diplomats to use their skills to the benefit of themselves and the region.

🔸We believe in the ideals of embassy building, and strongly believe that the Director of Foreign Affairs and his staff should have the final word on any proposed construction or elimination.

🔸As part of our domestic policy as well, we strongly believe in the creation of a separate Intelligence Directorate which will guide foreign affairs.

🔸The LDs believes in the ideal of a people-powered democracy and believes that the peopleís representatives, the Imperial Senate, should have tremendous latitude in the negotiation of treaties. To this end, the Liberals argue that any and all treaty negotiations should be answerable to the Senate within 3 days of their opening and/or conclusion.

🔸The Liberal Democrats also urges our government to seek out opportunities for regional growth and for regional communalism. This can be understood to be in the form of not only events like Role Play or Sports with narrow appeal, but debating societies and even trans-regional cooperative and political unions.

🔸The Liberals believe strongly that and all officials elected to supranational bodies should be elected directly by the member nations of the New Western Empire.

🔸The Liberal Democrats endorses the idea of referenda on treaty, only after their final text has been published and concluded by the regions which make up the pact.

NationStates Policy and Domestic Policy
💛The Lib Dems believe that there should be no cap on the number of parties that can be recognized in the region, nor that the Executive should recognize parties. This allows for artificial manipulation of the system and stops member nations from respecting their political will.

💛The Lib Dems do not believe in the recognition of an official state news network, the better to allow for the free flow of ideas.

💛The Liberals wish to allow for an avenue for residents, i.e. non-citizens, to vote through an application to the Electoral Commission.

💛The Liberals also strongly urge for the Discord to be considered a public good and all alterations up to a vote. Likewise, as part of our platform of expansion of the civil service, the Liberals desire to create either a department under the Interior Ministry or a separate department which moderates any and all off-site chats the NWI officially sanctions.

💛The LD also strongly believes in unlimited citizen (WA nation) immigration into the New West Indies. As for resident immigration, the Liberals would use the Immigration Office to conduct vetting of immigrant residents. In granting residence in the NWI, the Liberals would move that this be part of the voting application process. If a nation is allowed in, it is not likely that they are a threat to the region.

💛The Liberal Dems also strongly believe that instances of harassment, abuse, and bullying should be met with due process. However, the determination of guilt in these cases should then be met with ejection and banning from the region on NationStates and banning from the regional Discord.

💛While the Liberals are strongly opposed to both fascism and communism, it does not believe those nations which espouse those ideologies should be banned. It does, however, support the re-introduction of the anti-fascist and anti-communist tags to the regional tags on NS.

💛The Liberal Dems strongly endorses the idea of a regional telegram stamp donation program and the creation of a Ministry of Recruitment to grow the New West Indies.

💛The Lib Dems also believe in the region as a public form and would seek to eliminate all forms of oppression of self-promotion and regional promotion.

Role Play Affairs
⚫️The Liberals would treat the NWIís Role Play as a separate entity from the Government and would eliminate oversight of the Role Play save for violations of the law which are reported to the legal authorities of the NWI.

⚫️The Liberal Democrats believes that while the NWI Constitution should be in force, only laws governing personal conduct need apply on the Role Play.

⚫️If elected, Liberal Democrat Government officials, in concert with the leaders of the Role Play would seek out options for the expansion of the Role Play.

⚫️The Liberals also believe that while Role Play members should have the option of joining the supra-regional Role Play that membership and cooperation and play should be dependent on the voices and thoughts of the Role Play members.

⚫️As part of the embrasure of culture of member nations, the Liberal Democrat Party wishes to encourage the creation of cultural role plays such as sports leagues, historical events, and others.

Legal and Judicial Affairs
🔸The Liberals would direct the Justice Ministry to create a bar course for citizens, residents, and non-resident nations who wish to qualify for admittance to the bar.

🔸The Liberal Democrats does not agree that the accused in a criminal case ought to be banned or ejected from the region prior to trial, but should be temporarily prevented from exercising the rights of citizenship.

🔸The Liberal Democrats strongly believes that a defendantís prior history outside of the RA or its predecessor regions should not be a factor in determining guilt or punishment, but that actions in the NWI or other parent region(s) should be taken into consideration.

🔸The Liberal Democrats support the expansion of the High Court to five members and that members of the judiciary should be subject to non-partisan elections every eighteen months. Judges and qualified barristers should be allowed to join parties so long as their partisan affiliations does not cloud their ability to adjudicate in a fair manner.

Elections Policy

💛The Liberals also desire the principle of debate to be extended to the outcomes of treaty negotiations and other referenda.

💛The Lib Dems also support the idea of a mandated twice annual "conference" period of regional reflection, the better to promote regional unity and the regional political culture.

💛The Liberal Democrats stand behind the banning of hateful ideologies like National Bolshevism, fascism, and communism. While these ideologies may be "fun" they are endemic of the problem our society faces when it comes to the modicums of respect for each other and respect for the common good, as such, we should not give quarter to those who propagate those ideologies.

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