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Novaya Moskva is the capital city of the Federated Union of Troyskova. Built in 1934, Novaya Moskva has since risen to become a world famous hub for commerce, trade and an industrial powerhouse. The metropolis boasts 532.3 billion USD in GDP nominal and a GDP per capita of 15,600 USD. Novaya Moskva has a population of 34.1 million living in the entire city, all divided into 17 different districts. The terrible, unpredictable weather of Novaya Moskva has always been a blight on the reputation of the cosmopolitan metropolis, always windy or rainy. The layout of the city is a contributor to the winds, with skyscrapers redirecting strong gushes throughout streets. Novaya Moskva is a very secluded area, with outsiders completely disallowed and cameras monitoring the general populace through the Big Brother Network. Often, the city is often compared to a huge fortress, made to keep people out and to keep people from leaving. Novaya Moskva is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, econo,ically and by population. In 1974, around 6.2 million called the city their home. However, in 2026, the population is estimated to be 34.1 million, almost 550% more. Novaya Moskva's growth has given the government of the city and Troyskova many difficulties, as infrastructure is often outpaced by the population growth and constant governmental financial support is needed to keep the city from falling apart. Novaya Moskva has an enormous harbor called Vladivostok, which sees few ships bring goods into Troyskova and out of Troyskova. Vladivostok is the biggest harbor in Troyskova, however it is not popular. Novaya Moskva has one of the biggest industrial sectors in the world, with an economy primarily based on manufacturing cheap goods. Much of the labor is automated in the city and nation. Automation is often attributed to being the cause of the steadily growing unemployment problem in Troyskova. Novaya Mosvka's deteriorating state has been creating shanty towns on the outskirts of the city. Around 3.4 million residents live in these shanty towns, often lacking the basic infrastructure required for clean water and electricity.


Gorod Kota Shanty Districts

Novaya Moskva's enormous slums are one of the most unique areas in the entire city. Built crudely with manufactured container homes, the shanty towns of Novaya Moskva form a separate collective known locally as Gorod Kota. Gorod Kota is a melting pot of cultures, with diverse ethnicities from all around the world meeting together in harmony. 3.4 million unfortunate residents live in these slums. Gorod Kota's container homes are outfitted with the most basic utilities, such as cables to power the unit. Gorod Kota occupies an area of 32.4 square miles, a speck compared to Novaya Moskva. Gorod Kota was established after the Troyskovan Government had hastily attempted to solve the housing crisis, instead creating the massive slums. The houses were manufactured in the factories of Novaya Moskva, where they would be transported to the area that occupies Gorod Kota. The housing program was designed to create low-cost housing that was in a price range where everyone would be able to purchase them. It was planned for the container homes to have running water and electricity, however a budget cut had prevented it from becoming a reality. The container homes eventually left production and people were left to build makeshift homes out of any material they could find; materials such as metal sheets, wood and plastic were often what these shanties were made of. Most communities in Gorod Kota have their own electrical generators which run on gasoline. Alongside windmills for power, residents also collect rainwater to be used for drinking, as water is always in a shortage in the shanty towns.


Despite the lack of maps for Gorod Kota, this is a photograph at a place called Beverly Boulevard. As you can see, the homes are poorly put together and barely have any foundation to them. The shack to the right has a windmill, which is used to collect electricity from the windy weather of Novaya Moskva. Beverly Boulevard is a wealthy neighborhood in the slums, having individual electric generators in each of the homes. In 1998, Beverly Boulevard was nearly destroyed during a terrible fire which was caused by a man trying to cook crystal methamphetamine in a rundown shanty near the neighborhood.

Gorod Kota is one of the most cultured districts in Novaya Moskva. People from all around the world had immigrated to the nation decades to escape persecution, however only to be subjected to backbreaking work and a life of violence and crime. Black culture influences all of Troyskova, often idolized to fanatic levels. Gorod Kota is heavily influenced by it, with generations of families passing on traditions to which they eventually blended with the rest. Spiritual music has been integrated into the cultures of the nation, created when there were slaves in the nation. Black culture changed Troyskovan foods as well, now using spices from distant lands. As taboo as it may sound, cannibalism is a regular practice in the nation. With starvation, came desperation and many families had done everything to survive. Eventually, cannibalism was not viewed as barbaric but as an act of desperation in Troyskova. In 2026, this practice is rarely seen anymore. Advances in farming techniques have allowed people to leave cannibalism, however the most popular meat in the nation is still made from humans. Famous dishes using human meat in the nation include Troyskovan Steak Tartare and Troyskova-cut Steak, both usually prepared by skilled chefs. Troyskovan Steak Tartare is prepared by mincing meat, often from the leg and is served with raw egg and Worcestershire sauce. Human meat is considered a delicacy in the nation, only to be eaten by the nation's elite. It is cheaper than other meats, however the residents of Gorod Kota can't afford such prices. Much of the populace eat from food vendors, often with some of the most delicious foods. Gorod Kota is a very poor area. A local government other than Novaya Moskva does not exist. Local organized crime groups fight out on the streets for control of the shanty city, however only to be stopped by a brutal police force that was created specifically for the area. Surveillance drones watch every move that a person makes, making crime virtually impossible to plan.


Novaya Moskva Downtown

The downtown is a beautiful metropolis defined by the urban sprawl of the area. Novaya Moskva Downtown is the wealthiest district of the entire city. Intricate highways wrap around the blocks of the city, with towering skyscrapers overlooking the rest of the city. Constant renovations are constructions are seen throughout the city, always adding to the jewel of Troyskova. Foreign investments have further prospered Novaya Moskva, constructing great monuments and expanding boulevards. The downtown boasts one of the best public transportation systems in the entire city, a result of millions of rubles spent. Major state corporations like TroysCo Oil, Serandes, RosAtom Robotics and A&R MiliTech have headquarters in the district, with luxurious showrooms in their respective skyscrapers. The concrete jungle has a ceaseless nightlife, even with a utilitarian motif to the city. Bustling streets fill the city during the day, with busy office workers rushing to their corporate workplaces. Vladivostok Harbor is located at the center shoreline of the city, on the artificial island that is connected by a grand bridge. Tired celebrities visit the Novaya Moskva Downtown, trying to get away in penthouses at the top of skyscrapers. Most of the people living in this district are considered wealthy, as housing and land prices have skyrocketed in the past few years according to several statistics collected by the Troyskovan State Network. 8.2 million call the downtown their home, with another 14.1 million from other districts working to keep the beating heart of the city alive everyday.


This is a photograph of a Novaya Moskva evening, filled with cars. Above, there are circling highways and intricate road systems. To the right, there are skyscrapers under construction by the Serandes Corporation. Serandes Corporation is a state-owned company that runs most of the nation's manufacturing plants, making it very wealthy. Troyskova has experienced one of the biggest economic booms. Only in recent years has the national budget grown to a point where renovations like these were possible.

Novaya Moskva Downtown is an architectural marvel; huge towers are scattered around the city with complex road systems wrapping around them. In 1978, the government of Troyskova had preferred a utilitarian style to the city. Government propaganda litters the streets on every corner, advertising the military or warning citizens of the punishments of treason. State-owned corporations dominate the streets, despite private industry being completely legal. Advertisements for the newest RosAtom servant robot or Rutkovsky MiliTech propaganda is the most common types found. Novaya Moskva Downtown has the Moskov Market, which is a large bazaar that is home to many shops and restaurants in the city. The Novaya Moskva public transportation includes 52 different train lines, all centered around the Moskov Central Line. All cars in Troyskova are self-driven, with several exceptions. An AI Industry has been growing in Troyskova, with Novaya Moskva being the center of it. 65% of all manual jobs have been automated by machines, with 11% of white collar jobs being replaced by them as well. The city is home to the Federal District of Troyskova, a large square protected by a fortress that is dedicated to housing the government officials of the nation. Corporations sit in their fortress of skyscrapers, watching the general populace from their views. Troyskova is ruled by a totalitarian oligarchy, with a government that is designed for maximum efficiency. They believe that the way people look, act, think should not stand in the way of progress. If a person is skilled at what they do, their skills should be utilized. It is a reason why cultures mix and match in the nation. Novaya Moskva is influenced by many cultures, to the point where pure Troyskovan culture is practically nonexistent.



The metropolis of Novaya Moskva was founded in 1934, when the first travelers had created a small village in the place of modern Novaya Moskva. Looking for emancipation, the travelers had stayed in the new lands. Troyskova had been founded soon after and had become a land for the free, where people could escape persecution and believe what they want to believe. Neighboring nations like Puczvoska had influenced the development of

The Borderlands of Troyskova